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Book of the Month

None Dare Call It Education, John A. Stormer, 1998, $21.95, 198 pps.

John Stormer's new book attempts to provide an answer to the question that is on the minds and lips of many Americans: "What's happening in our schools?" His skillful use of actual case studies, government documents, surveys, anecdotes, and quotes, from a wide variety of sources, makes None Dare an easy and informative read.

The book succeeds partly because Stormer is a first-rate author (he has written four other books), but more because he has chosen bits of information that are at once shocking, infuriating, eye-opening, and sometimes poignant, from among the volumes available. The information is effectively organized to create a comprehensive yet compact overview of the situation that exists in today's classrooms.

None Dare describes what the schools are doing to our children academically through OBE, and morally by changing what he calls our "12 foundational concepts" to create a "new social order." Included in those concepts are the sanctity of marriage and of all life, and the fact that man's rights come not from government, but from God.

The book summarizes the hallmarks of OBE, including whole language, inventive spelling, "fuzzy" math, group learning, "recalibrated" test scores, and revised history. It discusses the moral revision being carried out through "diversity" or "anti-bias" training, sex education, and "death ed."

Stormer outlines the thinking of early "progressives," led by John Dewey, and uses their own words to expose their plans and goals for changing America's culture. He shows how textbooks have been used to destroy the foundations of our way of life, and describes the role of the teachers unions in helping to further humanist goals.

Stormer contends that the most significant changes in American education are still ahead. The implementation of the Goals 2000 and School-to-Work laws passed by Congress will "transform the schools of America and the nation's employment practices by 2001." The book advises awakened parents and citizens how to restore traditional academics and values to America's schools.

Send $21.95 + $3 shipping to Liberty Bell Press, P.O. Box 32, Florissant, MO 63032.

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