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Contact: Marissa Harris - Court Watch Media & Field Relations  CourtWatchMedia@cs.com

COURT WATCH -- FROM 9-11, TO 2002

Prior to the 9-11 attack on America, Senate Democrats were poised to both "dissect and reject" conservative judicial nominees in hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee. First, they railed at the President for removing the American Bar Association's control over nominees. They then attempted to institute a "blue slip" policy whereby Senate Democrats would be able to wield an "automatic veto" over judicial nominees from his or her home state. And on September 4, 2001, the Democrats held a hearing led by Judiciary Committee member Senator Charles Schumer, in which they laid out the outrageous assertion that, beyond their job record and legal qualifications traditionally submitted to the Committee, "judicial nominees bear the burden of proving their own worthiness for confirmation."

But then, the terrorists struck. And with "bi-partisanship," or at least the appearance thereof, having become politically expedient, the Democrats resorted to "Plan B" -- pure obstructionism. Never, in our lifetime, has any sitting Senate taken this long to confirm judicial appointments. The pace of confirmation and percentage of nominees approved under this Democratically-controlled Senate defies precedence!

In response to this impasse, the Courting Justice Campaign, a grassroots coalition mobilized by Eagle Forum's Court Watch, is launching a new 3-part media strategy as part of its on-going effort to counteract the Senate's obstruction of the President's conservative judicial appointments in 2002. Key prioritized elements of the plan include:

  1. Increased lobbying of the President and White House by calls, letters, fax, and e-mail. The goal is to bring the issue of judicial nominations back onto the post- 9-11 domestic radar screen. We're asking the President to make full use of his bully pulpit and high approval rating to appeal directly to the American people on this critical issue (see the accompanying Court Watch Action Alert). The resulting increased media coverage would elevate the debate and help lay the groundwork for activating subsequent elements of our media plan.

  2. Continuing to increase pressure on U.S. Senators & Congressional leadership, particularly those seeking re- election this year. We plan to accomplish this both directly and through wider media exposure of their voting record on judicial nominations.

  3. Educating and rallying a broader base of conservative activists via talk radio & TV, newspaper and Internet media as outlined in the Court Watch lobbying guide, "How to Promote Court Reform in the Media."

The President has nominated men and women to the federal bench who can help roll back the damage done by judicial activists antagonistic toward Constitutional first principles - individual liberty, limited government, religious freedom and the sanctity of life. The fate of our future liberties may well depend on how wisely we use this window of opportunity to lobby vigorously for the seating of constitutionalist judges respectful of the Constitution. Court Watch thanks you for joining with us in 2002.

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