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Nosy Questionnaire Given to Social Studies Class

The following "Personalogue" was given at Medina (Ohio) Senior High School.

  1. List the secondary relationships that you have (names of "friends"). For each, state the functions or activities that unite you.
  2. Name any primary relationships that you have. Are they "face to face"? Is the "whole person" involved? Are basic needs met? Which ones?
  3. What is the single biggest event you are waiting for in your life?
  4. What is the single biggest event you are planning?
  5. Describe your physical appearance and lifestyle at 75.
  6. Will you be rich, poor or of average wealth? Why do you say this?
  7. How many children will you have? What will some names be?
  8. As an adult, what will your hobbies be?
  9. What is your best quality?
  10. What is your best physical feature?
  11. What good things do others notice about you first?
  12. What is your best skill or talent?
  13. Why should a person of the opposite sex like you?
  14. Why should a person of the same sex like you?
  15. After first meeting you, what good thing will a person say about you?
  16. Why do you have a right to be happy?
  17. What is the most courageous thing you have ever done?
  18. What is the kindest thing you have ever done?
  19. Which of your personal qualities will get you through any problem?
  20. What makes you blush?
  21. List five things that you feel are "wrong" to do.
  22. List three things that must be true of a person you would marry.
  23. If you were a parent, what would be the most firm rule you would set down for your daughter, a high school senior?
  24. Same for a son.
  25. What is the worst thing you have ever done?
  26. What is the worst thing you could ever do?
  27. What in your life keeps you from being what you want to be?
  28. List five things you fear.
  29. List five things that make you angry.
  30. Describe the first dog you really loved (or substitute any pet).
  31. Who is the "sexiest" movie star? Why?
  32. Describe your favorite pair of pajamas.
  33. Describe the first new car you will buy.
  34. Describe the outfit in which you look best. What does it do for you?
  35. What would be the perfect one-week vacation for you?
  36. Describe the last time you were "hurt." Could it have been avoided? Did anything good come from it?
  37. When was the last time you told someone you loved them? How did you say it?
  38. Write out your favorite joke. Why do you think it is funny?
  39. List five ways that you think you are different from other persons you know.
  40. What would you have printed on your own sweatshirt?
  41. What is your most clearly-defined occupational model?
  42. If you could get paid a good salary for any set of activities, what would you become?
  43. Your parents "look down" on what kind of person?
  44. What is your parents' favorite slogan or "teachy" saying?
  45. What is the most "true" or "real" thing of which you are aware?

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