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The following open-ended survey was given to 7th grade students in Brillion, Wisconsin in connection with their "Math Profile."

1. I particularly like people who ______
2. I'm regarded by most people as____
3. Strangers make me feel___________
4. When I am asked about myself, I___
5. I believe that___________________
6. In a new situation, I usually_______
7. When I'm thirty, I think I'll be_____
8. I feel really happy when__________
9. I feel sad when_________________
10. I feel angry when_______________
11. When I'm in trouble, I turn to_____
12. What I like best about school is____
13. I feel anxious when_____________
14. If there were no grades in school,
15. If I think a teacher doesn't like me__
16. When there is no right answer, I
17. What embarrasses me the most is__
18. I learn best when_______________
19. To keep from getting into a fight,
you must_____________________
20. My parents are_________________
21. To get along in a group, I have to___
22. I can't learn when______________
23. I wish my family_______________
24. Making friends is hard when______
25. What I like to do most is__________
26. If I should fail in school__________
27. When I look into a mirror, I_______
28. My family treats me like__________
29. In class, working by myself is ___
30. When I am older_______________
31. School is_____________________
32. A parent is nice when___________
33. When I talk about school,
my parents___________________
34. Most of all I want to____________
35. I like teachers who_____________
36. I feel proud when______________
37. At home______________________
38. I often wish___________________
39. My teachers think that I am_______
40. I get headaches when___________
41. I think I am___________________
42. When I take my report card home__
43. I like to read about______________
44. I would like to save money for____
45. My feelings are easily hurt when___
46. I am afraid to speak up in class
47. I remember when______________
48. When I broke a promise_________
49. I have difficulty deciding_________
50. My worst habit is______________
51. When someone spreads a rumor about me,___________________
52. I feel pressure to_______________
53. Compared with most families,
54. When I have a problem, I________
55. When I am alone_______________

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