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School Accountability for Learning and Teaching Survey (SALT)
Sample Questions

True/False Questions:
  1. Students in this school are mean to each other.
  1. Students here get upset when other students do better than they do in class work.

  2. In our school, students are given the chance to help make decisions.
  1. Students in this school feel students are too mean to them.

Yes/No/Sometimes Questions:

  1. I feel OK about how much other kids like doing things with me.
    I wish I had more to be proud of.

  1. I think that it is a waste of time studying for a class when the class is hard.
  1. I give up when my school work is hard to do.

Multiple Choice Questions:

  1. During this school year, how often did you bring something to school to protect yourself?

  2. During this school year, has anyone at school threatened to beat you up or hurt you if you didn't give them your money or something else that belonged to you?
  1. With whom have you lived most of the past year?
  1. During the past month, how many cigarettes (if any) did you smoke?

  2. During the past month, how many times (if any) did you use chewing tobacco or snuff?

The next section asks students to pick the sentence from each group that best describes their feelings and ideas in the PAST TWO WEEKS:

    1. I am sad once in a while or not at all.
    2. I am sad many times.
    3. I am sad all the time.

    1. Nothing will ever work out for me.
    2. I'm not sure if things will work out for me.
    3. Things will work out for me OK.

    1. I like myself.
    2. I do not like myself.
    3. I hate myself.

    1. I feel like crying every day.
    2. I feel like crying many days.
    3. I feel like crying once in a while or not at all.

    1. I look OK.
    2. There are some bad things about my looks.
    3. I look ugly.

    1. I do not feel alone.
    2. I feel alone many times.
    3. I feel alone all the time.

    1. I never have fun at school.
    2. I have fun at school only once in a while.
    3. I have fun at school many times.

The following questions ask students how often their parents or guardians do the following. Answer choices are Hardly Ever, Sometimes, or Most of the Time:

  1. Reward you when you do well in school.

  2. Help you with your homework.
  1. Go to school activities or meetings (PTA, sports events, dances, parent workshops, etc.).
  1. Talk to you about stories in the news.
    Play games with you where you have to think a lot if you want to win.
  1. Work with students of different races and cultures in a school activity.

The grades 4-12 SALT survey included the following statements, with which students were asked to Disagree, Strongly Disagree, Agree, or Strongly Agree:

  1. I like my body just the way it is.
  1. I feel good about my height and weight.
  1. I wish I looked a lot different.

This survey also asks students whether they have met alone with counselors or social workers, peer mediators or peer counselors, and whether they find such advisors helpful in dealing with personal or family problems, social relationships and other students, and understanding health issues and practices. It queries students about whether they participate in religious organizations or activities, asks them to speculate about how well they and their parents think they'll do in school in the future, and asks about their parents' education.

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