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Children Will Love Discovering 'Lost Classics'

Lost Classics Book Company has just completed its first line of eight treasured children's books from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The books are faithfully reproduced with their delightful original illustrations, recalling the values of a bygone era, as well as standards of good writing and art.

The Minute Boys of Lexington by Edward Stratemeyer, 1996, Lost Classics Book Company, 300 pp., $17.95 paper. Reprinted from the 1898 edition. This was Edward Stratemeyer's first book in his historical fiction series for young people about the American Revolution. Written in the late 19th century, this adventure story revolves around a young patriot named Roger Morse who courageously fights the British in the name of justice and liberty. This book includes a build-your-vocabulary glossary.
The Minute Boys of Bunker Hill by Edward Stratemeyer, 1996, Lost Classics Book Company, 300 pp., $17.95 paper. Reprinted from the 1899 edition. This second book in Stratemeyer's series continues to chronicle the historical events of the American Revolution through the adventures and experiences of Roger Morse. Children learn American Revolutionary War history along with virtues such as love of liberty, bravery in the face of tyranny, courage against overwhelming odds, fierce determination, and loyalty to country, family, and friends.
Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans by Edward Eggleston, 1996, Lost Classics Book Company, 163 pp., $17.95 cloth. Reprinted from the 1895 edition. This wonderful book teaches American History through 52 stories about great Americans, written to bring the people and the times to life in the minds of children. The 52 chapters include stories about war heroes, statesmen, explorers, inventors, writers, artists, scientists, and others who have impacted American history. The lives of the men and women Eggleston illustrates exemplify timeless virtues children need to learn.
A First Book in American History by Edward Eggleston, 1996, Lost Classics Book Company, 240 pp., $24.95 cloth. Reprinted from the original 1889 edition. To Eggleston, the cardinal rule in writing history texts for children was to make history interesting. The author weaves the events of history around living, breathing Americans who built the United States. Christopher Columbus, John Cabot, Pocahontas, Henry Hudson, Myles Standish, Samuel Morse, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln are included among Eggleston's great Americans. This book is particularly teacher-friendly and well-suited for home schoolers. Included are study questions after each chapter, definitions of important words, maps and illustrations, and an index for easy cross reference.
Primary Language Lessons by Emma Serl, 1996, Lost Classics Book Company, 148 pp., $17.95 cloth. Reprinted from the 1911 edition. "The object of this little volume," says the preface, "is to lead children of the second and third grades into the habit of speaking and writing the English language correctly." Emma Serl, a teacher from Kansas City, Missouri during the early 20th century, recognized the necessary ingredients for teaching proper English: capture the child's interest and drill, drill, drill. To make learning interesting, Serl wrote short, jargon-free lessons using fables, folklore, and maxims from the English language heritage. "The book," continues the preface, "is so unconventional that the suggestions to teachers, which follow, are all that is necessary to guide the novice in the successful use of it."
Intermediate Language Lessons by Emma Serl, 1996, Lost Classics Book Company, 344 pp., $24.95 cloth. Reprinted from the 1914 edition. Serl's second volume in her language series simplifies the teaching of intermediate years: grades 4, 5, and 6. Like the first volume, Serl utilizes literature that teaches and interests young students, including works by Louisa May Alcott, Henry W. Longfellow, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Helen Hunt Jackson, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Edward Everett Hale, George MacDonald, and Shakespeare. Students are taught literature and poetry studies, letter writing, creating an outline, grammar and word usage, all forms of composition, memorization and oral presentation, debating, and dictation.
With Lee in Virginia by G.A. Henty, 1996, Lost Classics Book Company, 410 pp., $19.95 paper. Reprinted from the 1900 edition. George Grant called this prolific 19th century author "a Victorian literary phenomenon." With Lee in Virginia tells the story of young Vincent Wingfield, who just returned to the antebellum South after four years in England. Soon, civil war breaks out, and Vincent goes to fight for the South. Henty weaves Vincent's adventures with historical events and people of the Civil War, teaching history and celebrating the virtues of family loyalty, honor, bravery, and determination in the face of adversity. With Lee in Virginia includes a build-your-vocabulary glossary.
Hope and Have by Oliver Optic, 1996, Lost Classics Book Company, 275 pp., $17.95 paper. Reprinted from the 1875 edition. Hope and Have introduces readers to a young orphan named Fanny Jane Grant who undergoes a miraculous transformation. Fanny, initially, is a very ornery girl who lacks direction, respect, and self discipline. Fanny experiences a change of heart through trials, triumphs, and faith in God. The second part of the story follows Fanny's adventures during the terrible Indian massacre of 1862 in Minnesota. The escape of Fanny and a young man named Ethan French from the Indians illustrates how God's grace saves us-in more ways than one. Hope and Have includes a build-your-vocabulary glossary.
Both parents and children will treasure these wholesome resources that richly contribute to a sound, morally-structured education. Each book comes from an era when writers directed their attention to the proper training of young minds and souls. These books are available from Lost Classics Book Company, P.O. Box 3429, Lake Wales, FL 33859-3429, 888/611-BOOK.

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