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Scandalous 'Teach-Out' Exposed in Massachusetts
MEDFORD, MA - The Massachusetts Department of Education, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), and the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth sponsored a statewide conference on homosexual sex at Tufts University on March 25 called "Teach-Out." Conference goals were to "build more Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs)" in the state's public schools, and "expand homosexual teaching into the lower grades." Children as young as 12 were invited, and many were bussed in from all over the state. Teachers and administrators attended, and homosexual activists from across the country reportedly showed up. Teachers received developmental credit for their participation.

Also attending was Scott Wightman, a member of a local parents group, the Parents Rights Coalition (PRC), which has been monitoring the gay agenda in the state's public schools. Wightman tape-recorded several of the workshops, and his recordings expose the shocking graphic descriptions of homosexual sex acts that were given at the conference.

In one well-attended session entitled "What They Didn't Tell You About Queer Sex and Sexuality in Health Class: A Workshop for Youth Only, Ages 14-21," the practice of "fisting" was discussed. Students were encouraged to talk openly about a variety of homosexual sex acts in the most explicit manner. While the instructors - two of whom are employed by the Massachusetts Department of Education and one by the state's Department of Public Health - are listed as HIV counselors and consultants, Wightman states that 55 minutes elapsed during this workshop before any mention was made of condoms or "safe sex."

Other workshops included: "Ask the Transsexuals," "Early Childhood Educators - How to Decide Whether to Come Out or Not," and "Lesbian Avengers - How to Promote Queer-Friendly Activism in Your Schools and in Your Lives."

The PRC tried to report publicly on the conference, offering Scott Wightman's tape as proof, but was unable to interest anyone in the "establishment." On April 25, Wightman traveled with a group of citizens to a Board of Education meeting in Pittsfield to offer testimony about the conference, but the board's reaction was to pass a law forcing schools to accept the Gay/Straight Alliances (GSAs) if the state determines they should have one. (GSAs are after-school clubs for gay, lesbian and straight youth that were purportedly established to promote "safe schools" - see Education Reporter, April 2000).

The story finally broke in the Massachusetts News (May 2000), and a small mention followed in the Boston Globe on May 2. The Internet news service WorldNetDaily posted a big article in mid May. Local talk radio also picked up the story, and one talk show host, who received a copy of Wightman's tape from a concerned mother, was so incensed that she devoted a whole week of programming to the emerging scandal. A physician listening to the program called in to say that the sexual practices discussed at the conference could "cause irreparable damage to the internal organs of the body."

The Massachusetts Department of Education finally apologized for "the explicit teaching of homosexual sex" that took place at Tufts University. Education commissioner David Driscoll issued the apology, and Deputy Commissioner Alan Safran publicly admitted that, "if the reports are true, it should not have happened."

Parents groups and others remain alarmed about the homosexual agenda that is being advanced, at taxpayers expense, to both homosexual and heterosexual students in Massachusetts.

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