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Obama's Plan to Rejoin the World Community 
When Candidate Barack Obama declared himself a "citizen of the world" before thousands of cheering German socialists, and later pledged to "rejoin the World Community," those weren't just his usual platitudes about "change." Those words sounded the trumpet for his specific and far-reaching globalist agenda.    12-26-08

Con Con Is a Terrible Idea 
The mind-boggling amounts of the bailouts Congress has passed and is still debating, plus shocking Wall Street frauds, seem to have plunged some lawmakers into a silly season. Ohio state legislators this month held a surprise hearing on a resolution calling for a national constitutional convention, and then canceled a vote after dozens of citizens showed up to speak against it.    12-19-08

"The Doctor Will See All of You Now" 
You are sitting in a doctor's waiting room with eight other sick patients and the nurse announces: The doctor will see all of you now — at the same time. That's how the Boston Globe recently described shared visits that are being used to cope with the long waits now customary in Massachusetts.    12-12-08

Some Change Is a Big Improvement 
December first was a special day for the elementary students at Newark, New Jersey's public schools. All children are now required to wear uniforms.    12-05-08

Time to Follow Reagan's Example 
Conservatives face a major political challenge, but they can tackle and overcome it as they have done three times before. Three prior examples demonstrate the right way and the wrong ways to put America back on track and bounce back from a disappointing election.    11-28-08

Where Did the Reagan Votes Go in the 2008 Election? 
Where did the super majority of votes gathered by Ronald Reagan in his Presidential campaigns go in 2008? Can they be reclaimed by future Republican candidates?    11-21-08

The Catholic Connection to Barack Obama 
Do you wonder why 2008 election data show that the majority of Catholics voted for Barack Obama even though his record as Illinois State Senator proves him the most pro-abortion candidate who ever ran for President?    11-14-08

Teaching "Social Justice" in Schools 
Many voters didn't think it important when it surfaced during the presidential campaign that Barack Obama's friend, the 1960s radical William Ayers, is now a professor of education at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Ayers's preoccupation with inserting his ideas of "social justice" into public school curriculum didn't seem an issue to make tracks in a national election.    11-07-08

Big Media Pull Out All Stops to Elect Obama 
Big Media have pulled out all their stops in trying to elect Barack Obama by withholding from the American people the truth about his radical record and associates. Big media, their polls, and the presidential debates practically ignored front-burner issues important to millions of Americans.    10-31-08

Bill Ayers's Scary Plans for Public Schools 
Will William Ayers be Secretary of Education in a Barack Obama Administration? All parents should ponder that possibility before making their choice for President on November 4.    10-24-08

McCain's Prospects Depend on Telling Truth About Obama 
The media are piling on against John McCain and some pundits are predicting it's all over, that Barack Obama has somehow won the election. As the old saying goes, it's not over until the fat lady sings, and it's high time for the fat lady to sing about Obama's scary agenda and the many reasons why it is too risky to elect him President.    10-17-08

The Audacity of Obama 
When Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination, many had high hopes that his breakthrough would move American social consciousness forward into a post-racial era. Many thought the time had come when candidates would be judged by their qualifications and dedication to our country, not by their race.    10-10-08

Obama Strikes Out in First Debate 
The liberals have been marketing Barack Obama as the greatest orator of our times, but the public saw a different picture in the first presidential debate. Angry, perplexed, and devoid of substance was the real Obama whom the media could no longer hide.    10-03-08

China Poisons Its Infant Formula 
The China infant milk scandal, even though it has so far not damaged any American babies, has exposed a major defect in the concept of free trade. It's dangerous to buy products from a nation whose economy is not based on Judeo-Christian morality.    9-26-08

The Danger of Vote Fraud in the 2008 Election 
The most provocative line in the Democratic national platform adopted in Denver is: "We oppose laws that require identification in order to vote or register to vote."    9-19-08

We Can't Afford the Democrats Platform 
The past two presidential elections taught the losing Democrats a couple of political lessons. They learned that attacks on guns and defense of abortion are no longer winning issues for them, and this new awakening is reflected in their 2008 Party Platform adopted in Denver.    9-12-08

The Republicans Call to Arms 
We recall the words of the old popular song, "What a Difference a Day Makes; 24 Little Hours." In this political year, it was actually 38 hours, but the poetry is the same.    9-05-08

Title IX Tied Our Hands at Olympics 
The Olympics demonstrated again what competition, hard work and determination can produce, as numerous world records were shattered. American swimmer Michael Phelps and gymnast Nastia Liukin gave us much to cheer.    8-29-08

Obama: Running on the Cult of Personality 
Smarting from ridicule about the way John Edwards' sexual mischief was covered up or ignored for months, the mainstream media have decided to avoid similar charges that they are protecting Barack Obama. Hence the unprecedented New York Times page-one treatment of Jerome Corsi's latest best-seller, The Obama Nation.    8-22-08

Who Will Protect Us Against Invasion? 
President George W. Bush, in China attending the Olympic Games, responded promptly to Russia's invasion of Georgia with the caveat that "territorial integrity must be respected." We're still waiting to hear the Bush Administration's response to this month's invasion of Arizona's territorial integrity by the Mexican military.    8-15-08

One Brave Judge Resists Feminist Agenda 
A New Jersey judge recently confronted an issue that courts have been avoiding for years: are restraining orders constitutional? Accused criminals have "due process" and many other constitutional rights, but the feminists have persuaded many judges to issue orders that restrain actions of non-criminals and punish them based on flimsy, unproved accusations.    8-08-08

Rush: On Top Because of Courage 
Rush Limbaugh's 20-year domination of talk radio is a remarkable testament to the durability of conservative ideas as well as to Rush's skill and courage in explaining controversial conservative principles in an entertaining style.    8-01-08

The NEA Spells Out Its Policies 
The nation's largest teachers union, the National Education Association (NEA), attracted 9,000 delegates to its annual convention in Washington, DC over the Fourth of July weekend. Delegates sported buttons with provocative slogans such as "Gay marriage causes Global Warming only because we are so hot!", "Hate is not a family value," "The 'Christian Right' is neither," and "Gay Rights are civil rights."    7-30-08

Obama Rejects English Language Assimilation 
One would think that a presidential candidate who has no military service, who survived a public controversy about attending a church for 20 years where the pastor preached "hate America," plus a flap about his refusal to wear an American Flag pin, would bend over backwards to showcase his patriotism. But Barack Obama has just given his critics another reason to question his support of American identity.    7-23-08

Jesse Helms: The Most Important Senator of Our Times 
Senator Jesse Helms, who like John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the Fourth of July, was the authentic voice of conservatism for three decades. He was a role-model of an incorruptible public official who adhered to principle despite the pressures that surround those with political power, and he gave us a standard by which others can be measured.    7-16-08

Lessons of The Gun Decision 
The liberals are trying to spin the Supreme Court's dramatic decision in the gun case as creating a "new" constitutional right. They couldn't be more wrong; the Supreme Court simply restated the individual right that the Founding Fathers wrote in the Second Amendment which has been part of the Constitution since December 15, 1791.    7-09-08

American Innovation Supremacy at Risk 
The high-priced corporate lobbyists walking Capitol Hill corridors have a new mantra: innovation. They demand that Congress bring in more guest workers, especially from Asia, in order to maintain American innovation supremacy.    7-02-08

Why Hillary Clinton Lost 
The post-mortems are rolling in to explain the long-drawn-out and spectacular failure of Hillary Clinton's once-so-promising presidential campaign. She and her supporters are sure they know how and why she was rejected: she was the victim of sexism.    6-25-08

Judicial Supremacy Strikes in Oklahoma 
The elected representatives in Oklahoma passed a law to stem the tide of illegal aliens and, faster than you can say "judicial supremacy," a federal judge blocked its enforcement. The court suspended key sections of the law even before it was due to take effect on July 1.    6-18-08

ABA and Biden Join Feminists' War on Fathers 
The American Bar Association (ABA) is a special-interest group like any other association representing its members. The Chamber of Commerce represents corporations' interests (such as seeking cheap labor to keep the cost of wages low), and the National Education Association represents the education industry's interests (such as seeking more public funding to create more school jobs).    6-11-08

Chinese Poisons in Your Medicine Cabinet 
"Chinese Counterfeits and American Failures," the title of a congressional hearing on April 29, laid bare a shocking problem. At least 81 U.S. deaths appear to be the result of the Communist Chinese counterfeiting an ingredient in a blood-thinner widely used in surgery, plus the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) failure to inspect the Chinese imports.    6-04-08

A New Argument About Immigration 
Many arguments, pro and con, about how to deal with illegal aliens have been passionately debated over the past couple of years, but there are still other arguments that need public exposure. Mark Krikorian presents a new argument in his forthcoming book called "The New Case Against Immigration, Both Legal and Illegal."    5-28-08

Stunning Victory Against Judicial Supremacy 
The media have been telling us to watch the gun-control case now before the U.S. Supreme Court, where we await a decision about Americans' Second Amendment rights. But the Second Circuit Court of Appeals just handed down an equally important gun decision that has additional implications against judicial supremacy.    5-21-08

Kansas Plans to Shake Up State Court Judges 
Kansas will have a proposition on the ballot in November that could send shock waves into the tenure of state court judges. The voters in Johnson County, Kansas (suburban Kansas City) will vote on the right to elect their 10th judicial district court judges instead of having them chosen by the lawyers.    5-14-08

Ben Stein Provokes the Liberals' Wrath 
Ben Stein is known to many as an actor on Comedy Central. But the funniest part about his latest movie called "Expelled" is not any clever lines spoken by Stein but the hysterical way the liberals are trying to discourage people from seeing it.    5-07-08

England's Call to Repeal Our Declaration of Independence 
It's a good thing that British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's U.S. visit was upstaged by the dramatic reception Americans gave Pope Benedict XVI. Brown might have been booed if he hadn't delivered what aides called his "signature" speech within the cloistered walls of Harvard's Kennedy Center.    4-30-08

How the Government Spends Taxpayers' Money 
Are you having a hard time paying your bills, making your mortgage payments, or putting your kids through college? You need to know how much of your hard-earned income the government is skimming off and diverting into handouts to immigrants and illegal aliens.    4-23-08

North American Union: Conspiracy or Coverup? 
Ever since Hillary proclaimed the Clintons as the victims of a "vast right-wing conspiracy," conspiracy has been the hot word used to ridicule your opponents. When President Bush wanted to avoid answering questions about whether the Security and Prosperity Partnership is the prelude to a North American Union connected by a three-country superhighway, he accused SPP critics of believing in a conspiracy.    4-16-08

Violent Video Games Held to be Free Speech 
Extremely violent video games have become the dangerous obsession of a significant portion of our youth, and several towns and states have passed ordinances intended to prevent minors from buying or viewing them. But judicial supremacists are striking down these laws by claiming this extremely graphic violence deserves the same First Amendment protection as Shakespeare.    4-09-08

Creating Jobs in Europe, Not America 
The indignation of Americans is growing rapidly about the U.S. Air Force granting a French company a $35 billion tanker-aircraft contract that could eventually grow to $100 billion and is estimated to create 100,000 jobs in Europe. French government subsidies are one of the factors that enabled the lucky company (known as EADS) to underbid Boeing.    4-02-08

New Proof of Reagan's Wisdom 
The U.S. Navy gave Ronald Reagan a dramatic 25th anniversary gift on February 21. A Navy missile raced into outer space and destroyed an orbiting satellite, thereby providing new proof of the vision President Reagan proclaimed in his then-sensational televised address on March 23, 1983.    3-26-08

The Movie "Juno" Explains Feminism 
"Juno," which won an Academy Award for best original screenplay, is a movie sure to delight the feminists. The script answers No to the question posed in the title of Maureen Dowd's book, "Are Men Necessary?"    3-19-08

What's Happened to Teaching History? 
A survey of British under-age-twenty kids recently reported that more than a fifth of them believe Winston Churchill, Richard the Lionheart and Florence Nightingale were fictional characters, but that Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes and King Arthur were real people.    3-12-08

Judges Getting the Message About Illegal Aliens 
Four children including two brothers were killed, and 12 others were hospitalized with injuries, in Minnesota last week when a van reportedly ignored a stop sign and barreled into a school bus. The driver of the van, who did not speak English or have a valid driver's license, was charged with homicide.    3-05-08

Congress Contemplates Giving Cash to Foreigners 
Why are Republicans in Congress trying to help Barack Obama (D-IL)? Republicans allowed a bill that carries his name to pass the Senate Foreign Relations Committee by voice vote last week (without any hearings), which means there was no roll-call vote so we can hold any Member accountable. It passed the House by voice vote last year.    2-27-08

Supremacist Judges Attack Our Military 
Two separate federal courts, one in San Francisco and the other in Los Angeles, just ordered the United States Navy to limit its use of sonar, the underwater radar essential for tracking enemy submarines and detecting the ocean floor. These rulings tie the hands of our Navy and are the latest outrage committed by judicial supremacists.    2-20-08

Free Trade in Dangerous Drugs 
Several months ago when the news broke about poisonous pet food and lead-laden toys from China, I asked my local pharmacy to give me a letter stating it is not selling me any prescription drugs imported from China. The reply was, "We don't buy any drugs from China."    2-13-08

Patents, Poisons, Prescription Drugs 
At the MSNBC Florida presidential debate, Mitt Romney posed a very significant question. "As we compete with China, how do we make sure that trade is done in a way that levels the playing field? How do we ... protect American industry and American jobs, and do not cause a departure of jobs from this country?"    2-06-08

Setting the McCarthy Record Straight 
Ronald Reagan was dismissed by the intelligentsia as just an actor who read speeches written by others until history professor Kiron Skinner discovered a box of Reagan's original radio scripts written in his own hand on ruled yellow paper from 1975 to 1979. Since he had no staff to research and write for him in those years, the scripts prove that Reagan was a one-man think-tank, well versed in political philosophy and history, fully capable of writing his own speeches.   1-30-08

It's Still The Economy, Stupid 
Bill Clinton was elected President in 1992 using James Carville's slogan, "It's the economy, stupid." The Democrats thus capitalized on a temporary economic recession during the last year of George H.W. Bush's Administration.   1-23-08

Universal Child Care Means Ending Parents' Rights 
When Hillary Clinton showed television viewers the Christmas presents she wants to give us if she is elected, her most important was Universal Pre-K, following closely after Universal Health Care.   1-16-08

The Outrageous WTO 
WTO now stands for World Trade Outrage rather than its original name, World Trade Organization. The WTO just ruled that the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda can freely violate American copyrights and trademarks in order to punish the United States for our laws prohibiting internet gambling.   1-09-08

College Not Necessary for Many New Careers 
U.S. News & World Report, which has made a name for itself by ranking and announcing the Best Colleges every year, is now ranking and listing the Best Careers for young people. A comparison of the latest lists shows a shocking disconnect and makes for dispiriting holiday reading.   1-02-08

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