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Genital Exam Previews Greater War on Parents

Momentum to make parents suspect has been gathering for two decades

STROUDSBURG, PA -- In the public controversy that followed the genital examinations of 59 school girls, Rachel Heath, assistant superintendent for the East Stroudsburg School District, conceded that Dr. Ramiah Vahanvaty was looking not only for STDs but also for "abnormalities and signs of abuse."

David Melton, attorney for the family that is suing the school district, said, "This case is a classic example of 'child abuse' programs run amok. These children were abused by the school in order to determine whether they were abused by their parents. This is more akin to child abuse than education."

The momentum has been gathering for years to put parents on the defensive by treating them as "suspects" of child abuse. For over two decades, school officials, teachers, prosecutors, detectives, and social workers have been told that parents are the primary perpetrators of child abuse.

After many years of lobbying, "child advocates" received federal funding in 1974 under the Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment Act (CAPTA). Funding and power expanded in 1985 with the Children's Justice Act. Since then, a powerful bureaucracy called the Child Protective Services emerged.

This agency receives taxpayer monies for each child removed from parents and put into an "out-of-home-facility." Schools, ministers, child care providers, and physicians are now required to report signs of abuse to authorities, so it is only a short step to genital exams to justify looking for signs.

"Child advocates" are pushing hard for laws like Colorado's Children's Welfare Act which would send a state-employed "home visitor" into every home to assess parents on their child-abuse potential. Private interest groups such as the American Human Association and the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children, along with Hillary Rodham Clinton's It Takes a Village, convey the notion that parents are incapable and dangerous unless overseen by an "expert."

Nationally syndicated columnist Paul Craig Roberts asserts that: "American parenthood is a sitting duck for the blitzkrieg that is about to hit. Parental child abuse is the latest liberal mantra."

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