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Reevaluating Free Trade with China 
The voters who elected the new Congress expect it to cast off unconstitutional and discredited policies such as Keynesian big-spending and judicial grabbing of legislative prerogatives. We also hope Congress will shake itself loose from the dishonest, anti-American trade policies of other countries, especially Communist China. 12-31-10

Let There Be Light 
If we want to continue to enjoy the bright, warm light that Thomas Edison's incandescent bulb radiates, Congress will have to repeal Subtitle B of Title III of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. Environmental "standards" will start eliminating 276 versions of incandescent light bulbs in 2012, and the drop-dead date for our favorite 100-watt light bulb is just one year away. 12-24-10

Time to Freeze Global Warming 
The global warming prophets and propagandists, who enjoy living in style on other people's money, gathered last month in the plush resort of Cancun, Mexico, where January temperatures usually hover around 80 degrees. God must have a sense of humor because Cancun was hit by its coldest temperature in a hundred years. 12-17-10

Lame Duck Judges Should Not Be Confirmed 
One of the greatest risks of the current Lame Duck Congress is the possibility of Senate confirmation of Obama's radical appointments to federal courts, boards and agencies. Nominees hoping for confirmation include the radical redistributionist Goodwin Liu who is seeking a spot on the Ninth Circuit, Louis Butler Jr. who was removed from the Wisconsin Supreme Court by the voters in 2008, and Chai Feldblum, an advocate of same-sex marriage and polygamy who is now enjoying a recess appointment to the EEOC. 12-10-10

Government by Regulations Instead of Laws and Treaties 
Republicans are assuming that Cap-and-trade (a.k.a. Cap-and-tax) is dead because Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid lacks the votes to bring up the House-passed bill and because this issue proved a loser in the 2010 House races. Like the famous Mark Twain saying, its death may be exaggerated. 12-03-10

The High Price of College 
The favorite question liberal newsmen ask incoming Republican members of Congress is: you promised to cut federal spending, so what programs will you will cut? A good answer is college student grants and loans because those handouts are probably wasteful and harmful. 11-26-10

The Paycheck Unfairness Act 
Women didn't vote for Democratic candidates in the November election in the numbers expected, so President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid want to woo them back into the fold by passing the Paycheck Fairness Act (PFA) in the lame duck session. We don't need this: it's a job killer, not a job creator. 11-19-10

Judges Get Their Comeuppance 
The most important decision the voters made on November 2 may turn out to be Iowa sending out to pasture three state supreme court judges who had voted to make same-sex marriage constitutional, overriding the wishes of the people in Iowa and their elected representatives. The reverberations are cascading nationwide, and we hope this landmark election signals the beginning of the end of rule by arrogant supremacist judges. 11-12-10

Government Trampling on Constitutional Rights of Parents 
When the liberals and the feminists, including Hillary Clinton, began saying the "village" should raise the child, most people recognized village as a metaphor for government. We're now seeing how intrusive Big Government Nannyism really is. 11-05-10

Obama Pleads for Women's Vote 
Barack Obama's pandering to the feminists makes him look like the suitor who is unwilling to face up to his beloved's announcing she will marry another man. In desperation, he showers her with expensive gifts, hoping to win back her favor. 10-29-10

Obama's Gaffe About Shovel-Ready Jobs 
All sides admit that jobs are the number-one issue in 2010, but only three weeks before the crucial make-or-break congressional election on November 2, Obama casually admitted that his claim last year that his Stimulus spending bill would create 3.5 million "shovel-ready jobs" was not true. 10-22-10

Marriage Is the Key to Spending Cuts 
The attack on the institution of marriage is not only the biggest cultural but also the biggest fiscal issue of our times, and political and judicial attacks by gays are only part of the problem. Marriage is being assaulted by unilateral divorce, feminist hostility toward marriage, the bias of family courts against fathers, and the taxpayer-paid financial incentives that subsidize illegitimate births. 10-15-10

Questions for Congressional Candidates 
We look forward to the 2010 elections in the hope that we can decisively reject Barack Obama's plans to "fundamentally transform the United States." Here are some questions voters can ask all candidates to help decide whom to vote for. 10-08-10

Republicans Pledge to Change Our Direction 
Already tasting victory in November, Republicans in Congress issued "A Pledge to America" setting forth their goals. The principal thrust is to reassure Americans that Republicans will, indeed, offer "a clear and clearly different approach" to Barack Obama's policies. 10-01-10

Bloomberg Wants to be a Kingmaker 
New York City's billionaire Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has decided he wants to be a political kingmaker using his own deep pockets plus his rich friends. He's unhappy about the remarkable success of the Tea Partiers in nominating conservative candidates, and he wants to remake the Republican Party under the label Moderate. 9-24-10

Common Core Standards For Public Schools: A Bad Idea 
The No Child Left Behind Act, which allowed states to set their own public school standards for "proficiency," is opposed and considered a failure by all factions in the education world. Therefore, we obviously should force all kids in every state to be held to uniform national standards of proficiency. Right? 9-17-10

State Attorneys General and Violent Video Games 
Extremely violent and addictive video games are polluting the minds of an entire generation of children, and most parents are clueless. Young players earn game points based on how many murders they commit, with increasingly realistic bloodshed splattered around for teenagers and pre-teens to learn to enjoy. 9-10-10

Time to START Standing Up for America 
Among the dangers lurking in Congress's fall session and Lame Duck Session will be Obama's demand that the Senate rush to ratify the treaty called New START, which he signed with the Russians in Prague last April. This treaty is not only a bad idea; it's downright dangerous to U.S. national security. 9-03-10

Obama Versus Majority Public Opinion 
Americans are being treated to welcome entertainment during the dog days of summer as we watch the Democrats wring their hands over Barack Obama's tone deafness about political reality. Their despair about Obama is so painful that they are even calling on George W. Bush to come back and rescue Obama from his own mistakes. 8-27-10

The Feminist Left Goes Global on Our Money 
Just when we thought President Obama had reached the ultimate in seizing extravagant power by appointing a Health Care Czar (Donald Berwick) to exercise life-and-death surveillance over Medicare and Medicaid, Congress is now trying to give him a Czar with global powers. It would be a Czar over women's issues, worldwide. 8-20-10

Un-American American History Courses 
Arizona's new law that requires the police to ask people to show ID, which was just knocked out by a supremacist judge, may not be the most controversial Arizona law about illegal aliens. Governor Jan Brewer signed another law this year that bans schools from teaching classes designed to promote solidarity among students of a particular ethnic group. 8-13-10

The NEA's Latest Shenanigans 
What does Diversity mean to you? Same-sex marriage? Building a giant mosque on the 9/11 spot in New York? Elena Kagan on the Supreme Court? 8-06-10

More Unaccountable Obama Czars 
Barack Obama has appointed another Czar from Chicago: the new Food Czar Sam Kass. Officially, he is labeled Senior Policy Adviser for Healthy Food Initiatives, but he's joining the list of more than 35 Czars given broad and unaccountable power over our lives, habits and spending. 7-30-10

Obama Takes Illinois Mistakes Nationwide 
"Unsustainable" is a scary word that recently entered political discourse, coming authoritatively from Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Director Douglas Elmendorf. Unsustainability is the operative moniker for Barack Obama's massive deficit spending, which Elmendorf said "cannot be solved through minor tinkering." 7-23-10

Kagan Must Answer Question About DOMA 
If Elena Kagan is confirmed for the Supreme Court, it will not matter that Martha Coakley failed to win her bid to fill out Ted Kennedy's Senate seat. Kagan's 30-plus years as one of nine votes on the Supreme Court is far more important than Scott Brown's three years as one of 100 votes in the Senate. 7-16-10

America's Great Religious Document 
Tea Parties and other spontaneous groups of activists are bringing a new appreciation of the United States Constitution to grassroots America, so this Fourth of July would be a good occasion to make sure that they also appreciate our other essential founding document, the Declaration of Independence. 7-09-10

Elena Kagan Should Be Rejected 
Barack Obama revealed his goal for the Supreme Court when he complained on Chicago Radio Station WBEZ-FM in 2001 that the Earl Warren Court wasn't "radical" enough because "it didn't break free from the essential constraints placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution" in order to allow "redistribution of wealth." 7-02-10

A Good Father's Day Gift 
A good Father's Day gift would be to reform the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), make it gender-neutral, and assure men that family courts will accord them constitutional rights equivalent to those enjoyed by murderers and robbers. VAWA will be coming up for its five-year reauthorization later this year, and that will be the time to hold balanced hearings and eliminate VAWA's discrimination against men. 6-25-10

Social Issues vs. Fiscal Issues 
The media are forever trying to create a division in the Republican Party between those who care most about so-called social issues and those who want priority for fiscal issues. Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is the most recent politician to fall into this trap by asserting that the next president "would have to call a truce on the so-called social issues." 6-18-10

Obama Prevaricates about Jobs 
The spectacular loss of American jobs is devastating to more Americans than the oil spill in the Gulf, but Barack Obama still doesn't get it. This month he bragged to an audience of truckers in Hyattsville, Maryland, that our economy is "getting stronger by the day." 6-11-10

Obama Missed A Great Chance 
President Obama had a golden Memorial Day opportunity to show the country that (contrary to his left flank) he is not anti-military and not anti-Christian, by telling Attorney General Eric Holder to order the Park Service to permit volunteer veterans to replace the Mojave Cross that was stolen on May 9. But he let the atheists and those who sneer at our veterans win the day. 6-04-10

Obama STARTS to Disarm America 
Would you be satisfied if your only access to a computer was to try to boot up one that hadn't been used or tested since 1992? That's the predicament of our nuclear deterrent on which we depend for our ultimate physical survival. 5-28-10

How Republicans Can Blow the Coming Election 
Pundits are predicting that Republicans could pick up 40 to 100 seats in the U.S. House this November. But Democrats are about to unveil their secret weapon to keep Nancy Pelosi in her catbird seat. 5-21-10

Obama Steers the Court Left 
Barack Obama has thumbed his nose at veterans and many other Americans by trying to replace Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens with the liberal Elena Kagan. She is mainly noteworthy for excluding military recruiters from Harvard Law School. 5-14-10

Why Tea Partiers Say Throw the Bums Out 
Proof that the Tea Partiers and others are on target when they criticize both political parties was supplied by the behavior of the U.S. House on April 29. Demoting all major economic and corruption problems facing our country to the bottom of the agenda, the House devoted a long afternoon and 12 roll-call votes to passing a bill to force U.S. statehood on Puerto Rico. 5-07-10

Democrats Try To Lock Up Their Base 
"You have to decide what your goals are." That's what the Democratic staffer who wrote the marriage penalty into Obama's Health Control Law told a Wall Street Journal reporter. 4-30-10

Some Pay, and Some Receive 
The news that the United States has become a two-class society, i.e., half of Americans pay federal income taxes and half don't, has bounced around the media and shocked Americans. Most people had no knowledge of this appalling economic fact. 4-23-10

America Becomes a Two-Class Society 
Income tax day, April 15, 2010, now divides Americans into two almost equal classes: those who pay for the services provided by government and the freeloaders. The percentage of Americans who will pay no federal income taxes at all for 2009 has risen to 47 percent. 4-16-10

Good Advice Against a Con Con 
Suggestions that the United States call a new constitutional convention, as allowed in the Constitution's Article V, have popped up in some state legislatures and even on a page in the Wall Street Journal. No longer do these voices claim a convention can be limited to consideration of a single amendment (e.g., a Balanced Budget Amendment); grandstanding politicians are proposing a wide assortment of many amendments to produce big changes. 4-09-10

Supreme Court Needs at Least One Veteran 
For as long as we can remember, the U.S. Supreme Court has included at least one military veteran. Recent examples include Republican-appointed Chief Justice William Rehnquist, who died in 2005, and Justice John Paul Stevens, who is expected to resign this year. 4-02-10

Obamacare Versus Freedom 
Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi spent the weekend telling Democrats to hurry up and get the job done, i.e., end the legislative agony by passing Obamacare (even though polls show that a solid majority of the American people oppose it). Obama argued, "This is why I got into politics." 3-26-10

Texas Kicks Out Liberal Bias From Textbooks 
"Don't Mess with Texas" is a popular slogan in our most prosperous state. By a 10-to-5 margin, the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) just told liberals to stop "messing" with social studies textbooks. 3-19-10

Putting Private Info on Government Database 
Far more personal information on students than is necessary is being collected by public schools, according to the Fordham Law School Center on Law and Information Policy, which investigated education records in all 50 states. States are failing to safeguard students' privacy and protect them from data misuse. 3-12-10

Patent Reform Is A Patent Giveaway 
Americans should beware when Members of Congress talk about "reform" and "comprehensive" because those words usually cover a lot of mischief. The latest example of this legerdemain is the so-called Patent Reform now aggressively pushed by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT). 3-05-10

Organizing Kids for Obama 
President Barack Obama's budget has added more than $100 billion of federal taxpayers' money to what is called "education," so that means it will be spent by alumni of the Saul Alinsky school of radical community organizing and/or the Chicago Democratic machine. 2-26-10

The Problem Is Government Unions 
The Senate's decisive defeat of confirmation of radical labor lawyer Craig Becker is the first tangible result of the Massachusetts Miracle, which made Scott Brown the 41st Republican in the U.S. Senate. Two red-state Democrats also voted not to proceed toward a vote on President Obama's nomination of Becker to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). 2-19-10

Obama Panders to the Feminists 
Obama's "spread the wealth around" doesn't mean only higher taxes on taxpayers and more handouts to non-taxpayers; more especially, it means transfers of financial goodies to the President's political allies. 2-12-10

Global Warming Is Frozen Over 
Whether or not the groundhog sees his shadow on February 2, there's no denying that January put into a deep freeze the claims of crisis by global warming alarmists. Frigid temperatures destroyed fruit and coral in Florida, and snow fell on Al Gore's palatial home in normally warmer Tennessee. 2-05-10

The Real Loser In The Massachusetts Election 
Smarting from their surprise loss in the race to fill the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts, the Democrats are throwing their candidate, Martha Coakley, under the bus. They blame her for running a poor campaign that made losers out of Barack Obama, the Democrats, their bad health care bill, and even Ted Kennedy in his grave. 1-29-10

Why Kids Don't Do Well in School 
Let me share with you an interesting article from the Washington Post about the teacher of an all-black class in a high school in Alexandria, Virginia, who expressed his frustration at how poorly the students were performing. The class included both native-born African-Americans and kids who had immigrated from Africa. 1-22-10

The Marriage Penalty in Health Care 
Hidden in Obama's health care bill is a huge marriage penalty. Both the Senate and House bills would set up yet another federal program to provide financial incentives to subsidize marriage avoidance and illegitimate offspring. 1-15-10

The Causes of Unemployment 
Much has been written about our current high unemployment, but there is a strange reluctance by both liberal and conservative commentators to assess blame for the dramatic loss of well-paying American jobs. The causes are not only the general recession and the collapse of the housing market, but bad decisions by government and business that deserve finger-pointing. 1-08-10

Ten New Reasons Why Obamacare Can Still Be Stopped 
New reasons emerge almost daily as to why Obamacare can and must be defeated. 1-01-10

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