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What's At Stake In Education Committee Chairmanship?
As members of Congress are jockeying for chairmanships in the 107th Congress, the committees that handle big money seem to get all the headlines, but the Education chairmanship may ultimately have the most influence on policy. Public opinion surveys indicate that education is America's biggest issue, and the new chairman will decide quo vadis -- at our current crossroads, which way will Congress go? 12-27-00

Activist Judges Should Not Overrule Elections
The U.S. Supreme Court has taken a bold step towards returning Florida's election process to sanity. By halting the 11th hour partial hand recount, it stopped a reckless judicial attempt to elect Al Gore and potentially disenfranchise six million Florida voters. 12-20-00

Making Every Vote Count
In waging his contest of the 2000 presidential election, Al Gore's mantra is Make Every Vote Count (except the votes of servicemen). But Gore's pious platitude should be subject to qualifications. 12-13-00

Kyoto Collapses In The Hague
The collapse of the global warming treaty negotiations in The Hague last week illustrates the folly of the Clinton-Gore globalists who want to give a consortium of foreigners the power to regulate the American standard of living. The conference ended with a cream pie in the face, literally, of U.S. representative Frank E. Loy, and egg all over the faces, figuratively, of the Clinton-Gore globalists who have been promoting this treaty for years. 12-06-00

Don't Knock The Electoral College
Senator Hillary Clinton's first legislative proposal since her election was to call for the abolition of the Electoral College. It's no surprise that she will use her new celebrity status to advance a series of bad ideas, but this is one of the worst. 11-29-00

Is The November Surprise In The Ballot Box?
Are big media trying to steal the presidency and put Al Gore in the White House? The 2000 election confirms the widespread public perception that the media are advocates, not reporters. 11-22-00

Commercialism Is Rampant In The Schools
Is your schoolchild watching too much television? Eating too many junk foods and drinks instead of what's healthy? Nagging you to buy expensive sneakers? too easily swayed by advertising? If so, why are the schools encouraging all those things? 11-15-00

Is Hillary Really "For The Children"?
That great national authority on health care and on children, Hillary Rodham Clinton, owes it to her public to give her opinion on two current controversies in New York State. Does she support government-mandated medical treatment of children over the objections of their parents? 11-08-00

Tell Big Brother To Get Out Of Our Washing Machines
Few changes in our society have done as much to liberate women from the drudgery of "women's work" as the washing machine. American ingenuity and the private enterprise system combined to provide us with a wide variety of models of this convenient labor-saving appliance, the envy of women all over the world. 11-01-00

Yugoslavia Is Not Like Grenada
Jim Lehrer put the ultimate foreign policy question on the table during the second presidential debate when he ran through the list of eight military actions taken by the last three Presidents and asked the candidates to give a thumbs up or thumbs down. While Gore gave a thumbs down to Somalia, and Bush to Somalia and Haiti, no one pointed out the crucial difference between the Reagan and Bush actions in Grenada and Panama and the Clinton actions in Bosnia and Yugoslavia. 10-25-00

Americans Demand Medical Privacy
It's hard to find an issue on which government officials are more out of touch with the American people than the matter of medical privacy, also known as electronic profiling. A new Gallup survey shows that the overwhelming majority of Americans do not want the government or any third parties to have access to their medical records without their permission, but government and third parties have nevertheless been stockpiling information on their electronic databases just as fast as you can say dot com. 10-18-00

Lessons Of The Euro
Denmark's dramatic decision to ditch the euro holds an important lesson for both Europeans and Americans: the march toward the global economy is fundamentally anti-democratic. The gulf between the euro advocates and the euroskeptics is now being called the "democratic deficit." 10-11-00

Dangers Hiding in Public Libraries
It's not likely that most people would let their children browse in an "adult" bookstore. But have you ever considered the danger of letting them browse in your local public library? 10-04-00

Al Gore: A "Reinventor" Par Excellence
The claim that Al Gore invented the internet has been a favorite target of political jokes, but Al Gore's role in "reinventing" the INS is no laughing matter. He was a driving force behind the perversion of Immigration and Naturalization Service procedures in order to "invent" a million votes for Clinton-Gore in November 1996. 9-27-00

Sex Education Has Become X-Rated
Abstinence education is spreading rapidly in public schools all over the country, but the pressures are great for schools to continue teaching the "comprehensive," explicit, condom/contraceptive curricula that have been used for the last 20 years with such unhappy results. 9-20-00

Can Courts Order Kids To Take Drugs?
Can a judge constitutionally order a controversial drug to be given to a child over the opposition of his parents? Such action by a Family Court Judge in Albany, NY has touched off a national debate pitting public schools and the courts against parental rights. 9-13-00

The Liberals Like Language Apartheid
"Surprising," "remarkable," "totally unexpected" were the superlatives with which the New York Times reported the rise in second-grade test scores in California two years after the passage of Proposition 227, ordering the public schools to terminate Bilingual Education. The bureaucrats and payrollers whose jobs depend on the Bilingual Boondoggle had predicted "catastrophe" because they didn't believe that little kids could learn English so fast. 9-06-00

Women Don't Belong on Submarines
The Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services, a tax-funded civilian feminist lobby group that tries to set Pentagon policy, has been pushing for months to get women assigned to duty on submarines. Maybe the news of the Russian submarine tragedy will quiet the feminists a while, but they won't give up because feminists always push their sex-neutral agenda despite military readiness or even common sense. 8-30-00

The Future Meets The Past In The Napster Case
"This is a culture war, between the powers that were and that will be." Is he talking about abortion? Gay rights? Hollywood violence? Illegitimacy? No, the culture war is about ownership and regulation of the internet, according to John Perry Barlow, Grateful Dead lyricist and cyber rights activist. 8-23-00

Does Al Gore Support The Earth Charter?
Grandiose plans are underway for the 55th annual gathering of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City September 5-9, 2000. Titled the Millennium Assembly and Summit, it is scheduled to take at least two actions designed to turn the corner from a world of sovereign nation-states to a world of disparate peoples subordinated to the supreme authority of the United Nations. 8-16-00

Millennium Madness At The UN
Senator Jesse Helms has been calling for the United Nations to reform itself and reduce its bloated budgets, but the UN reform agenda now being implemented is very different from what Helms has in mind. 8-09-00

Danforth Report Asks Wrong Questions About Waco
Every lawyer knows that, if he can control the questions, he can get the answers he wants. The problem with the Danforth interim report on the Waco tragedy was not the answers but the questions. 8-02-00

NEA Fights to Maintain School Monopoly
The federal antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft has illustrated the evil of monopolies and the tactics that monopolists use to maintain their power. But the biggest monopoly in our midst, the public school system guarded by the teachers unions, seems so far untouchable. 7-26-00

Clinton's Abuse of the Treaty-Making Power
Annoyed with the Senate's refusal to ratify his various United Nations treaties, Bill Clinton is arrogantly trying to bypass the Senate by signing international agreements to implement them anyway. Each one cedes more U.S. sovereignty to some global organization, and we wonder if self-government can survive the final six months of his Administration. 7-19-00

Congress Missed the Biggie in Campaign Finance Reform
While Americans are watching fireworks to celebrate Independence Day, the 10,000+ representatives of the country's most powerful political pressure group, the National Education Association (NEA), are meeting in the Windy City to approve their usual radical policies and resolutions. 7-12-00

Why Are Gas Prices So High?
The biggest issue on the highways and byways of America is the high price of gasoline at the pump, in some areas higher than $2 per gallon. Who's to blame? Is it a presidential campaign issue? 7-05-00

Congressional Hearing Exposes Conflicts of Interest
When a rotavirus (infant diarrhea) vaccine was suddenly withdrawn from the market last year, the public was led to believe that it was because of new information about harmful side effects. At a hearing last week conducted by Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN), we learned that other factors influenced the 1998 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) licensing and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendation. 6-28-00

Is Ritalin Raising Kids To Be Drug Addicts?
Now that three to four million U.S. schoolchildren are using the controversial stimulant Ritalin, its illicit use is providing a powerful kick to college students, too. Dr. Eric Heiligenstein puts it this way: "The study rooms are as good as some of the local pharmacies" at the University of Wisconsin. 6-21-00

What They Didn't Tell Us Before The China Vote
Only after the House voted 237-197 to pass Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) with Communist China did the major news media tell their readers the real purpose behind the bill. The multinationals, who spent tens of millions of dollars lobbying for PNTR, gloated in their victory. 6-14-00

Why Are We Losing The Drug War?
In a televised Public Service Announcement sponsored by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, sibling tennis champions Venus and Serena Williams shared the secrets of their success. According to the champs, their triumphs in tennis would not have been achieved had they used illegal drugs. 6-07-00

Supreme Court Upholds Constitution In VAWA Decision
The federal government's insatiable demand for more power was slowed down by the Supreme Court this month. In United States v. Morrison, the Court just said no and properly invalidated a key provision in the 1994 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). 5-31-00

Not a Million Moms, Just Multi-Million Dollar Media
The Million Mom March was not a grassroots uprising of mothers but a slick media event orchestrated by Bill Clinton's public relations experts and led by a sister-in-law of a close friend of Hillary Clinton. That the campaign was contrived was evident in the cozy meeting with the President, the extravagant television coverage and multi-page color "ads" disguised as "news" in national magazines, and the distribution of color brochures in airports. 5-24-00

Why Russia Is Not A Market For U.S. Goods
Have you wondered why the White House, Congressional leadership, and the multinational corporate lobbyists are staking all their financial and political capital on trade with Communist China, but appear to lack interest in trade with Russia? 5-17-00

Winners and Losers In The Elian Face-Off
If anyone has any doubt which side of the Elian debate the media are on, that doubt was dispelled by the media's peculiar silence about the way the NBC crew assigned to supply video footage to the networks was roughed up, maced and forced to the ground with a rifle butt by the government gunmen who raided Lazaro Gonzalez's home in Miami. 5-10-00

What's Risky Now?
Candidate Al Gore's favorite word is "risky." If George W. Bush calls for a tax cut, Gore calls it a risky tax cut. When Bush makes any proposal, whether on health care or Social Security or education, Gore's knee-jerk reaction is to say it's risky. 5-03-00

Will Congress Kowtow To Communist China?
President Clinton's Chinese benefactors and the multinational importers are demanding that he bully Congress into continuing China's Most Favored Nation (MFN) trading status, already renamed Normal Trade Relations (NTR). Now the plan is to grease China's entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) by making this favorable treatment permanent (PNTR). 4-26-00

Are Schoolchildren For Sale to Advertisers?
Corporate advertisers know that their television audience is dwindling rapidly. It used to be so easy to market their products to tens of millions in neat 30-second segments efficiently placed on the three major TV networks. 4-19-00

Education Reform? The Devil's in the Details
Congress is about to pass legislation that will federalize every local school district and spell the end of local and state control of America's public school classrooms. Mindful of Ronald Reagan's words, "You can't control the economy without controlling the people," Bill and Hillary Clinton have found the way to control the economy by controlling America's schoolchildren. 4-12-00

What's Different About Census 2000?
The U.S. Constitution requires Congress to make an "actual enumeration" of the American people every ten years, and for two centuries the exercise of this power has caused little controversy. This year's census taking, however, is seen by many as a bad April Fool's joke. 4-05-00

Parents, Are You Ready To Teach Your Kids Arithmetic?
Parents are starting to realize that "fuzzy" math courses (variously called "whole math," "new math" or "new new math") are producing kids who can't do arithmetic, much less algebra. The U.S. Department of Education responded last October by officially endorsing ten new math courses for grades K-12, calling them "exemplary" or "promising" and urging local school districts to "seriously consider" adopting one of them. 3-29-00

Where Will The McCain Voters Go?
When the presidential campaign got underway this year, the media were eagerly anticipating the prospect of a moderate on each ticket to challenge the two parties' anointed nominees. The contest might even maintain the high ratings of last year's Monica soap opera. 3-22-00

Human Chop Shops Exposed
Have you ever wanted to buy the brain of an eight-week-old baby? You can, for $999. Did you ever think you'd want a baby's eyes or liver or gonads? Yours, for $75, $150 or $550 respectively. 3-15-00

Questions Presidential Candidates Ought To Answer
We're coming down the stretch of Primary Season 2000. It looks like the cash winners are the pollsters who are hired to produce new rankings every day, and the losers are the many pundits whose predictions about winners and turnout have proved so wrong. 3-08-00

Anthrax Vaccine Scandals Won't Go Away
It wasn't just idle words when Bill Clinton said he "loathed" the military. He has damaged U.S. Armed Services in so many ways that it's no wonder morale, recruitment and retention levels are at all-time lows. 3-01-00

Let's Celebrate George Washington's Birthday
Don't be misled into thinking your February holiday is Presidents Day. Your calendar is in error if it says that. The legal name of this holiday, continuously since 1879, is George Washington's Birthday. 2-23-00

Clinton Panders to the Feminists Again
President Clinton has just proved again why the feminists, during all those embarrassing months last year, continued to defend behavior that no sane woman would tolerate in a public official, a boss or a husband. He is willing to support their most outrageous ideology wrapped in costly big-government legislative proposals. 2-16-00

Clinton Is Running For Santa Claus
Bill Clinton didn't just misspeak, he uttered a Freudian slip when he said that "the Vice President launched a new effort to help make communities more liberal." That's exactly what Clinton and Gore have been doing for seven years. 2-09-00

Money Isn't The Solution To Illiteracy
When former Netscape president James L. Barksdale announced a $100 million gift to promote the teaching of reading in Mississippi, he certainly dramatized the current scandal of illiteracy in America. 2-02-00

Let Elian Have His Day In Court
The mother of six-year-old Elian Gonzalez sacrificed her life so that her son could grow up in America. Her dying wish, according to a Cuban man who survived for two days on an inner tube, was that Elian could reach the United States and freedom. 1-26-00

For Starters, The Government Should Do No Harm
In the televised presidential debates, Alan Keyes keeps reminding us that moral and cultural issues are paramount, and he challenges the media and his opponents to address them. While most would concede that Columbine and other recent unhappy events indicate that America has a big moral problem, what is the government's role in morality and culture? 1-19-00

Y2K and the Man of the Century
Most Americans have concluded that the media hype about Y2K computer breakdown and terrorism dangers were mostly that, just hype, probably for the purpose of maintaining media ratings since the Monica soap opera is no longer available for titillation. But the media's extolling of Franklin D. Roosevelt as the man or president of the century, or at least as runner-up, was hype of the same magnitude. 1-12-00

Where We Are At Year's End
Although taxpayers' money is rolling into the U.S. Treasury at an unprecedented rate, we didn't get the tax cut Republicans promised. Bill Clinton says taxes shouldn't be cut because the people "might not spend it right"; we only hear about "targeted" cuts that might allow us to spend for government-designated purposes. 1-05-00

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