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Cheating Americans With "Virtual" Laws 
It was a bad week for the advocates of amnesty and guest worker.

On Tuesday (12-12), the Bush Administration finally cracked down, 20 years late, on a few thousand of the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who are illegally employed in the United States. This crackdown on employers was promised by the Reagan amnesty of 1986 and now, 20 years later, the government is getting around to enforcing the law.   12-27-06

Tech Industry Lies About H-1B Visas 
The technology industry has dispatched its wallet-filled lobbyists to demand that the new Congress vastly increase the number of foreign computer software techies and engineers who can be imported on H-1B visas. This demand is based on the claim that we suffer a labor shortage in those fields, but that's a bare-faced lie to erect a smokescreen around the real reasons.   12-20-06

Business Week Concedes Globalism Is A Problem 
Economists, academicians and financial consultants for years have been preaching that globalism is the wave of the future and that anyone who wants to survive in business must ride its surfboard or drown. All of a sudden, Business Week is having second thoughts.   12-13-06

Parents Worry About Prescription Drugs, Too 
Meth and marijuana aren't the only drugs parents worry about. The problems caused by prescription combinations called "drug cocktails" have finally broken into the national news stream.   12-06-06

The Race To The Middle For 2008 
The best postmortem on the 2006 election came from that perennial politician, Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA). He said, "People want to know who's on their side. Whether it's health care or wages or retirement issues, they want to have someone on their side."   11-29-06

Conservatives Are Challenged To Reassert Themselves 
Big Media are repetitiously posing the post-election question: will President Bush now work with the Democrats? The bigger question the media fail to ask is, will he work with Republicans?   11-22-06

Public Schools Define American Culture 
With all the public discussion about the values voters (whether they would vote in the 2006 election or stay home), the underlying (and still unanswered) question is, what is the role of government in defining our culture? Do both red states and blue states look to government to set or guide our cultural direction, whether it is about marriage vs. the gay agenda, free speech vs. pornography, life vs. abortion/cloning/euthanasia, property rights vs. community development, or sovereignty/patriotism vs. globalism/open borders?   11-15-06

Gays Who Want To Censor Free Speech 
Same-sex marriage is not the only goal of the gay rights movement. It's becoming clear that another goal is the suppression of Americans' First Amendment right to criticize the gay agenda.   11-08-06

We Need Voter ID For Honest Elections 
In at least six states, the crucial issue in the November 2006 election may turn out to be whether or not voters must present photo ID. Since we have to show government-issued ID in order to board a plane, cash a check, enter a federal building, and for many trivial pursuits such as buying alcohol or renting a video, why not make it a requirement in order to verify that you are a legal voter?  11-01-06

To Build Or Not To Build The Fence 
Paraphrasing Shakespeare, To build, or not to build; that is the question. Will the Bush Administration build a fence to secure our southern border, or are we being bamboozled with sound and fury, signifying nothing?  10-25-06

Commemorating the Hungarian Revolution 
This month we commemorate the 50th anniversary of one of history's most momentous events. With hindsight, we can now see that the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 started the unraveling of Soviet Communism that finally came to pass in 1991.   10-18-06

Congressmen Need Tutorials On The Constitution 
Some federal employees are griping because a new law requires them to take a 25-minute tutorial on the U.S. Constitution. Senator Robert C. Byrd (D-WV) sponsored this law, along with a similar law requiring every public school to "hold an educational program on the United States Constitution on September 17," which is Constitution Day.   10-11-06

Conservatives on the March for Private Property 
Grassroots conservatives are again asserting themselves forcefully and effectively against governmental impudence. Having defeated the Harriet Miers Supreme Court nomination and the Dubai Ports sellout, conservatives are now flexing their muscles against supremacist judges and money-grasping public officials.  10-04-06

Education Experts Wrong; Parents Right 
It took parents 17 years to overturn the tragic 1989 curriculum mistake made by the so-called education experts who demanded that schools abandon traditional mathematics in favor of unproven approaches. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics finally reversed course on September 12 and admitted that elementary schools really should teach arithmetic, after all.  9-27-06

Look Out For Supremacist Judges on Lower Federal Courts 
Each year the Supreme Court grants fewer and fewer petitions for "cert," or review, and now hears only about half the cases it heard 25 years ago. This means that many lower federal court decisions are final.  9-20-06

Laughing At Restraining Orders 
Borrowing the title of a famous George Gershwin ditty, "they all laughed" when a Santa Fe, New Mexico family court judge granted a temporary restraining order (TRO) against TV talk show host David Letterman to protect a woman he had never met, never heard of, and lived 2,000 miles away from. Colleen Nestler claimed that Letterman had caused her "mental cruelty" and "sleep deprivation" for over a decade by using code words and gestures during his network TV broadcasts.   9-13-06

Is America For Sale? 
Conservatives believe that private industry does a better job than government; right? Conservatives are for divesting some government functions so private industry can run them more efficiently; right?   9-06-06

Patrick Buchanan's Challenge to Americans 
What is the United States of America? Is it merely an accident of geography, or a job market for the world, or a multiethnic, multilingual lot of people who agreed (more or less, and probably temporarily) to live under a Constitution?   8-30-06

The NAFTA Super Highway 
It's not just American ports that are fast slipping into foreign ownership; it's highways, too. A Spanish company, Cintra Concesiones de Infraestructuras de Transporte, S.A., has bought the right to operate a tollroad through Texas and collect tolls for the next 50 years.   8-23-06

Criticism Of Evolution Can't Be Silenced 
The liberal press is gloating that the seesaw battle for control of the Kansas Board of Education just teetered back to pro-evolutionists for the second time in five years. But to paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of the death of the movement to allow criticism of evolution are grossly exaggerated.   8-16-06

What's Up To Date In Kansas City? 
Grassroots Americans of all parties and economic classes rose up out of their political apathy a few months ago and forced President Bush to reverse his administration's decision to allow a Middle East government to own America's major ports. But the push for foreign ownership continues: the next port scheduled to be taken over is Kansas City, Missouri.   8-09-06

Pursuing The Globalist Agenda By Press Release 
The hottest issue at the grassroots is illegal immigration and what our government is not doing to stop it. The question most frequently heard is, Why doesn't the Bush Administration get it?   8-02-06

NEA Agenda is Frightening to Parents  
Parents who wonder why the public schools teach so many things parents don't approve of need look no further than the official policies of the nation's largest teachers union, the National Education Association (NEA). Meeting in Orlando this year in annual convention over the Fourth of July weekend, the NEA adopted a long series of left-liberal resolutions.   7-26-06

Judicial Supremacists Strike Again 
Who could have guessed that Osama bin Laden's driver/bodyguard would be one of the privileged few to be granted a hearing by the high and mighty U.S. Supreme Court justices! After refusing to hear appeals from thousands of Americans during the past year, the Court's liberals jumped at a chance to rule that President Bush was wrong.   7-19-06

Reagan was Right; We Need an ABM Defense 
North Korea's threat to test a long-range ballistic nuclear missile capable of reaching the United States comes as no surprise. President Bush already branded North Korea as part of the "axis of evil."   7-12-06

Foreign Language Ballots Cause a Rebellion 
The Washington Establishment is shocked at the discovery that Americans don't like the idea of the federal government forcing local governments to provide foreign language ballots. That's one more indication of how out of touch our leaders are with grassroots America.   7-05-06

Whatever Happened to Mike Pence? 
Despite the consistent failure of all guest worker plans (e.g., France), Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) is peddling a new plan to import foreign workers who really are guests and really do go home. Pence has turned his back on the 88 percent of House Republicans who voted that we must achieve border security first, because we'll be cheated on border security if Congress passes a "comprehensive" bill.   6-28-06

Father's Day Lament 
On Father's Day we will again hear paeans of praise about the importance of fathers. This year, we will also hear extra rhetoric from those who argue that we need a federal Marriage Amendment because children need parents of both sexes, a father and a mother.   6-21-06

Guest Workers Aren't Cheap; They're Expensive 
Bush entered the White House in 2001 hoping he would be known in history books as the education president who raised public school standards with "No child left behind." It now looks like his legacy will be "No illegal alien left behind."   6-14-06

Principle Loses Out To Consensus And Bipartisanship 
Some Republicans, from senators to the new chief justice, are falling for the seductive goals of consensus and bipartisanship. More often than not, those words mean abandonment of principle.   6-07-06

Why Is Bush So Stubborn? 
As President Bush's poll numbers drop dramatically even among his base, the question most frequently asked by angry Republicans is, why, oh why, is Bush so stubbornly rejecting the advice of his supporters even though that advice is consistent with the thunderous message from public opinion surveys? The reliable Rasmussen survey, for example, reports that by a 63 percent to 19 percent margin, voters want legislation that controls the borders before trying to change the status of illegal aliens.   5-31-06

Bush's Immigration Speech Is Not Credible  
If President Bush had given his speech calling for immigration reform five years ago, we would have believed him. Now, after five years of doing nothing to protect our borders, he is not credible.   5-24-06

Time To Address Domestic Violence Abuses 
The reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was signed by President Bush in January without any public debate, but evidence is now surfacing which Congress should have examined before the law was passed. VAWA is a nearly-billion-dollar-a-year extension of one of the major ways that Bill Clinton bought the support of the radical feminists.   5-17-06

The Subversive Plan To Ditch The Electoral College 
A plot is afoot to change our constitutional form of government by ditching the Electoral College. John Anderson, Birch Bayh and John Buchanan, three losers who were defeated in the 1980 Reagan landslide, are scheming to change our Constitution without complying with the amendment process.  5-10-06

Conservative Insurgency  
A new conservative uprising is stirring and no one should be surprised. The Republican Establishment has been drifting leftward, and a backlash had to come against the Big Government spenders in legislatures and against supremacist judges who order the spending.   5-03-06

The Ripoff of American Workers and Taxpayers 
The illegal aliens in this country are threatening a massive boycott on May 1, purportedly to demonstrate they are so essential that the U.S. economy would shut down without their labor. On the contrary, such a boycott will expose the lie expressed by President Bush in Cancun, Mexico that they are "doing work that Americans will not do."   4-26-06

Does Feminism Control The Bush Administration? 
Assistant Education Secretary for Civil Rights Stephanie Monroe has announced that the Bush Administration is investigating universities that have fewer women in science and math programs than feminists would like. We are more than five years into the Bush presidency, but it appears that Bill Clinton's feminist policies are still in force.   4-19-06

Bush's Spring Frolic In Cancun 
Like many teenagers, President Bush dashed off to Cancun for spring break. Protected by a long and impenetrable fence and plenty of security guards, he met privately with the Mexican president and wealthy CEOs from both countries.   4-12-06

Will The Supreme Court Rewrite The Bill Of Rights? 
The most controversial case for the new Roberts-Alito Supreme Court this term does not concern abortion, gay rights, the death penalty, or even the detention of enemy combatants. No, the hottest legal issue is based on an argument between Hershel Hammon and his wife about their daughter going to a boyfriend's house.   4-05-06

Unintended Consequences Of Welfare Reform 
The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act of 1996, known as Welfare Reform, has been cheered as a stunning achievement of the Republican Congress and its Contract With America. The law helped to move millions of welfare recipients out of dependency and into productive jobs, but its unintended consequences brought many thousands of "never welfare" families into the welfare bureaucracy.   3-29-06

Time To Terminate Foreign-Language Ballots 
Led by the two House Kings, Peter King (R-NY) and Steve King (R-IA), 56 House members are urging Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) to oppose the renewal of the section of the Voting Rights Act that mandates foreign-language ballots. The Kings say that these ballots "divide our country, increase the risk of voter error and fraud, and burden local taxpayers."   3-22-06

The Government's Appetite For Nosy Information 
While the Patriot Act and NSA wiretapping have received enormous attention and criticism from the mainstream media, another federal agency has been quietly gathering far more personal information about Americans than those laws ever can. And this unreported project affects thousands more people.   3-15-06

"That Needs to Change" 
"That needs to change" was Oprah's reply to Nan Talese of Doubleday, publisher of "A Million Little Pieces." After James Frey's "memoir" was exposed as a tissue of lies, Doubleday had tried to escape responsibility by saying that publishers don't fact-check non-fiction books.   3-08-06

Repeal The Bradley Amendment 
When our supposedly compassionate federal government pokes its nose into areas that, under our principle of federalism, should be none of its business, the result is often unintended consequences, gross injustices, and of course massive costs. A prime example is the 1986 federal Bradley Amendment, which mandates that a child-support debt cannot be retroactively reduced or forgiven even if the debtor is unemployed, hospitalized, in prison, sent to war, dead, proved to not be the father, never allowed to see his children, or loses his job or suffers a pay cut.  3-01-06

Supremacist Judicial Mischief In Arizona 
One of the most outrageous current examples of out-of-control judges is the case called Flores v. Arizona, now pending in federal court in Tucson, Arizona. Originally filed in 1992, plaintiff lawyers claim to represent an estimated 160,000 children of illegal aliens attending public schools.   2-22-06

Is A War Going On In Texas? 
If you don't have access to Texas newspapers or the internet, you may not have heard the sensational news about the enormous cache of weapons just seized in Laredo, Texas. U.S. authorities grabbed two completed Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), materials for making 33 more, military-style grenades, 26 grenade triggers, large quantities of AK-47 and AR-15 assault rifles, 1,280 rounds of ammunition, silencers, machine gun assembly kits, 300 primers, bullet-proof vests, police scanners, sniper scopes, narcotics, and cash.   2-15-06

Twenty Years In Prison For Having Sex With His Wife 
William J. Hetherington has been incarcerated in Michigan prisons for more than 20 years for having sex with his wife Linda. In 1986, he became the first man in Genesee County convicted of the new Michigan crime called spousal rape.   2-08-06

Bush Is Kicking Away His Base 
The conservative movement that elected Ronald Reagan twice, George Bush I once, and George Bush II twice, is essentially a movement of grassrooters who don't like to take orders from the top and who revolt when they believe they are betrayed or bossed by those they elected. That's why the grassroots abandoned the first George Bush when he reneged on his "no new taxes, read my lips" promise.   2-01-06

Can Congress Limit Federal Court Jurisdiction? 
One of the Senators' lines of questioning of Judge Samuel Alito that lacked follow-up concerned the power of Congress to define the jurisdiction of federal courts. Anybody who has read the Constitution knows that Article III, Section 2 clearly states: "the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress small make."   1-25-06

Why Johnny Isn't Going To College 
This year's spectacular Rose Bowl game attracted a phenomenal 35.6 million viewers because it featured what we want: rugged men playing football and attractive women cheering them on. Americans of every class, men and women, remained glued to their television sets and nearly 95,000 spectators watched from the stands.   1-18-06

Feminists' Double Standards About Child Care 
When the feminist movement burst onto the American social scene in the 1970s, the rallying cry was "liberation." The feminists demanded liberation from the role of the housewife and mother who lived in what Betty Friedan famously labeled a "comfortable concentration camp."   1-11-06

Judge's Unintelligent Rant Against Design 
Judge John E. Jones III could still be Chairman of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board if millions of evangelical Christians had not pulled the lever for George W. Bush in 2000. Yet this federal judge, who owes his position entirely to those voters and the Bush who appointed him, stuck the knife in the backs of those who brought him to the dance in Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District.  1-04-06

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