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Nevada School District Rejects Goals 2000,
But — State Plans to Implement It Anyway

ELKO, NV -- Elko County School Board on May 23 unanimously rejected Nevada 2000, the state's version of the federal program called Goals 2000, but now parents fear their local decision is being overridden by the state.

"We don't want federal control of schools," claimed Janet Weeks, and that was the clear message she and other concerned parents sent to the Elko County School Board members at the May 23rd meeting. They convinced the Board that the people of Elko County could do without government money in order to prevent government control of their schools.

"We opened people's eyes to what was going on," said Weeks, who was one of three parents who put together informational fliers about the upcoming meetings on Goals 2000. "People were unaware of how much government controls the schools," she added. Approximately 250 parents from rural Elko County showed up at the meetings, and the board gave them ample opportunity to voice their opinions.

In response, the Elko County School Board rejected Nevada 2000, and the district did not apply for funds or for any of the materials.

But on Dec. 7 Mary Peterson,State Superintendent of Education, visited Elko County and made statements which indicated that many of the Nevada 2000 goals are simply being renamed and pushed through at the state level.

"The state of Nevada has definitely taken notice of the parent rebellion in Elko County," said concerned parent Mary Ann Polish, "but now they're going through the legislature. They tell us that local school districts still have autonomy, but that's not true!"

Peterson in her recent visit stated that the new system called "proficiency-based education" will be phased in over the next five years. Included are plans to redraw boundaries of school districts and implement mandatory and early kindergarten, all items which, Polish claims, were part of Nevada 2000 that the people of Elko County rejected.


See A Tale of Parental Involvement for more news of Elko County.

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