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Phyllis Schlafly

What Republicans Want In A Presidential Candidate
by Phyllis SchlaflyNovember 14, 2007
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The media have designated the frontrunners for Republican and Democratic nominations for President and seem to expect American voters to line up behind one of them right now even though the national nominating conventions won't take place until next summer. Most Republicans are still shopping, and here are some of the statements they would like hear from a presidential candidate.

Republicans want a President to appoint only judges who will enforce the Constitution as it was written. They want our President to appoint only judges who publicly reject the liberal notion that our Constitution is "evolving," or that decisions can be based on "emerging awareness" about morals.

Republicans want the U.S. President to be a leader in protecting American sovereignty and independence from foreign control over our lives and laws. Republicans want him to reject all United Nations treaties such as the UN Law of the Sea Treaty, which would make all use of the oceans subject to the International Seabed Authority, the UN Treaty on the Rights of the Child, and the UN Treaty on Women (known as CEDAW).

Republicans want their candidate for President to announce that he considers it a presidential duty to prevent illegal entry into our country. He should praise the American people for successfully getting the U.S. Senate to defeat the Bush-Kennedy Amnesty bill earlier this year.

Republicans want their presidential candidate to promise that he will never try to bamboozle us with a similar so-called "comprehensive" immigration bill or a so-called "DREAM Act," which includes amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens now in our country.

Republicans want their candidate to tell us now exactly what he will do to prevent the entry of the illegal drugs over our southern border. They want a presidential candidate to say he will pardon Border Guards Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean who are unjustly imprisoned for intercepting a professional Mexican drug smuggler.

Republicans want their candidate to build the fence on our southern border which the Secure Fence Law legislated. They want our candidate to promise to enforce the law against employers hiring illegal aliens.

Republicans want their candidate to explain how he will lift the tax burden that Americans suffer today in providing a net value of $20,000 a year to every illegal alien household.

Republicans want their candidate to stop the entry of Mexican trucks on our highways and roads. They want their candidate to deep-six the plan called "totalization" which would put illegal aliens into our Social Security system.

Republicans want their presidential candidate to protect parents' rights in public schools by repudiating the offensive and impudent Ninth Circuit Court decision which ruled that parents' fundamental right to control the upbringing of their children "does not extend beyond the threshold of the school door."

Since the federal government gives about $60 billion a year to public schools, Republicans want their candidate to promise to sign school appropriation bills only if they contain language to protect parents' rights to protect their children against such things as mental health screening; forcing schoolchildren to be put on psychotropic drugs; courses that promote Islam or homosexuality; nosy questionnaires about sex, drugs and suicide; and giving birth control to 6th grade girls without parents' knowledge or consent.

Smart Republicans want their presidential candidate to reach out to Reagan Democrats by rejecting trade deals that are unfair to American workers and allow foreign countries to discriminate against U.S. producers and products by subsidies and tax-rebates. We want to hear a presidential candidate's plan to get us out from under the hostility of the World Trade Organization which has ruled against us in 40 out of 47 cases.

Americans want to hear whether or not their presidential candidate supports the "global economy," which forces Americans to compete against pitifully low wages, slave labor, and discriminatory practices imposed by foreign countries and foreign tribunals. Americans don't want to be patronized by being told that we must be more competitive with Chinese factory workers who are paid 30 cents an hour with no benefits.

Grassroots Americans want their candidate for President to promise that the Security and Prosperity Partnership will not be a stepping-stone to a North American Union modeled on the European Union. They expect their candidate to announce that he will never allow the United States to be economically integrated with Mexico and Canada, and will never allow the free movement of labor across open borders.

Most Americans want national leadership so that our economy produces good jobs that enable guys to buy a home and a car, support their families, live the American dream, and confidently expect their children to have an even better life. We're listening to the candidates and waiting to hear them address these important issues.

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