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Rediscovering the Ideas of Liberty: The Foundations of America's Greatness edited by W. David Stedman and La Vaughn Lewis, 1995, 112 pps., $15.00.

Too many public school children are being robbed of the right to examine the ideas upon which our Constitution was based, and, all too often, they're never taught about the heroic sacrifices made by our Founding Fathers. W. David Stedman and La Vaughn Lewis offer a solution to this in their book, Rediscovering the Ideas of Liberty: The Foundation of America's Greatness.

Stedman and Lewis were aware that so many youths did not realize the price that was paid for their freedom. Rediscovering the Ideas of Liberty uses the Founder's own words to bring these ideas to today's generation and gives them a new appreciation for freedom. It is a follow-up to Stedman and Lewis' 1987 Bicentennial book, Our Ageless Constitution.

Rediscovering the Ideas of Liberty is appropriate for high-school-aged students and can be used for school or home use. It is well organized and contains illustrations of Jefferson, Washington, and Madison, as well as all the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

This book will allow students to read -- often for the first time -- about the philosophies and principles held by the Founding Fathers. They will learn of the Founder's view of human nature and discover the role that religion played in American history.

Rediscovering the Ideas of Liberty also exposes the reader to the genius of the Constitution and discusses the principles on which our Constitution is based.

High-school-aged readers will come away from Rediscovering the Ideas of Liberty with a deeper appreciation for freedom and history. They will read the original writings which are largely censored from their own school textbooks and, thus, gain an appreciation for the sacrifices our Founding Fathers made for the sake of liberty.

Rediscovering the Ideas of Liberty is available for $15.00 from Rediscovering the Ideas of Liberty, 602 Crystal Wood Rd., Asheboro, NC 27203. (NC residents add 6%, outside of U.S. add $8.00.) The paperback of Our Ageless Constitution is available for $14.95.

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