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Excerpts from Problem Oriented
Screening Instrument for Teenagers

(Questions require yes or no answer)

7. Do your parents or guardians argue a lot?

9. Have you recently either lost or gained more than 10 pounds?

10. Have you ever had sex with someone who shot up drugs?

20. Do you threaten to hurt people?

27. Do your parents or guardians refuse to talk with you when they are mad?

31. Have you accidentally hurt yourself or someone else while high on alcohol or drugs?

35. Have the whites of your eyes ever turned yellow?

40. Do your parents or guardians and you do lots of things together?

42. Do you feel nervous most of the time?

50. Do you feel people are against you?

55. Do you get into fights a lot?

65. Have you ever threatened anyone with a weapon?

71. Do you have a constant desire for alcohol or drugs?

76. Do you hear things no one else around you hears?

80. Do you and your parents or guardians have frequent arguments which involve yelling and screaming?

87. Have you ever stopped working at a job because you just didn't care?

88. Do your parents or guardians like talking with you and being with you?

95. Does alcohol or drug use cause your moods to change quickly like from happy to sad or vice versa?

96. Do you feel sad most of the time?

98. Is it important to you now to get, or keep, a satisfactory job?

102. Do you have trouble sleeping?

104. Does your alcohol or drug use ever make you do something you would not normally do -- like breaking rules, missing curfew, breaking the law or having sex with someone?

127. Does one of your parents or guardians have a steady job?

134. Do you have an idea about the type of job or career that you want to have?

138. Do you scream a lot?

139. Have you ever had sexual intercourse without using a condom?

In addition to the above, the "Kansas Juvenile Intake and Assessment System Questionnaire (JIAQ) Child/Youth Registration Version A97" seeks 21 pages of detailed information about both parents (or the adults the child resides with), family demographics and finances, the child's prior law enforcement or court records, school information, substance abuse information, mental health treatment history, and physical health and medications.

Shelley Gathright has asked her local school board both publicly and in writing to disclose information about the JIACs to parents, even if simply by handing them a Juvenile Intake Center brochure. The school board has refused. She and others wonder why the JIACs are cloaked in secrecy. "As parents," she asks, "do we really want the state gathering all this information about our families without our knowledge?"

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