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An Adrian, MO principal is under fire for permitting a strip-search of 4th graders for a missing war medal, which had been brought to school for show-and-tell and was later found on the classroom floor. The boys were taken one-by-one to a rest-room and forced to strip to their underwear in front of the principal. Girls were frisked by a female teacher. Angry parents have contacted the ACLU and are demanding that the school district reprimand the principal, issue an apology and formulate a policy on searches. The district is investigating.

A 13-year-old Holly, MI girl was suspended for three days for removing her shirt in a co-ed gym class, while wearing only a bra underneath. Jessie Timm was protesting what she called the "sexist" policy at Sherman Middle School that prohibits all students from wearing tank tops but allows boys to remove their shirts during gym class. A spokesman for the Michigan Association of School Boards, which helps districts formulate policies, agreed that there is a double standard: "It's called the male and female anatomy, which is somewhat different between the waist and the neck." Nonetheless, the school is rumored to have changed its dress code to require boys to wear shirts.

A charter school in Fort Collins, CO is under fire for refusing to teach evolution. The Liberty Common Charter School in the Poudre School District has raised the ire of the local school board for dropping Project 2061, an advanced science curriculum that teaches the theory of evolution. Current school policy states that evolution is not part of the required curriculum and is not a topic of instruction. The State of Colorado does not mandate the teaching of human evolution. The dispute is in the hands of a state administrative law judge. The Durham School Board in Toronto, Canada has curbed in-class readings of Harry Potter, after an unprecedented rash of parent protests about the books' promotion of witchcraft.

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