State Leaders

Eagle Forum Presidents 
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AlabamaEunie SmithCONTACT:  Eunie Smith
Eagle Forum of Alabama
ArkansasCONTACT:  Angie Hopkins
CaliforniaOrlean Koehle CONTACT:  Orlean Koehle
Eagle Forum of California
Long Beach

ColoradoCONTACT:  Deb Marks
FloridaPat AndrewsCONTACT:  Pat Andrews
Florida Eagle Forum

Sun Coast Eagle Forum

GeorgiaCONTACT:  Pat Daugherty
IllinoisCONTACT:  Sharee Langenstein
Kansas CONTACT:  Charlene Bredemeier
KentuckyShirley DanielCONTACT:  Shirley Daniel
LouisianaSandy McDadeCONTACT:  Sandy McDade
MichiganCONTACT:  Violet Vestevich
MissouriCONTACT:  Ethan Rush
Missouri Eagle Forum
NebraskaNaomi BrummondCONTACT:  Naomi Brummond


2nd CONTACT:  Kathy Wilmot
NevadaJanine HansenCONTACT:  Janine Hansen

 Grassroots Win Shootout In The West

Nevada Families
Eagle Forum
New Hampshire Jan and Bob BevillCONTACT:  Jan and Bob Bevill
New JerseyCarolee Adams CONTACT:  Carolee Adams

New MexicoMarcia StirmanCONTACT:  Marcia Stirman
OhioCONTACT:  Bob Lattimer
OklahomaCONTACT:  Sandy Hodges

OregonLois O'BrienCONTACT:  Lois O'Brien

Tennessee Bobbie PatrayCONTACT:  Bobbie Patray
Tennessee Eagle Forum
Trayce Bradford CONTACT:  Trayce Bradford
Texas Eagle Forum

Texas Eagle Forum Chapters:
UtahGayle Ruzicka PRESIDENT:  Gayle Ruzicka
Utah Eagle Forum
Cindy HoncoopCONTACT:  Cindy Honcoop
Washington Eagle Forum