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How You Can Join the Campaign for Federal Judicial Reform

Eagle Forum's Court Watch offers the following suggestions for grassroots Americans wishing to convert America's courts from engines of injustice to instruments of justice. A comprehensive reform campaign requires attacks on three fronts:

The message that we must understand and convey is that the injustice of the current federal judiciary is an intensely real and relevant problem, but also a resolvable problem.
Many fine materials are available for this effort:

  • Courting Justice: A Guide to Federal Judicial Reform is a basic manual written for all concerned Americans to equip them for the battle; it is available from Eagle Forum or the Blackstone Institute;

  • Audio tapes and printed materials addressing a wide spectrum of relevant issues (included, but not limited to, an examination of America's cultural and constitutional decline, a defense of judicial restraint and philosophical conservatism, and a defense of Christians' responsibility to be involved in public life) are also available from the Blackstone Institute;

  • A special video taped T. V. show focusing on the Courting Justice Campaign is available from the Blackstone Institute;

  • Additional materials are periodically posted on the websites of Eagle Forum's Court Watch and the Blackstone Institute.

Be personally involved:

  • Sign up with Eagle Forum's Court Watch to receive frequent Alerts and Briefs regarding judicial nominations and other judicial reforms (urgent alerts require e-mail addresses or fax numbers);

  • Contact your leaders in Washington and your state capitals as suggested in the Alerts you receive;

  • Confront your leaders in person when they are in your area;

  • In contacting leaders, the most effective methods are phone calls (for urgent matters) and personal letters (for matters where time allows);

  • All messages should be clear, concise, and courteous;

  • During election campaigns, question candidates regarding their views of the courts and judicial reform;

  • Utilize talk shows and other broadcasting opportunities to deliver our message;

  • Write letters to the editor and utilize other opportunities provided by print journalism to deliver our message.


  • Recruit additional Courting Justice Campaign supporters from existing groups--civic clubs, professional organizations, church and parachurch organizations, etc.; naming a "Court Watch Chairman" within such a group can be most helpful;

  • Build your own "Court Watch Committee" composed of a Chairman with an e-mail or fax (essential to receiving urgent Alerts as well as other vital materials) and other concerned citizens; develop a communications network such as a phone tree or e-mail, and/or fax group which can be activated by that Chairman;

  • Develop a "3 x 3" communication system which can be used by itself or as a part of the group activity described above: find three individuals/couples, each of whom is committed to contact three other individuals/couples who agree to act on our Alerts and other information as they reach you; if even two of the three individuals/couples in each link responded and the network included just twelve levels, 4,096 concerned Americans could be reached in a very short time. What an army!

The Blackstone Brigade offers Americans the opportunity to be involved in a unique prayer ministry regarding the federal courts.

  • Members of the Brigade will be assigned a specific federal court (or may choose a court) for which they commit to pray daily.

  • Each Brigade member receives a "prayer marker" naming his/her court to assist in remembering the responsibility and privilege of intercessory prayer;

  • All Brigade members also will receive periodic court updates and alerts with information to assist their prayer efforts.

  • To join the Blackstone Brigade, contact the Blackstone Institute.


Eagle Forum's Court Watch or The Blackstone Institute
PMB 190
2438 Industrial Blvd.
Abilene, TX 79606
Ph. (915) 673-3020
E-mail: CourtWatch@EagleForum.org

To order copies of Courting Justice: A Guide To Federal Judicial Reform, send $5 to
Eagle Forum
P.O. Box 618
Alton, IL 62002


The Blackstone Institute
PMB 190
4102 Buffalo Gap Rd., Ste. F
Abilene, TX 79605

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