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Kissinger's Exit Leaves Curious Questions Unanswered
Henry Kissinger's quick trip across the news headlines as chairman of the new commission to investigate the September 11 attacks was curious. I wish the nosy media, which love to indulge in the sport of "gotcha," would apply their investigative talents to ferreting out the details behind both his appointment and his speedy resignation.    12-25-02

Are The Ten Commandments Unconstitutional?
Alabama Chief Justice Roy S. Moore won his seat campaigning as the Ten Commandments Judge, and he has lived up to his billing. On August 1, 2001, he unveiled a magnificent two-and-a-half ton granite tribute to the Ten Commandments and other inspired words in the colonnaded rotunda of the Alabama State Judicial Building.    12-18-02

Move Over For Mexican Trucks On Our Highways
The Bush Administration delivered a double whammy on Thanksgiving Eve, timed to minimize public attention. Bush did something Ronald Reagan never would have done in appointing Henry Kissinger to head the 9/11 inquiry, and then Bush did something Bill Clinton never would do by opening our highways to Mexican trucks.    12-11-02

Congressional Agenda for 2003
The clouds of election contests are behind us and a new Republican majority in both Houses of Congress will gather in January. It's time to reaffirm some basic Republican principles and move ahead with legislative implementation.    12-04-02

Was Firing Employees The Issue In Homeland Security?
The Daschle Democrats (bowing to pressure from their union constituency) resisted passing the Homeland Security bill prior to the election because President George W. Bush demanded wide authority to fire or transfer employees in the new 22-agency bureaucracy. In the lame duck session, Congress is hastily passing the bill.    11-27-02

The Mourning After The 2002 Election
Democrats are going through a process of self-flagellation trying to figure out whom to blame for their election-day debacle. Some blame their own lack of a message, some blame candidates' mistakes, some blame fallout from 9/11.    11-20-02

Why The Democrats Are The Way They Are
If you wonder why the Democratic Party has regressed into sycophantic cheerleading for radical feminist candidates (such as the Hillary Clinton clones running this year), the explanation is in a new book called "Guide to Feminist Organizations." As Midge Decter says in her foreword, this book is long overdue, and we thank Capital Research Center and author Kimberly Schuld for providing such a useful tool.    11-13-02

Clinton Scandals Continue To Surface
The General Accounting Office (GAO) reported last week that 16 percent of our National Guard and Reserve pilots and air crew have transferred out of their combat positions. An additional 18 percent of those surveyed have also stated their intent to transfer or leave.    11-06-02

America Must Choose: Open Borders Or Civil Liberties
"They are coming after us, they want to execute attacks. ... The threat environment today is as bad as it was the summer before Sept. 11." In his appearance before the congressional joint intelligence committees, CIA Director George J. Tenet asserted that prior to 9/11 he was convinced that Osama bin Laden was planning to kill Americans, "and we reported these threats urgently."    10-30-02

Bilingual Education Goes To Voters Again
The voters in Colorado and Massachusetts will have a chance to vote yes or no on November 5th about bilingual education. This billion dollar boondoggle is a fraud because it doesn't teach two languages; it teaches all subjects in Spanish to Mexican-American kids on the failed theory that they will learn English when they are older.    10-23-02

Will We Let Judges Fix Elections?
Al Gore and his allies in the media have popularized the notion that an election loser can use the courts to change the rules. Activist judges have been rewriting laws for many years, but now the trend is for activist state judges to try to rig an election.    10-16-02

The Biggest Election Issue In 2002
The media's passion to report what is going to happen tomorrow rather than what already happened is filling newspaper pages and TV channels with predictions of whether Republicans will retain the House and/or win the Senate. The predictions are virtually worthless.    10-09-02

Your Financial Privacy On The Chopping Block
A collection of information about your financial affairs is a valuable commercial commodity. It includes what's in your bank accounts and on your credit cards, your deposits and withdrawals, your purchases and investments, your car loans and mortgage payments.    10-02-02

Maybe The Democrats Don't Want Janet Reno
Florida suffered a lot of bad national publicity about the 2000 election, with weeks of television coverage of hanging chads, undervotes and overvotes. So 15 Florida counties bought new modern computerized touch-screen voting machines to replace the butterfly punch-card machines, while 26 counties chose upgraded paper-ballot systems.    9-25-02

What 9/11 Changed And Didn't Change
The media have surfeited us with wall-to-wall-carpet coverage of the anniversary of 9/11, posing soul-searching questions. How has 9/11 changed America, and what are we doing to make sure there is never a repeat attack?    9-18-02

Hooray For Hootie
Hooray for Hootie! At last we have a real man who can resist the histrionics of the pushy feminists. It's so refreshing to know that somewhere there is an American man willing to stand his ground -- on any issue -- and tell the feminists he is not going to knuckle under to their nagging, extortion, pressure tactics or media tantrums.    9-11-02

Does Mayor Bloomberg Want To Leave A Legacy?
New York City schoolchildren start this fall's classes at a cost to the taxpayers of $11,000 per pupil. They will eat more school lunches (800,000) than any institution except the armed forces and ride on more buses than the city's public transportation system.    9-04-02

Foreign Language Ballots Are A Bad Idea
The U.S. Department of Justice took time out from its war on terrorists this month to order local election boards all across the country to publish ballots for the November election in various foreign languages. The law requires that if more than 5 percent or more than 10,000 of voting-age citizens in a county don't speak English, the county must follow the language-access provisions of the Voting Rights Act and translate election materials into their language.    8-28-02

Pretending Immigration Isn't An Issue
The Republican National Committee's mail-order fundraisers often contain a comprehensive multiple-choice survey so that prospective donors can give their opinions on topics of national importance. One issue, however, is conspicuously missing from the list: border security/immigration.    8-21-02

Dealing With The High Costs Of Health Care
The big health-care debate in Congress this summer was over the wrong issue. Instead of threatening to bankrupt Medicare by forcing the taxpayers to buy prescription drugs for seniors, Congress should relieve the taxpayers and paying-patients of the burden of providing hospital care for illegal aliens.    8-14-02

How To Pick Judges
The delays and wrangles about President George W. Bush's scores of unconfirmed judicial nominees highlight the underlying issues between the two political parties. The Republicans want constitutionalists and the Democrats want judicial activists.    8-07-02

Will Homeland Security Turn Into Homeland Spying?
If Bill Clinton were still in the White House, Republicans would be on the march against Bigger Government and Bigger Spending. Unfortunately, too many prominent Republicans are cottoning up to increased federal control and the increased spending that goes with it.    7-31-02

NEA Conventioneers Plot Anti-Voucher Action
The National Education Association (NEA) adopted several new goals at its annual convention held in Dallas over the long Fourth of July weekend. No, they don't have anything to do with improving schoolchildren's reading, writing or calculating skills.    7-24-02

Stand Your Ground, Mr. President
The American servicemen who flew an AC-130 and mistakenly bombed dozens of civilians in remote Afghan villages last week can thank their lucky stars that their Commander-in-Chief is George W. Bush, not Al Gore. It doesn't take much flight of imagination to believe that the angry Afghans would like to take their demands for punishment and retribution to the new International Criminal Court (ICC).    7-17-02

Important Court Decisions On Schools
The atheists overplayed their hand. After their string of victories banning prayer and the Ten Commandments, they must have thought the time was ripe to get rid of God in the Pledge of Allegiance.    7-10-02

Copyrights and The Constitution
It seems self-evident that no individual should be allowed to own a law that all of us must obey. Laws and regulations are adopted, we hope, through the process of self-government, and citizens must enjoy the right to copy and restate the laws.    7-03-02

Another Immigration Loophole: 245(i)
The watchword of the Bush Administration's education reform is accountability. To receive federal funds, everyone in education must be accountable: teachers, students and schools.    6-26-02

Careers, Choices, Costs, and Biases
America's massive news gathering apparatus and round-the-clock coverage should have us surfeited with all the news that's important. Yet two liberal-leaning authors have just tackled a subject that has consistently been off-limits to public debate.    6-19-02

Why Hasn't Anybody Been Fired?
Now we are told, belatedly, that the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center could have been detected beforehand. FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III has admitted that mistakes were made, the "dots should have been connected," situations should have been handled differently, and "different actions should have been taken."    6-12-02

Homeschooling Has Come A Long Way
My psychological batteries were just recharged by attending a remarkable convention of Florida homeschoolers in Orlando. The 10,000 conventioneers who overflowed the Gaylord Palms Resort should have been serenaded with "You've come a long way, baby."    6-05-02

Bush Should Reject Clinton's Wrong Policies
Congress and the Bush Administration should clamp down on the federal bureaucracies that are trying to turn America into a bilingual nation. Various departments are not only doing this but are punishing people and businesses who don't cave in to their high-handed demands, even when not authorized by any law.    5-29-02

United Nations Treaty On Women
Rumblings are leaking out of Washington that Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Joseph Biden (D-DE) and the Clinton holdovers in the State Department are conspiring to resuscitate the long-moribund United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). A hearing was scheduled for May 15 and then postponed, but the State Department has placed it on a list of acceptable treaties.    5-22-02

Dual Citizenship Is An Oxymoron
One of the goals of the globalists is to make everyone believe we are citizens of the world, not citizens of a particular country. This concept, widely taught in the schools, tends to diminish patriotism and allegiance to one's country while promoting open borders subject only to a network of international bureaucracies.    5-15-02

Asbestos Is Gold For Trial Lawyers
Asbestos litigation has spun so far out of control that the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal directly from an intermediate state court. Multi-million dollar verdicts are being awarded to healthy plaintiffs based on speculation about possible future harm from past exposure to asbestos.    5-08-02

Zero Tolerance On Illegal Drugs
Zero tolerance has become ridiculous when applied to little boys playing cops and robbers or drawing pictures of guns, but it's sound and sensible when applied to illegal drugs. It's one of the ways Congress chose to address the persistent problem of illegal drugs in public housing.    5-01-02

Ban Cloning Without Enron Loophole
We realize what a fundamental difference the 2000 election made to America when we read that the New York Times has accused President George W. Bush of having a "narrow morality." Nobody could have made such an accusation against the previous White House occupant!    04-24-02

Republicans Must Prepare For The Next Battle Over Judges
The name Charles Pickering should not be allowed to fade away in our memories. The Senate Judiciary Committee's 10-9 partisan defeat of President Bush's nomination of this fine judge contains lasting lessons for Republicans, conservatives, and all those who want to stop judicial activism and limit the imperial judiciary to its constitutional role.    04-17-02

Protect Americans, Repudiate The ICC
The Bush Administration just took a welcome step to disentangle the United States from the global legacy of the late, unlamented Clinton Administration. The State Department's ambassador at large for war crimes issues, Pierre Prosper, announced that "the U.S. is not and will not be part of the ICC," and he indicated that the Administration is considering "unsigning" the treaty.    04-10-02

The Dangers and Frauds of Diversity
The INS didn't learn any lessons from its embarrassing approval of student visas for the two dead terrorists who flew the planes into the World Trade towers on September 11. The INS fouled up again when it granted "shore leave visa waivers" in Norfolk to four Pakistani crewmen who immediately disappeared and can't be found.    04-03-02

Forced Drugging By Government
State governments and the federal courts are separately assuming the power to forcibly drug American citizens. The details are shocking.    03-27-02

Federally Funded Gun Control Propaganda
The federal government says it lacks funding for much-needed research about the alarming increase in autism, asthma, diabetes and other serious childhood conditions. Now we know where scarce research money goes: to fund gun-control propaganda.    03-20-02

Special-Interest Lobbyists Overlooked By The Media
The media are having a field day criticizing the lobbyists for Enron, but they are overlooking the most effective special-interest lobbyists ever to function in Washington. They have met with high- ranking administration officials, they directly influenced (some would say dictated) important national security policies, and they swaggered with the protocol rank of three-star generals.    03-13-02

Secrecy is a Losing Ploy
Not many people want to be accused of acting like Bill Clinton. When campaign rival John McCain compared George W. Bush to Clinton in a South Carolina television attack ad, the Bush campaign cried foul.    03-06-02

Public School Isn't Like I Remember It
Public schools seem to be obsessed with requiring students to fill out nosy questionnaires. The latest outrage, entitled "How Am I?", asked 55 intrusive questions of New Jersey 7th and 8th graders.    02-27-02

Time To Put Limits On Term Limits For Congress
It's time to realize that the term limits movement itself has limits. It works well for the president, governors, state legislators, and even congressional chairmanships, where the trappings of power become irresistible.    02-20-02

How Did We Get A Federal Curriculum?
Behind frequent protestations by public officials about local control of the schools, a federal curriculum has been quietly imposed by law. All the pieces are now in place for this major goal of the Clinton Administration.    02-13-02

Ohio Tackles Evolution Controversy
How the subject of evolution is treated in the classroom has emerged again as a source of controversy, this time in the Ohio State Board of Education. Until now, Ohio public schools have not mandated any direct teaching about the subject.    02-06-02

ID Cards Coming In The Back Door?
Having had to retreat from legislative attempts to establish a national ID card through Social Security numbers or unique health care identifiers, Congress seems to be trying a new tack to implement this wholly un-American idea. Congress has suggested that the Department of Transportation develop "model guidelines for encoded data on driver's licenses."    01-30-02

Feminism Meets Terrorism
One of the unintended consequences of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 was the dashing of feminist hopes to make America a gender-neutral or androgynous society. New York City's fireMEN dared to charge up the stairs of the burning Twin Towers, and the firefighters' death tally was: men 343, women 0.    01-23-02

Does America Have A Future?
The establishment and the media elite would rather that the American people not read Patrick Buchanan's new book "The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization." That's the impression I got from the way he was interviewed on NBC's Today Show.    01-16-02

First Order of Business: Visa Reform
As Congress returns to Washington this January, no business is more important than making our borders secure from potential terrorists. So much needs to be done, but a good start would be speedy passage of the Visa Entry Reform Act (H.R. 3229) sponsored by Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-CA).    01-09-02

Leave No Child Behind
Both liberals and conservatives have a big problem with George W. Bush: he is fulfilling his campaign promises. This includes bringing back dignity to the White House, passing the best tax cut he could get the Democrats to agree to, scrubbing the obsolete ABM treaty, and vastly increasing federal control over the public schools.    01-02-02

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