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March 1996 . . .


Phoenix Preparatory Academy introduced uniforms after students and parents voted 1,172-to-2 in favor of the mandatory policy. The school then spent $70,000 in legal fees fending off suits filed by two students represented by the ACLU. The academy, where 92% of the students are minorities and 80% of students cite neighborhood violence as a cause of stress, find the uniforms make a world of difference. The students are still able to wear buttons displaying political, religious, and other messages, thus protecting their First Amendment rights.

The Roane County Tennessee board of education passed a resolution opposing the National Education Associationžs resolution on homosexuality and its call for "Lesbian and Gay History Month." The resolution was introduced by Commissioner James Harmon after he realized that the Tennessee teachers had neither approved nor rejected the NEA resolution. Harmon said it was important for people on the state and national level to know that Roane County does not believe the liberal agenda of the NEA is acceptable.

President Clinton told an audience of 1,000 at an inner-city school in Union City, New Jersey, that his plan to put a computer in every public school classroom by the year 2000 will cost $2 billion. This cost does not necessarily include having these computers connected to the Internet in the next four years. The National Information Infrastructure Advisory Council, a Clinton-appointed panel of technology executives, estimate the cost between $11 and $40 billion.

Jane Fonda has announced her opposition to the Georgia sex education bill, now pending, which would postpone condom lessons until high school and block sex education before the fifth grade. Fonda claims, "If this bill comes out of committee and passes, there will be more pregnancies, more sexually transmitted diseases, and the need for abortions will go up."

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