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Officials at Philadelphia's Temple University committed a student to a psychiatric ward for protesting a play depicting Jesus Christ as a homosexual. An honor student and former White House intern, junior Michael Marcavage was involuntarily committed for psychological evaluation because he complained about the theater department's decision to produce "Corpus Christi," a play that debuted on Broadway in 1998 portraying Jesus as a homosexual who has sex with his disciples. Marcavage posted fliers all over the campus to create awareness about the play and planned a protest. University officials dissuaded him from protesting in return for permission to stage a Christian outreach to students, but later denied him a platform for the outreach. The American Family Association Law Center in Mississippi has filed suit against Temple officials on Marcavage's behalf.

Abstinence education is expected to thrive under President George W. Bush, who has given his word that the abstinence message will receive equal support to Planned Parenthood's message of "safe sex." The new president has proposed increasing federal funding for abstinence education from $80 million to $135 million per year. Abstinence education leaders hope to work with the administration in developing abstinence as a solution to the multi-faceted problem of teen health.

A Michigan teacher won the right to divert his union dues to charity. Following a year-long battle, Rawland Storm will be allowed to donate $580 per year to a local children's charity because his religious beliefs on abortion and sexuality conflict with those of the Michigan Education Association and its parent, the NEA. A little-known provision in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act allows persons with "sincerely held religious beliefs" differing from those of their unions to divert their dues to charitable organizations. Two U.S. Supreme Court decisions (Beck and Hudson) protect union members in both the public and private sectors from having their dues used to fund causes they do not support.

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