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Campus Calamities: YAF's Annual 'Top Ten' Worst List
HERNDON, VA - The Young America's Foundation (YAF), an educational organization promoting conservative ideas in our nation's schools, announced on Jan. 8 its Top Ten list of "the most shameful campus follies in America's education system" for the year 2000. Winners may include courses, activities, events, or actions by students or faculty. Some of the winning "follies" for 2000 are:
  • Feminists restrict free speech. A sociology professor at Bowling Green State University resigned amid death threats and hate mail for proposing a class on political correctness, which was his response to students who felt pressured to adopt politically-correct views in order to receive passing grades. Upon hearing of the proposed class, the director of the Women's Studies department stated: "We forbid any course that says we restrict free speech!"

  • Church-state separation hypocrisy. Muslim students may now worship at several Brooklyn, New York high schools during the holy month of Ramadan. Practicing students converted one school's auditorium into a mosque, and were allowed to arrive 15 minutes late to class in order to observe the daily prayer vigil. Two weeks before the new policy was announced, a mural on school property - dedicated to deceased neighborhood children - was painted over because it featured Jesus Christ.

  • Theft of student publication. The administration at Villanova University stole an entire run of a conservative student publication exposing the exclusive banking connection between Villanova, a Catholic university, and First Union, a bank that supports abortion causes. Administrators cited "concerning content" as reason for the theft.

  • Seizure of an administration building. Students at Tufts University staged a 36-hour sit-in to protest the wording of the school's nondiscrimination policy. The university president caved in to their demands and changed the school's definition of diversity to center around "understanding" and "acceptance."

  • "Ethnomathematics," a new method of teaching algebra, geometry and calculus, is in vogue at several universities. Used in courses for education students, the technique emphasizes the study of geometric designs in Navajo rugs, African fractals (everything from braided hairstyles to artwork to the design of housing settlements) and Mormon street layouts to teach the principles of mathematics.

  • Outrageous security demands for Charlton Heston visit. When students at Brandeis University attempted to arrange a lecture hosted by YAF, the administration insisted on a bomb-sniffing dog, 10 police officers, two full-body metal detectors, two metal detector wands, a paramedic team, and four pints of blood in Mr. Heston's blood type.

  • Boy Scouts penalized. After losing a discrimination battle in the U.S. Supreme Court, various left wing groups have demanded that public schools refuse to allow the Boy Scouts use of their facilities for meetings. Schools in Manhattan (NY) may no longer sponsor individual troops because of the Boy Scouts' policy on homosexuals, and Denver (CO) public schools cannot provide meeting space because of alleged discrimination toward nonbelievers.

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