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Book of the Month
Book of the Month

Weaving Character into Sex Education, Pat Socia, Project Reality, 1998, $17.95, 95 pps.

Pat Socia has written a powerful, practical handbook that builds on what is becoming a national movement to promote character-based education. Weaving Character effectively connects character education and sexuality, and provides a positive tool for abstinence-centered teaching in the classroom, the home, or the community health center.

An experienced educator, Mrs. Socia skillfully uses real-life anecdotes from students and research to illustrate the merits of the abstinence message. She explains why abstinence is the best method for solving the crisis of out-of-wedlock pregnancy, sexually-transmitted diseases, welfare, and the pain of broken relationships.

Weaving Character exposes the "redesigned" abstinence education that is taught in most sex education classes, which promotes almost any type of sexual activity as a substitute for intercourse in order to "reduce the risks" associated with intercourse. Mrs. Socia charges these programs with "treating sexual activity as if it were strictly physical, as if the emotions are not involved." She acknowledges that while abstinence "may be difficult to practice in our sex-saturated society today, it is possible." She quotes surveys showing that 54% of high school age teens have never had sexual intercourse, and says that teenagers "desperately need our persuasion to say 'no,' not our permission to say 'yes.' "

The book contains a section on moral reasoning and explains how and why it can be taught in public schools. Mrs. Socia demonstrates how the natural moral law shows that sexual relationships "are intended to be between a male and female in long commitment with love and respect for each other." She challenges adults to use "intellectual honesty" in sex education, and maintains that, contrary to popular belief, "character-based sex education is reason-centered, focused on reality, and has realistic expectations for good health, both emotional and physical."

Write Project Reality, P.O. Box 97, Golf, IL 60029-0097, or call (847) 729-3298. Special offer for Eagle Forum members only - purchase Weaving Character at half price!

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