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The State Against Religion 
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The State Against Religion, The Case for Equal Protection, Gus R. Stelzer, Acorn Press, 2001, 192 pps., $19.95.

Of the millions of pages that have been written about America's disastrous moral decline over the past four decades, few summarize the causes and offer a solution with the engrossing brevity of those in The State Against Religion.

An accomplished author, former General Motors senior executive, and former member of many prestigious organizations, Stelzer explains that the core philosophy of America's government schools is based on Karl Marx socialism, the Communist Manifesto, and John Dewey's Humanist Manifesto of 1933, which defines Humanism as a "religion" no less than 13 times. This "religion," Stelzer writes, which has no respect for a Supreme Being or a moral authority, "has brainwashed two generations of students to the degree that a majority of them are unable to tell the difference between right and wrong. As adults, they are unable to make proper judgments in many social, economic and political matters."

The book demonstrates that government, by propagating the euphemism of a "global economy" with free trade as its operating agenda, has caused millions of "family disorders," including forcing both parents to work, which leaves millions of children without adequate parental guidance and places added burdens on teachers and schools.

Subsequently, taxpayers are forced to pay increasing taxes to fund a morally bankrupt education system that is "incapable of coping with a society in which 80% of the citizens are in a virtual state of semi-financial bankruptcy."

Stelzer's solution? Establish a "no-strings-attached" voucher system so that parents can send their children to any school of their choosing.

"Taxpayer money should not be used to subsidize anti-religion in government-run schools," he writes, "which function as giant adversaries against parochial schools via massive government subsidies at a rate of $350 billion per year. The contention that taxpayer funds may not be used for any school system other than a government-run system that stifles freedom and choice is not only arrogant, discriminatory and bigoted, "it violates the 'equal protection' clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and the 'free exercise clause' of the First Amendment."

Available from Acorn Press, 461 Layside Dr., Winchester, VA 22602, 800-32-BOOKS.

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