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Reclaiming a Nation at Risk: The Battle for Your Faith, Family and Freedoms, by Brannon Howse, 1995, Bridgestone Multimedia Group, Chandler, AZ, 291 pps, $12.00.

Are America's cultural elite and governmental bureaucrats out to sabotage our faith, family, and freedoms? That is the question Brannon Howse addresses in his new book Reclaiming A Nation At Risk. In this book Howse documents in shocking detail how the government is threatening our basic freedoms.

"We are faced with a government who wants absolute control," he writes, "a political system that is amuck with impropriety, and an educational system that has decided it no longer wants to teach, but rather wants to tell us how to raise our children." He adds, "There is still time to reclaim America, but we must act now."

Howse points out in Reclaiming A Nation At Risk that the November 1994 elections indicated that many Americans are not happy with where we are headed as a nation. He explains that many Americans want change -- but they want change back to what made America great, and that is individual responsibility and freedom. "The American people in November 1994 were calling for a smaller federal government -- not more government."

Reclaiming A Nation At Risk addresses many concerns of the American people and answers many questions:

  • Who really controls America's schools?

  • Why can't Johnny read or spell or even think for himself?

  • What is OBE, and how will it affect my child?

  • Are American students being "trained" to become a socialized work force?

  • How did the National Education Association (NEA), become so powerful, and what is their agenda?

  • Whatever happened to "parents' rights"?

  • Is the federal government tracking America's children through a national database?

  • What will happen if America's economy collapses?

  • Are our religious freedoms in jeopardy?

  • How can I help reclaim our nation from the agents of change?

As president of the American Family Policy Institute, Brannon Howse spends countless hours each year reading legislation and writing issue briefs in an effort to inform the American people about policies that affect the family -- either positively or negatively. His extensive research and knowledge on family and educational issues have been compiled in Cradle to College: An Educational Abduction.

Reclaiming A Nation At Risk is useful for any parent, teacher, or concerned citizen who wants to learn more about important education issues and how they affect our faith, family and freedoms.

To order Reclaiming A Nation At Risk, call 1(800)954-1122, ext. 500.

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