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Stockman Wants to Investigate
Kinsey Research

Representative Steve Stockman (R-TX) says the world-famous Kinsey Institute in Bloomington, Indiana should be investigated for possible fraud and criminal child abuse. Stockman has introduced the Child Protection and Ethics in Education Act of 1995 (H.R. 2749), which calls for a General Accounting Office probe of the government-funded studies of human sexuality conducted by Alfred Kinsey nearly 50 years ago. These studies were used as the basis for Kinsey's Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948) and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953), two lengthy volumes which have had massive influence on American society.

If the GAO concludes that the Kinsey reports were based on "fraud or criminal wrongdoing (i.e., systematic sexual abuse of children)," then any organization or school that uses these studies, without indicating their unethical and unscientific nature, would be denied federal funds for any educational purpose. The Kinsey reports are widely used as resources for education on sexuality, AIDS, family life, and diversity.

Congressman Stockman tried to determine on his own the source for the data in Table 34, a chart in the original Kinsey Report that purported to measure the sexual responsiveness of teenagers, children, and infants as young as four months. His efforts turned into a wild goose chase. "First, I was told by the Kinsey Institute that the data were compiled from the notes of a single pedophile who is deceased," Stockman says. "But, according to Kinsey's book, the table was composed from the observations of 'several adult males who have had sexual contacts with younger boys.' "

Either way, Kinsey's research into the sexuality of children -- upon which professionals in various disciplines rely for their understanding of normal childhood development -- apparently rests on the testimony of at least one sexual deviant. "This indicates that the basis of sex education in America is a study of the systematic molestation of children as young as four months old," says Stockman. The only other alternative is that Table 34 is a complete fabrication.

"Other scholars who worked with Kinsey in the early '50s have said that the numbers ... were made up -- fraudulent research," he observes. Stockman says the purpose of the Child Protection and Ethics in Education Act is "to determine to what extent the U.S. Government funded these fraudulent and criminal studies and what liabilities should be assessed."

In a letter to his colleagues in Congress, Stockman points out that the Sex Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) bases its own widely-used sex education programs on the studies of Alfred Kinsey. "SIECUS was founded with the help of Wardell Pomeroy, a co-author of the Kinsey Reports," observes Stockman. "These texts form the basis of sex education in the public schools of America. Our children have been taught that they are sexual from birth, that any type of sex is a valid outlet for their emotions. They are taught that the problem with sex is not that it is wrong to engage in homosexual, bestial, underage, or premarital sex, but that it is wrong to do so without protection."

In his letter, Stockman urged his fellow Congressmen to view a videotape called The Children of Table 34, produced by the Family Research Council. Featuring interviews with Judith Reisman and other recognized experts in the field of sexology, the 30-minute expose charges that data recorded in the Kinsey Reports are based on "systematic molestation of infants and children." The documentary concludes that the evidence of fraud and ethical violations warrants an inquiry. "This documentary reveals the real question rising from these studies," said Stockman. "Were they criminal or fraudulent?"

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