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House Hears From Grassroots; Is Senate Listening? 
Late on Friday evening December 16, the House passed Rep. James Sensenbrenner's (R-WI) Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act (H.R. 4437) to require employers to verify the legal status of each employee. No strong-arm tactics were needed to produce the stunning margin of 239-182, including 36 Democrats, because Members had heard from the grassroots.  12-28-05

Courts Hit Parents With Triple Whammy 
Federal judges have just hit parents with a triple-whammy. Two appellate courts held that parents have no right to stop offensive, privacy-invading interrogation of their own children in public schools, and in a third case the Supreme Court indicated that it is not going to do anything to protect parents' rights concerning schools.   12-21-05

Amnesty/Guest-Worker is Immoral 
President George W. Bush, Senators John McCain, Edward Kennedy, and several others are promoting legislation to grant some kind of amnesty/guest-worker status to millions of illegal aliens residing in the United States, as well as to an indefinite number of additional foreign workers. All these bills should be rejected because they are immoral.   12-14-05

Congressional Chicanery About H-1B Visas 
"Why is it taking you five years to get through college?" I asked a student attending one of my campus lectures. "Because I changed my major from computer science to accounting after I discovered there are almost no jobs available for computer majors."   12-07-05

Bill Gates Teams Up With UNESCO 
President Bill Clinton made a speech on January 22, 1997 to a suburban Chicago audience so friendly that it interrupted him with applause 29 times. One line in his speech, however, was greeted with stony silence: "We can no longer hide behind our love of local control of the schools."   11-30-05

Activist Court Protects Mental Screening Of Kids 
The recent Ninth Circuit decision proclaiming that parents' rights over the education of their children terminate at "the threshold of the school door" has understandably stirred up a tremendous backlash. But in asserting the public schools' right to overrule parents, the decision in Fields v. Palmdale School District is much broader than the matter of a nosy questionnaire interrogating elementary schoolchildren about their assumed sexual activities.   11-23-05

Judicial Supremacists Lash Out At Parents 
When Hillary Clinton proclaimed that it takes a village to raise a child, many people didn't realize that she was enunciating liberal dogma that the government should raise and control children. This concept fell on fertile soil when it reached activist judges eager to be anointed as elders of the child-raising village.   11-16-05

Feminist Challenge to Rumsfeld 
The feminists have launched a devious attack on the U.S. Armed Services that could have a very detrimental effect on morale, retention, and recruitment. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was a college wrestler at Princeton, and now we will see if he is man enough to stand up to the feminists.   11-09-05

Voters Won't Fall For Bait-and-Switch 
Americans are not naive enough to believe the sensational headline and opening paragraphs of news accounts about Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff's recent testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee. He was reported to have said that Homeland Security will now "Return every single illegal entrant — no exceptions."   11-02-05

Coming Crackup Of Conservatives? No Way 
Howard Fineman of Newsweek looked into his crystal ball and proclaimed the coming crackup of the conservative movement. But, to quote Mark Twain, the report of its death is greatly exaggerated.  10-26-05

Questions About Miers For President Bush 
If John G. Roberts' confirmation hearing is any guide, we won't learn anything from Harriet Miers' confirmation hearing. So here are some questions we would like President Bush to answer.  10-19-05

American Citizenship Is Precious 
Rep. John Hostettler (R-IN) presided at a House hearing last week on Birthright Citizenship, Dual Citizenship and the Meaning of Sovereignty. It's unfortunate that this important subject received little media coverage.   10-12-05

Thanks, Jimmy Carter 
Former President Jimmy Carter has finally done something really constructive. He is taking the lead, along with Republican James A. Baker III, to clean up the massive frauds in our voting processes.   10-05-05

Does Hawaii Want To Secede From The Union? 
Does Hawaii want to secede from the Union? That sounds like a preposterous question, but the official Office of Hawaiian Affairs advertises on its website that the legislation scheduled to be voted on soon in the U.S. Senate will give Native Hawaiians "self-determination" to choose "total independence" or any other form of government.   9-28-05

Dealing with Katrina 
Katrina has displaced hundreds of thousands of Americans who now need food, housing, and cash. Relief for those necessities will have to be temporary and it will be many months before they can return to New Orleans, if ever, so what they need most of all is jobs.   9-21-05

Thank You, William Rehnquist 
William Rehnquist was the most unlikely of appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court. He had no experience as a judge, and his boss Richard Nixon would embarrassingly refer to him as "Renchburg."   9-14-05

No Way To Treat Our Soldiers 
Gallant Americans are risking life and limb in Iraq to defend Home and Country. But they never dreamed they might lose their children, too.   9-07-05

Let's Get the Facts on the Table 
Two Democratic Governors, Bill Richardson of New Mexico and Janet Napolitano of Arizona, have declared a state of emergency and asked for federal help to deal with the costs of the violence and property damage caused by illegal aliens coming over their southern borders. If President Bush lets these partisan Democrats get to the right of him on the immigration issue, all Republicans will suffer in the next election.   8-31-05

Isn't Turnabout Fair Play? 
Hypocrisy stands at the pinnacle of the sins that the liberals most disdain. So it's fair game to compare the free ride they gave to Ruth Bader Ginsburg with their searching the archives to pillory every word ever written by Supreme Court nominee John Roberts.   8-24-05

How Public Schools Have Changed 
Parents are on the warpath about the way 63,000 public schools are now starting their fall term in August, some even in hot July. Thousands of parents have organized Save Our Summers campaigns, and protests in Georgia, North Carolina, Texas and Florida have hit the national media.   8-17-05

Hollywood Makes a Pro-Life Movie! 
Surprise, surprise. In the midst of the current controversy in Congress about whether to maintain President Bush's principle that it is unethical to create human life for the purpose of destroying it, Hollywood released a big-budget pro-life movie.   8-10-05

What's Behind a Phone Call From Newt Gingrich? 
I was sitting at my computer starting to write this week's column when I received a phone call asking me to listen to an important recorded message from our old friend Newt Gingrich. Expecting to get more information about his new alliance with Hillary Clinton to change health care as we know it, I stayed on the line.   8-03-05

High Stakes In Judicial Supremacy  
The histrionics of the liberals about the impending nomination to fill the Supreme Court vacancy look overwrought, but they are heartfelt. The liberals know they've lost the legislative and executive branches of government, and their only hope of achieving their goals is from supremacist judges who claim the authority to legislate the law of the land.  7-27-05

Time to Defund Feminist Pork 
If Republicans are looking for a way to return to their principles of limited government and reduced federal spending, a good place to start would be rejection of the upcoming reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) sponsored by Senator Joe Biden (D-DE). It's a mystery why Republicans continue to put a billion dollars a year of taxpayers' money into the hands of radical feminists who use it to preach their anti-marriage and anti-male ideology, promote divorce, corrupt the family court system, and engage in liberal political advocacy.  7-20-05

CFR's Plan to Integrate the U.S., Mexico and Canada 
The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has just let the cat out of the bag about what's really behind our trade agreements and security partnerships with the other North American countries. A 59-page CFR document spells out a five-year plan for the "establishment by 2010 of a North American economic and security community" with a common "outer security perimeter."  7-13-05

Republican Appointees Disappoint Again 
The Supreme Court wrapped up one of its most disappointing terms in years. Plagued by Chief Justice Rehnquist's absence due to illness, the other justices behaved like the gang that cannot shoot straight.  7-06-05

CAFTA Should Be Rejected Just Like The EU Constitution 
Since democracy is the worldwide goal of the Bush Administration, we must face the stunning fact that the integration of different nationalities under a common European Union (EU) constitution was rejected by decisive democratic votes. President Bush can thank conservative leaders for saving him from the embarrassment of endorsing the EU constitution shortly before it was so soundly defeated in France and the Netherlands.   6-29-05

Is Environmentalism More Important Than Lives In Africa? 
The United States has just assumed the largest burden of forgiving $40 billion in debt owed by 18 mostly African countries. It's no wonder these countries can't repay their debts when they suffer the enormous human and economic costs of malaria.   6-22-05

How To Celebrate Father's Day 
On this Father's Day, Americans should ponder the appalling fact that an estimated 40 percent of our nation's children are living in homes without their own father. Most of our social problems are caused by kids who grow up in homes without their own fathers: drug abuse, illicit sexual activity, unwed pregnancies, youth suicide, high school dropouts, runaways, and crime.   6-15-05

Battle over Pro-Gay Curriculum Heats Up 
A federal judge in Montgomery County, Maryland, has issued a temporary restraining order to stop the teaching of a sex-education course because it violates the First Amendment. I can't remember any other case in the last 30 years in which a judge sided with parents against a curriculum adopted by a school board.   6-08-05

Women Don't Belong In Ground Combat 
Why are our generals trying to push women into ground combat in Iraq despite Pentagon regulations and congressional law against it? What is it about civilian control of the military that the generals don't understand?   6-01-05

Rabid Judiciary Bites Again 
The judicial supremacists have struck again. Amid claptrap from the liberals about a need for an independent judiciary, a federal judge in Nebraska repudiated 70 percent of Nebraskans who voted to keep marriage as the union of a man and a woman.   5-25-05

Bush Buries The Shame Of Yalta 
Thank you, President George W. Bush, for correcting history and making a long overdue apology for one of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's tragic mistakes. Speaking in Latvia on May 7, Bush repudiated "the agreement at Yalta" by which powerful governments negotiated away the freedom of small nations.   5-18-05

Federal Incentives Make Children Fatherless 
Why has Congress appropriated taxpayers' money to give perverse incentives that break up families and deprive children of their fathers? The built-in financial incentives in the current child-support system have expanded the tragedy of fatherless children from the welfare class to millions of non-welfare divorced couples.  5-11-05

Continental Dream; British Nightmare; Warning to America 
The European ruling elite is having a collective nervous breakdown for fear the French will vote No on May 29 and reject the European constitution. Eleven opinion polls indicate it is likely that democracy may upset the power-seeking politicians' undemocratic plans.  5-04-05

The Liberals Rally Round Judicial Supremacy 
A recent small gathering of conservatives who dared to criticize judicial supremacists has caused an outpouring of paranoia among liberals and others who want judges to make the major social and political decisions of our times. The ad hoc group called the Judeo-Christian Council for Constitutional Restoration suddenly became the target of pack journalism.  4-27-05

Driver's Licenses For Illegals? 
The American public is overwhelmingly opposed to the granting of driver's licenses to illegal aliens, but the establishment, the media, and the pro-open-borders lobby are pulling out all the stops to defy the will of the people. This issue is festering in Congress, in state legislatures, in the courts, and in the bureaucracy.  4-20-05

Next We Should Starve The Courts 
The courts so purposely humiliated Congress in the Terri Schiavo case that some Representatives are finally beginning to talk back. Unelected judges have flagrantly abused the legislative and executive functions of government for so many years that we wonder why a reaction has taken this long.  4-13-05

Judicial Supremacy Kills 
Florida Probate Judge George Greer has taken judicial supremacy to new abuses in ordering the starvation of an innocent woman against the will of her parents, her brother, her church, thousands of volunteers, and, as far as we know, herself. We wouldn't permit anyone to treat a dog this way.  4-06-05

The Outrages Taxpayers and Parents Pay For 
The reluctance of the University of Colorado (CU) to fire Professor Ward Churchill is showing the public that colleges and universities are nests of subsidized radicals. Churchill is no anomaly; like-minded professors hold forth on campuses all over the country.  3-30-05

CAFTA Is A Bad Deal For The United States 
Those who believe in American sovereignty and/or our unique principle of federalism are waking up to the damage that CAFTA will do to both. Its fate in Congress is uncertain and bipartisan opposition is growing.  3-23-05

Is Relying On Foreign Law An Impeachable Offense? 
"By what conceivable warrant can nine lawyers presume to be the authoritative conscience of the Nation?" So asked an incredulous Justice Antonin Scalia in response to the latest outrage by the U.S. Supreme Court.  3-16-05

Feminist Whines Lead Down a Dead-End Road 
Despite five weeks of public mea culpas by Harvard President Lawrence Summers, what one Harvard professor called "a firestorm" continues to percolate on Ivy League campuses and in the national media. A Harvard Crimson poll reported that 52 percent of Harvard professors now disapprove of Mr. Summers, and the presidents of Princeton, Stanford and MIT have chimed in with op-ed criticisms.  3-09-05

The Price Some Reservists Have To Pay 
Most of the reservists called up to serve in the Iraq war have paid a big price: a significant reduction of their wages as they transferred from civilian to military jobs, separation from their loved ones, and of course the risk of battle wounds or death. Regrettably, on their return home, those who are divorced fathers could face another grievous penalty: loss of their children, financial ruin, prosecution as "deadbeat dads," and even jail.  3-02-05

Let's Enforce Our Laws 
The U.S. Constitution specifies that the President of the United States "shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed." Americans pride ourselves on being a nation of laws, not of men, so here are some suggestions for our government to faithfully enforce our laws.  2-23-05

Feminists On The Warpath Get Their Man 
The feminists, who have no sense of humor, have given Americans a big belly laugh, but it's no laughing matter to the principals involved. The feminists lassoed the president of Harvard University, no less, and have dragged him groveling through the ivy until they wrung from him all they wanted and more.  2-16-05

Opportunity Knocking: Defeat Law Of The Sea Treaty 
When Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) asked Condoleezza Rice during her confirmation hearings about the Law of the Sea Treaty, she replied that President Bush "certainly would like to see it passed as soon as possible." Assuming she was authorized to deliver that shocking news, George W. Bush can no longer claim the mantle of the Ronald Reagan legacy.   2-09-05

The Fatherphobia Of Family Courts 
The threat to the right of children to be raised in mother-father homes comes not only from gay adoptions. It also comes from the fatherphobia of family courts that deprive children of their fathers.   2-02-05

Supremacist Judges Are Running Our Schools 
Traditionally Republican Kansas, of all places, is the latest battleground in the judges' grab for supremacy over the other branches of government. The Kansas judges are unmoved by the fact that Kansans voted for President Bush who campaigned against activist judges.  1-26-05

Making Schools Accountable 
Are taxpayer-subsidized infomercials and payoffs to friendly commentators the federal government's answer to education problems? The U.S. Education Department's secret million-dollar taxpayer-financed marketing campaign to sell the No Child Left Behind Act is only a symptom of what's wrong.   1-19-05

Children Made Fatherless By Family Courts 
One impressive vote last November second has been overlooked by the media. By 85 to 15 percent, a ballot initiative in Massachusetts approved equal legal and physical custody of children whose parents are divorced.   1-12-05

Spending Bush's "Political Capital" 
Conservative voters gave Republican politicians their best Christmas in at least half a century, conferring majorities at nearly all levels of government. Now, what will the politicians give the voters in return?   1-05-05

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