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The following questionnaire is part of a Health and Human Services Grant received by the schools listed on the IPFI. The program is called "Growing Up Well" and is supposed to reduce the risk factors for ATOD (alcohol, tobacco and other drug) use.

Individual Protective Factors Index

Directions: Think about the way you act and feel when you read each sentence. Then, circle the letter that shows how much you agree or disagree with each sentence. If you strongly agree with a sentence, circle A. If you agree but not strongly, circle B. If you disagree, circle C, and if you strongly disagree with a sentence, circle D.

  1. I can tell my parents the way I feel about things. [ A B C D ]

  2. I will probably die before I am thirty. [ A B C D ]

  3. I get along well with other people. [ A B C D ]

  4. One of my problems is I can't get down to work when I should. [ A B C D ]

  5. I can be trusted. [ A B C D ]

  6. I am afraid my life will be unhappy. [ A B C D ]

  7. School is a waste of time. [ A B C D ]

  8. Bad things happen to people like me. [ A B C D ]

  9. If I can't do a job the first time, I keep trying until I can. [ A B C D ]

  10. Helping others makes me feel good. [ A B C D ]

  11. It is hard for me to make friends. [ A B C D ]

  12. I try hard to do well in school. [ A B C D ]

  13. I give up things before completing them. [ A B C D ]

  14. I like to do things with my family. [ A B C D ]

  15. I can do most things I try. [ A B C D ]

  16. When I am mad, I yell at people. [ A B C D ]

  17. When I have something unpleasant to do, I stick to it until I finish it. [ A B C D ]

  18. My friends respect me. [ A B C D ]

  19. Sometimes I break things on purpose. [ A B C D ]

  20. It is important to do your part in helping at home. [ A B C D ]

  21. When I decide to do something, I go right to work on it. [ A B C D ]

  22. I would like to quit school as soon as I can. [ A B C D ]

  23. I enjoy talking with my family. [ A B C D ]

  24. Helping others is very satisfying. [ A B C D ]

  25. I like the way I look. [ A B C D ]

  26. If I feel like it, I hit people. [ A B C D ]

  27. When I try to learn something new, I soon give up if I don't succeed right
    away. [ A B C D ]

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