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Mona Lisa Isn't Smiling 
Another feminist propaganda movie hit the theaters during the Christmas season, proving again that the feminists are an unhappy bunch whose lifestyle leads to loneliness. The heroine of "Mona Lisa Smile," Katherine Watson (Julia Roberts), ends up single and jobless on a slow boat to Europe, having tossed aside the latest of her faithless lovers.   12-31-03

Will Massachusetts Abolish Marriage? 
ow many legs does a dog have if you call its tail a leg? That familiar fable, often attributed to Abe Lincoln, comes to mind when we contemplate the redefinition of marriage by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.   12-24-03

Caving In To Foreign Bureaucrats 
The Bush Administration tried to camouflage its 180-degree reversal of its tariffs on imported steel with happy talk about an improved economy and efficiency efforts by the domestic steel industry. But nobody's fooled; the Bush Administration ceded control of U.S. trade policy to a bunch of bureaucrats in Geneva who meet and decide in secret, and from whose ukases there is no appeal.   12-17-03

Why We Must Protect Marriage 
Since the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriages in Goodridge v. Dept. of Public Health, reporters have been asking presidential candidates for their comment. Their unresponsive answers reveal their hope that the issue will recede before the 2004 elections.   12-10-03

It's Time To Rebuke The Judicial Oligarchy 
Will Massachusetts, the cradle of American liberty, let four lawyers don the robes of oligarchy, override the wishes of the majority of the people, usurp the powers of their elected representatives, and sabotage the institution of marriage? Where is the fight that manifested itself in Massachusetts men at the battles of Bunker Hill, Lexington and Concord?   12-03-03

The High Price of Free Trade 
Trade representatives from 34 Western Hemisphere countries (all except Cuba) are now gathering in Miami to take the next step to expand NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) into the hemisphere-wide Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). They are hoping they won't be plunged into disarray by the same protestors who upset the meeting of 148 World Trade Organization nations in Cancun, Mexico last year.   11-26-03

The Great Awakening About China 
American businessmen and farmers are finally waking up to how they were sold a bill of goods by those who promised that China would be a profitable billion-mouth market if we just gave that developing country Most Favored Nation trade privileges and assisted its admission into the World Trade Organization (WTO). Like Claude Rains in "Casablanca," the Bush Administration is "shocked, shocked" to discover that Communists don't play by the rules or keep their promises.   11-19-03

Feminism Is Mugged By Reality 
The feminist revolution that swept across America in the 1970s promoted the dream of a land in which at least half of corporate officers, Fortune 500 C.E.Os, partners in law firms, and doctors would be women. The feminist movement was always elitist; it was about getting political and corporate power for educated women.   11-12-03

Do Voters Really Have Equal Protection? 
Most Americans assume that the election of the House of Representatives is fairly based on the geographic distribution of our population. Then how come the constitutionally mandated reapportionment of 2000 resulted in the fact that it takes only 35,000 votes in a California district to win a House seat, while it takes 100,000 votes to win a House seat in Indiana, Michigan or Mississippi?   11-05-03

More Children Left Behind 
A gaudy sign reading No Child Left Behind, the education slogan of the Bush Administration, guards the entrance to the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C. The more-than-a-thousand-page NCLB education law, enacted at the beginning of last year with bipartisan flourish, combined a big increase in spending to please the Democrats with conservative buzzwords to please Republicans such as "standards," "tests," and "accountability."    10-29-03

Will Corporations Own Our Identities?  
No one should be able to own facts about other people. Our names and numbers, and also the laws we must obey, should not be property that can be owned by corporations and policed by federal courts.    10-22-03

Marriage Must Be Protected From The Judges 
President Bush has proclaimed the week of October 12-18 as Marriage Protection Week because it's becoming clearer all the time that the institution of marriage needs protection against battering by the courts. The gay lobbyists have made it clear that their aim is to litigate to get activist judges to accord the status of marriage to same-sex relationships.    10-15-03

Iraq Should Pay Its Own Way 
At the Senate hearing to consider the Bush Administration's request for an additional $87 billion to pay for what is going on in Iraq, the sensational news emerged that $20.3 billion of that amount is allocated, not to pay for the war or for the benefit of U.S. troops, but to build Iraq into a modern country with water and sewer systems, power grids, roads, bridges, schools, post offices, prisons, and even 3,000 housing units.    10-08-03

Driver's Licenses For Illegals = Pseudo Amnesty 
In a flip-flop to court the Hispanic vote, California Governor Gray Davis signed a bill (which he had rejected twice before) to allow illegal aliens to get driver's licenses. Shamelessly pandering, he signed it on September 5 in front of a crowd of hundreds of immigrants and illegals who released balloons while chanting "No recall!"    10-01-03

Oath Of Citizenship Should Not Be Changed  
It doesn't happen often, so mark the calendar. The bureaucracy has actually bowed to the wishes of the American people.    9-24-03

Fat Kids; Who's Responsible? 
Too many of our kids are too fat, so there ought to be a law. Turn the trial lawyers loose to blame the restaurant    9-17-03

California Candidates Should Face the Big Issue 
The California recall will probably dominate national news until the October 7 election, but the dog that hasn't barked yet is how the candidates are going to deal with the big problem they are pretending not to notice. That's the cost imposed by illegal aliens on the state budget, the hospitals, the schools and the prisons.    9-10-03

Constitutional Confrontation In Alabama 
The secularists are gloating. They got a court order to remove the Ten Commandments monument from the Alabama courthouse and another court order to suspend Chief Justice Roy Moore who put it there.    9-03-03

Congress Should Stand Up And Be Counted 
Federal court decisions about the Pledge of Allegiance and the Ten Commandments, and the specter raised in Lawrence v. Texas that marriage may no longer be defined as the union of a man and a woman, show that the time has come to curb the Imperial Judiciary. Not only did one federal judge overturn a nearly 60 percent majority of California voters who passed Proposition 187 in 1994, but another single federal judge in Sacramento is at this moment threatening to cancel the California recall election!    8-27-03

Ginsburg Disdains The Lone Ranger 
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently joined Hillary Clinton, Janet Reno, anti-Pledge-of-Allegiance Judge Stephen Reinhardt, and other like-mined liberals and feminists to launch a new organization called the American Constitution Society. Its mission is to challenge the Federalist Society, which promotes the nomination of judges who believe in the U.S. Constitution and in America's unique system of federalism.    8-20-03

Can Globalism Amend Our Constitution? 
We live in a global economy, right? But the elites mouthing this mantra haven't shared with the American people the news that globalism not only means open borders for the movement of goods and the migration of peoples, plus textbooks teaching children to be citizens of the world instead of patriots.    8-13-03

Teaching History: Fact or Fiction? 
In rare moments when Congress isn't preoccupied with the war, taxes or prescription drugs, Congress is worrying that American students don't know any American history. Congress is right to worry because this is true, but it doesn't follow that the federal government is capable of remedying the problem.    8-06-03

NEA Gears Up To Elect Democrats 
Tropical Storm Bill roared into New Orleans this summer carrying in its tailwind 10,000 convention delegates who purport to represent 2.7 million members of the National Education Association. They call themselves "the world's largest democratic, deliberative body," but the NEA's version of democracy is: majority rules, and the minority have no rights.    7-30-03

Bush Administration Caves Into The Feminists On Title IX 
The Bush Administration has just re-affirmed the Clintonian feminists' Title IX outrages, which impose a gender quota-like system on college sports. The feminists are squealing with joy, but Bush is dreaming if he thinks they will ever reward him with their votes.    7-23-03

Government Discrimination Against U.S. Citizens 
Do American jobhunters have to get their up-to-date employment news from The Economic Times of India? That faraway newspaper carries sensational items that somehow don't make news in the United States.    7-16-03

Who Really Failed: Students Or The System? 
All over the country, students, their parents and teachers are in an uproar about the tens of thousands who flunked the test designated as the requirement for high school graduation. Threats of withholding diplomas have brought out accusations, recriminations, and even angry mobs.    7-09-03

Save Our Policemen; Keep Out Criminal Aliens 
It happened again last week. Another illegal alien criminal, with four previous felony convictions and who had been deported several times, snuck back into the United States and committed a cold-blooded crime.    7-02-03

The Impertinence Of Our So-Called Allies 
Should the United States permit Gen. Tommy R. Franks, head of the U.S. Central Command, to be prosecuted in a court in Belgium for alleged war crimes during the Iraq war? Most Americans would say, you have to be kidding; that could never happen.    6-25-03

Surprising Assault On Democracy 
Press and television channels have been filled for months about America's responsibility to bring democracy to Iraq and other faraway nations that have no prior experience with self-government. So why are some of the same people now trying to abolish the most democratic feature of our constitutional republic, namely, the right of the people to elect the U.S. House of Representatives?    6-18-03

The Global Economy -- It's Wonderful!  
The Boston Globe revealed the reason why tens of thousands of information technology (IT) jobs have been outsourced overseas in the last couple of years, and why major American banks, brokerage houses, and insurance companies plan to shift 500,000 more jobs overseas in the next five years. MBA graduates of the Indian Institutes of Technology can be hired for $12,000, compared to the average starting salary of Harvard Business School graduates of $102,338.    6-11-03

Where Are The Jobs Going? 
The big argument for the tax cut Congress just passed is that it will create much-needed jobs. But one big question remains: will those jobs be created for Americans, or will corporations simply hire more job-seekers from India and China?    6-04-03

The Inhumanity Of Not Closing Our Southern Border 
How many illegal aliens will die before the Bush Administration realizes that the most humane act it can take is to close our southern border to illegal traffic and eliminate the incentive to unscrupulous smugglers to take the calculated risk that financial profits outweigh the costs of getting caught? This month's death from dehydration and heatstroke of 19 people out of 100 crammed into a tractor-trailer near Houston is only the latest in a long series of similar tragedies.    5-28-03

Why Is Bush Perpetuating Clinton Policies? 
Why is President George W. Bush continuing policies that were initiated by Bill Clinton? The voters elected Bush to change obnoxious Clinton policies, and they don't understand why Bush is keeping the following seven in force.    5-21-03

Should Illegal Aliens Get Driver's Licenses? 
The hottest controversy in state legislatures today regards allowing illegal aliens to obtain driver's licenses. Americans were shocked to discover that most of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 carried driver's licenses from Virginia, Florida or New Jersey.    5-14-03

H-1B Visas Cost American Jobs 
Republicans in Congress will soon have the opportunity to prove whether they do the bidding of their corporate contributors or side with their hardworking voters. The corporations are lobbying to extend the Clinton Administration law that raised the number of H-1B visas to 195,000 a year, which otherwise is scheduled to expire on September 30 and revert to the 1999 level of 65,000.    5-07-03

Does The Military Have The Nerve To Celebrate Mother's Day? 
The face of war is never pretty, but this time war showed us images we have never seen before. We saw pictures of mothers being sent to Iraq to fight one of the cruelest regimes in the world.    4-30-03

Zero Tolerance Or Zero Common Sense? 
Parents are laughing at the intolerance of the zero tolerance rules that have been instituted in so many public schools. Laughing, that is, unless it is their own sons who are victimized by policies that seem to lack common sense.    4-23-03

Suggestions For The Republican Survey 
The National Republican Congressional Committee has just mailed a survey to a select list of grassroots Republicans soliciting their opinions on "issues of greatest concern" so that the Party can be strengthened "by getting more Americans involved." Of course, it's really a fundraiser (send your "most generous contribution"), but it's artfully designed to look like authentic market research using buzz words such as "registered survey number" (identifying me and my district), "classified document," and "data entry control number for office use only."    4-16-03

Who Pays For Feminist Ideology? 
The simultaneous news coverage of our war in Iraq and the Air Force Academy rape scandal exposes again the double standards and hypocrisies of the feminists. They loudly complain about sexual harassment by American men, but if it's done by ruthless enemy men the feminists applaud progress toward their goal of a gender-neutral military.    4-09-03

What College Catalogs Don't Reveal 
The catalogs and magazines from colleges and universities are impressive: slick paper, full color, attractive layout, lots to read. But several items of useful information are usually missing.    4-02-03

Thought Control Replaces Academic Freedom
Gone are the days when academic freedom was the watchword of college campuses. Today, thought control is the dominant theology on campuses, often hiding behind the mantras of diversity and multiculturalism.    3-26-03

In-State College Tuition For Illegal Aliens?
The officials of some state universities and colleges, and even some state legislators, seem to think they can get by with openly disobeying federal law. They are flagrantly violating the law that prohibits giving subsidized college tuition rates to illegal aliens.    3-19-03

Does The 4th Amendment Cover Schoolchildren?
The liberals have been going all out to protect the privacy of individuals against government efforts to ferret out al Qaeda sleeper cells that might be plotting to kill us. But there is one thing I don't understand: why aren't they just as solicitous to preserve the Fourth Amendment rights of U.S. citizens who attend public schools?    3-12-03

"Gods and Generals" Presents Reality History
"Gods and Generals" opened in movie theaters this past weekend, and at last we have a movie that presents truthful history rather than fiction or politically-correct revisionism. This epic recounts the gripping history of the Civil War prior to Gettysburg, and there isn't a dull moment in its awesome four hours.    3-05-03

Bring On A Real Filibuster
The Daschle-Leahy Democrats still refuse to accept the results of the November 2002 election. They are trying to overturn it by blocking President Bush's judicial nominees.    2-26-03

Our Border Open To Crime And Drugs
Smuggling illegal drugs into the United States has been a big money- making scheme for many years, but the industry of smuggling people may be getting even more profitable than marijuana or cocaine. Fees range from $1,000 for Mexicans to $4,000 for Central Americans and up to $50,000 for Chinese or Middle Easterners.    2-19-03

Wrestling With Title IX
At long last, a federal commission is trying to deal with the feminist regulatory outrages committed in the name of Title IX. The recommendations passed on January 30 by the Commission on Opportunity in Athletics are a timid start on the rocky road back from bureaucratic mischief-making, but we still have a long way to go.    2-12-03

Stealth Amnesty Is Still "Sheer Lunacy"
Last year's failed attempt to get Congress to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens has morphed into stealth amnesty. This devious plan is hidden behind a little card that looks like a California driver's license and goes by a strange foreign name: matricula consular.    2-05-03

Why Health Care Is So Costly
While Americans without health insurance struggle with the problem of how to pay for medical care, Mexicans don't have that problem. They just ride in a Mexican ambulance across the border to a hospital in Arizona, New Mexico, California or Texas, and get free medical treatment.    1-29-03

Can More Money Make Schools Better?
President Bush is celebrating the first anniversary of his No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Education bill and hopes it will give a significant boost to his re-election in 2004. Speeches about improving public schools are always crowd-pleasers because it is common knowledge that they desperately need major improvement.    1-22-03

U.S. Social Security For Mexicans?
Social Security, the so-called "third rail" of American politics, has just become more incendiary. The Bush Administration is proposing a change that is even more controversial than offering younger workers the opportunity to invest a small percentage of their Social Security taxes.    1-15-03

The Bush-Frist Connection Should Be A Two-Way Street
Even if President Bush didn't actually engineer Dr. Bill Frist's election as Senate Majority Leader, this regime change is perceived as a major extension of the President's power because of their close relationship. We hope that Frist will use his influence to help Bush avoid mistakes in judicial nominees, health care and border security.    1-08-03

Copyright Extremists Should Not Control Information Flow
Copyright extremists are working to control as much information as possible. Almost every week we see a new example of how they are thwarting the free flow of information.    1-01-03

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