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VOL. 4, NO. 17 Nov. 18, 2002

Dems Break Another Promise and Filibuster Possible Today
The Leahy-Kennedy wrecking crew is again breaking the rules and will attempt to talk the Dennis Shedd nomination (to the 4th Circuit) to death this afternoon. Your calls to the following Senators are DESPERATELY NEEDED. Let the Dems know now that their days of rule-breaking and outrageous flouting of long-revered Senate protocol are over.

Tell these Senators to vote for cloture and for Judge Shedd.

Blanche Lincoln AR 202-224-4843
Joe Biden DE 202-224-5042
Bob Graham FL 202-224-3041
Bill NelsonFL 202-224-5274
Zell Miller GA 202-224-3643
Max Cleland GA 202-224-3521
Evan BayhIN 202-224-5623
John Breaux LA 202-224-4623
Mary Landrieu LA 202-224-5824
Ben Nelson NE 202-224-6551
John Edwards NC 202-224-3154
Tom DaschleSD 202-224-2321
Patrick Leahy VT 202-224-4242
Robert C. Byrd WV 202-224-3954

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