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Propaganda In The Classroom

Questionnaire Given to a History Class at Crystal City (Missouri) High School

  1. Which primary did Pat Buchanan recently win?
  2. What does fellow Republican, General Colin Powell, think about Buchanan?
  3. What is NYC's mayor Rudolph Giuliani concerned about with Buchanan?
  4. Who called the GOP primary race a "contest between the mainstream and the extreme"?
  5. Who is Buchanan's campaign chairman?
  6. Who was Buchanan referring to when he said "simply not endowed by nature with the same measures of single minded ambition and will to succeed"?
  7. Who did Buchanan say "have declared war on nature"?
  8. Who did he call "immoral, evil and a demagogue"?
  9. What office did Buchanan hold under Reagan?
  10. Who, according to Mayor Giuliani, was Buchanan an "ardent defender of"?
  11. What did Buchanan say about the Holocaust?
  12. Who did Buchanan refer to as a "man of great courage" and a "soldier's soldier"?
  13. How did Buchanan feel about Nixon's idea of forced desegregation of schools?
  14. Why did Buchanan leave the Ford administration?
  15. Who is David Duke?
  16. How has Buchanan been linked to Duke?
  17. What does Buchanan want to build between the US and Mexico?
  18. What day is "red letter day" of the militia calendar?
  19. What two events gave this day it's [sic] name?
  20. What is making it hard for Buchanan's people to support fellow Republicans?

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