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When the Federal Government shut down for a week before Thanksgiving because of the budget impasse between Congress and the President, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) determined that 89% of the staff at the Department of Education was "non-essential" and could stay home. This appeared to make the case for conservative proposals to dismantle or cut back the Education Department, but no bill has yet been introduced in Congress to accomplish that.

Lawyer David Glass, who filed suit under the Americans with Disabilities Act, got twice as much time to take his New York Bar Exam in July because he is a slow reader and writer. He claims he can compensate for his writing problems by using his computer's spell-check. According to the Justice Department, nearly 20 complaints and six lawsuits have been filed against the New York board of examiners. One applicant, who failed the bar exam five times and claims she suffers from dyslexia, was finally allowed to use an assistant to read the exam questions aloud and to write answers that she dictated.

The decision to require students in Long Beach, California to wear uniforms to school is proving to be a possible answer to gang-related problems, truancy, and even racial polarization. A comparison of the 1993-94 school year, before most Long Beach schools required the uniforms, to last year reveals assault and battery cases in district schools are down by 34%. Fighting dropped 51%. Drug cases fell by 69% and sex offenses are down 74%.

More than 100 teenagers and young adults signed their names to a pledge of purity at a rally near the White House. The "Pure Love Rally" offers a "Purity Pledge," in which young men and women promise to refrain from all sexual relationships before marriage. "You don't need the stresses of sexual relationships as a teen," said Carey Yasutake, a senior at Irvington High School in New York, who was carrying a sign saying, "Condoms don't protect your heart."

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