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Math textbook is laden with advertising. Mathematics: Applications and Connections, published by McGraw-Hill Inc., 1995 (revised in 1999), is a 6th-grade text approved for use in 15 states, including California and Texas. It contains brand names such as Gatorade, Kelloggs, Topps baseball cards, Burger King, Mattel Toys, Play Station, and many others. Items such as Nike shoes and characters trademarked by the Disney corporation appear as illustrations. Critics say the textbook "amounts to a collection of advertisements," and that it "crosses a line that hasnt been crossed before."

A Minnesota teacher has filed a complaint with the states Department of Human Rights about a male cross dresser who uses the schools female restrooms. The man, a high school librarian, "came out" as a "transgendered person" and began wearing womens clothes after Minnesota became the only state in the nation to pass a law protecting "transgendered" people from discrimination. According to teacher Carla Cruzans complaint, school officials are violating a 1993 amendment that exempts facilities such as locker rooms and restrooms from the law.

The Broward County, Florida, School Board wants to add 40 hours of community service to graduation requirements. The 1999-2000 freshman class may find that mandatory community service has been added to the school districts "character education" curriculum.

Students in Stephenville, Texas, defied a court ban to pray before a football game, smuggling in a portable public address system to do so. Earlier this year, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that student-led prayer was permissible at graduations, but that sporting events are not sufficiently "solemn" to warrant such activities. Some school districts are turning a blind eye to similar "spontaneous acts," while others say students who pray will be "disciplined as if they had cursed."

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