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School Board Candidate Questionnaire


 Yes    No 1. Do you believe schools should give primary emphasis to teaching basic skills (e.g. reading, grammar, spelling, arithmetic) rather than social or psychological matters?
 Yes    No2. Do you support the use of intensive, systematic phonics to teach first-grade children how to read?
Yes    No3.Do you support the goal that children should be able to read grade-appropriate material by the end of the first grade?
 Yes    No4. Do you support the teaching of abstinence as the norm for unmarried teenagers and as the only truly effective way to prevent sexually-transmitted diseases?
 Yes    No5. Do you believe the topics of homosexuality and alternative lifestyles should be excluded from the classroom?
 Yes    No6. Do you support teaching that illegal drugs and the unlawful use of alcohol are "wrong"?
 Yes    No7. Do you reject classroom instruction that downgrades American sovereignty, limited constitutional government, or private enterprise?

 Yes    No8. Do you support local control of education, with accountability through the local school board, rather than federal control exercised through federal and state bureaucracies and business partnerships?
 Yes    No9. Do you reject national testing and national standards?
 Yes    No10. Will you reject federal control of curriculum through the Goals 2000 and School-to-Work legislation?
 Yes    No11. Do you oppose the establishment of school-based health clinics, which may perform examinations, provide immunizations and medications, and dispense birth control devices and abortion referrals, without parental consent or knowledge?
 Yes    No12. Do you oppose the collection and maintenance of data on student health, performance, attitudes, behavior, and family, as well as academics, in computerized databases?
 Yes    No13. Do you oppose "full inclusion" of emotionally troubled and other special-needs children in regular classrooms?
 Yes    No14. Do you oppose allowing the school district to deduct money from the paychecks of school employees and forward it to political funds without the annual written consent of each employee?

 Yes    No15. Do you believe in the fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children?
 Yes    No16. Do you support a school board policy allowing parents the right to inspect and review instructional materials and methods?
 Yes    No17. Do you support a school board policy forbidding psychological evaluations, testing, treatment, or physical examinations of students without prior written parental consent?
 Yes    No18. Do you believe parental consent should be required prior to giving information and care to students regarding sexuality and reproductive health?
 Yes    No19. Do you support the right of parents to homeschool their children?

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