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How Do The Candidates Stand On Military Policy?
One would think that the next President's plans to address the dramatic falloff in military recruitment, and the decline in military morale and readiness due to controversial personnel policies, would be important topics for the televised presidential debates to cover. But somehow, these matters haven't made it onto the media's agenda. 12-29-99

Clinton's Two-Step Into the International Court
Several liberal commentators pronounced Bill Clinton's command of the issues "dazzling" at his last news conference of the century. What's really dazzling is his skill in dancing around responsibility for his mistakes. 12-22-99

The WTO Woke Us Up In Seattle
Seattle, the home of Microsoft and Boeing, was supposed to be the Gateway to the Global Economy. Shattered shop windows and tear gas made it instead the gateway to Americans' knowledge about the World Trade Organization (WTO). 12-15-99

Are We Becoming A Society Of Snoops?
As concerns fade about a Y2K breakdown of government computers, Americans should be increasingly worried about how computer efficiency gives the federal government extraordinary powers to monitor the daily activities of law-abiding Americans. Unknown to most people, government databases are storing all kinds of personal information about every American. 12-08-99

VAWA Tests the Limits of Federal Power
With President Clinton issuing a blizzard of overreaching executive orders and Congress federalizing hundreds of crimes that are properly in the jurisdiction of the states, we must depend on the Supreme Court to stand for the Constitutional principles of federalism. 12-01-99

The Truth Leaks Out About Kosovo
The embarrassing truth is starting to come out that the Clinton Administration lied to us about Kosovo atrocities which were supposed to justify the bombing of Yugoslavia. 11-24-99

Code Word for Clinton's Global Goals: Bipartisanship
It remains to be seen whether or not George W. Bush and other Republican presidential candidates have a coherent foreign policy, but there is no mistaking that Bill Clinton has one. 11-17-99

Is Government Ordering Experiments on Humans?
It isn't often that federal bureaucrats admit to embarrassment, but the New York Times reported on October 23 that it was "highly embarrassing to federal health officials" to have to admit the "causal association" between the RotaShield rotavirus vaccine and the painful condition called intussusception. The embarrassment was aggravated "in part because the vaccine was 23 years in development and much of the work was done at the National Institutes of Health." 11-10-99

Panama May Be The Biggest Blast Of Y2K
While many Americans are making party plans to celebrate Y2K on New Year's Eve, Panamanian officials are lobbying to get President Clinton or Vice President Gore to attend their unique Y2K revelry. That's the day when the U.S. flag over the Panama Canal will be lowered for the last time as we abandon ownership of one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in the world. 11-03-99

Three Cheers For An End To Bipartisan Folly
The media, Bill Clinton and Al Gore have all been having tantrums about the defeat of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Clinton accused Republicans of "partisan politics" and "a new isolationism," and Gore chimed in with a chorus of calling Republicans "right-wing extremist" and "breathtakingly irresponsible." 10-27-99

Red China: New Gatekeeper Of Our Canal
Jimmy Carter never would have been able to ram through his two treaties giving away our Panama Canal if the Senate in 1978 could have looked into the future and known that, when the U.S. Flag is lowered on December 31, 1999, Red China would become its gatekeeper. But that's what's scheduled to happen unless Congress takes immediate action to prevent it. 10-20-99

Time To Abolish Federally Financed "Hate Art"
The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has returned to center stage, insulting our sensibilities, offending our religion, and degrading our public life. 10-13-99

No Longer Trying To Be All You Can Be
The Pentagon is complaining that it's now in a near-crisis because recruitment numbers have taken a nose dive. The Army and Air Force are falling far short of their targeted goals, while the Navy is squeaking by only by lowering its standards and recruiting quotas. 10-06-99

Banks Keep Deposits Confidential? Don't Bank On It!
Several months ago, the angry reaction of the American people forced the government to withdraw its plan to require banks to make a computer profile of all their customers, based on their deposits and withdrawals, and report "suspicious" deviations. 9-29-99

Binge Banking
Earlier this month, Americans were treated to full-page newspaper ads to advertise a product called "Binge Beer." There's no such beer; the ads were an attention-grabbing device to warn college students of the danger from a popular campus diversion called binge drinking. 9-22-99

Secret 'Research' Behind Policies
Conventional wisdom tells us "you get what you pay for." But the Clinton Administration doesn't want that maxim to apply to the taxpayers. When it comes to research about global warming, other environmental issues, gun control, vaccine mandates, and social programs, Clinton does not want the public to get the data we have paid for. 9-15-99

The Waco Scandal Just Won't Go Away
Janet Reno is shocked, shocked to discover that the FBI has been lying for six years about the 1993 Waco debacle. 9-08-99

Parents are Starting to Win School Victories
Over the past decades of declining public school excellence and increasing public school crime, many parents have chosen the expensive option of transferring to private schools or the time-consuming option of homeschooling. 9-01-99

Is There Hanky-Panky Behind Mandatory Vaccines?
After parents whose children had been severely damaged from vaccines attended a couple of congressional hearings, we might have thought Bill Clinton's response would have been, "I feel your pain." Not on your life. The Clinton Administration instead floated plans to gut the federal trust fund that compensates the families of children who are injured or killed by reactions to vaccines. 8-25-99

Beware Of The Phonics Conspiracy
When Hillary Rodham Clinton charged that Bill Clinton's impeachment was caused by a "vast right-wing conspiracy," she displayed the typical paranoia of liberals. 8-18-99

The Feminization of the U.S. Military
Even though the voters elected a President who said he "loathes" the military, we couldn't have imagined back in 1992 how much damage Bill Clinton would actually do. Now we wonder if our once-great military can survive another year and a half of our most embarrassing Commander-in-Chief. 8-11-99

Decoding The NEA Resolutions
President Bill Clinton's earliest and most steadfast supporters, the members of the National Education Association (NEA), met in Orlando over the Fourth of July to pass their usual list of radical resolutions. Unlike Party platforms, which are often consigned to the circular file or even repudiated by the candidates, NEA resolutions spell out the lobbying orders for the well-paid NEA staff. 8-04-99

Emerging Scandal in Vaccine Mandates
A scandal in mandatory mass vaccinations of infants is beginning to surface. 7-28-99

The Consequences of Sex Education
The Washington Post shook up its readers last week with a front page news story about sex practices in an affluent Virginia middle school. 7-21-99

Don't Fall for Phony "Patent Reform" All the bad deals made by the late Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, unfortunately, did not die with him in his tragic plane crash. His deal to betray our unique American patent system, which we thought we killed in the 105th Congress, has been resurrected in the 106th.7-14-99

Washington Is Out Of Touch With The Voters
The disconnect between the Republican establishment and its grassroots constituency is manifest in the latest fundraising survey from the Republican National Committee (RNC).7-07-99

Court Bans Bizarre Curriculum in New York Schools
Parents have won another remarkable victory over the psychological abuse of children that takes place in public school classrooms. It isn't the court decision that's so remarkable; it's the evidence of what was actually going on inside the schools.6-30-99

It Was A Famous Victory
Poem, by Phyllis Schlafly. 6-23-99

Parents Win Victory Over Nosy Surveys
Parents have just won a tremendous legal victory over the widespread public school practice of forcing students to answer nosy, privacy-invading questions about themselves and their families. 6-16-99

Cox Report is a Real Whodunit
Americans who are fascinated with spy and mystery fiction should get the Cox Report for their summer reading. It's a fascinating whodunit.6-09-99

Channel One Comes Under Fire
In the interest of the public's right to know, Senator Jim Jeffords' Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions conducted an oversight hearing last week on the controversies surrounding "Channel One." That's the 12-minute-a-day news and advertising program beamed into the classrooms of 40% of all 11 to 18 year olds.6-02-99

Spending Our Social Security Surplus On War President Clinton has had several good opportunities to stop his Yugoslav war: Jesse Jackson's successful mission to bring home our POWs, the embarrassing bombing of the Chinese embassy, and Milosevic's feeble overtures about withdrawal of his troops. But it looks like Clinton wants to keep the war going even though it hasn't accomplished any of his stated objectives. 5-26-99

The Taj Mahal Could Be the Tomb of Our Patent System
The elaborate marble mausoleum in India called the Taj Mahal, one of the world's most extravagant monuments, was built as the tomb of an emperor's favorite wife. The proposed new building complex to house the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) has been tagged with the label Taj Mahal, not only because of its extravagant cost, but also because it threatens to become the tomb of America's unique patent system. 5-19-99

What Caused Columbine?
Everybody's looking for the causes of the terrible tragedy at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, and for ways to prevent such horrible happenings in the future. 5-12-99

Show Me the Money. Know Your Passenger.
"Show me the money." That famous movie line, spoken by an actor who won an Academy Award, helps explain why politicians are racing to establish control over financial, medical, travel, and all other types of American citizens' personal and public records. 5-05-99

Was it "According to Plan"? Did Nothing "Go Wrong"?
Have you noticed how few Members of Congress are willing to go on television and spell out clearly their position on Clinton's war against Yugoslavia? 4-28-99

Congress Must Deal With Executive Orders
Not only does President Clinton not feel any shame about his impeachment; as he told Dan Rather recently, Clinton now feels stronger than ever, able to ignore and override the U.S. Constitution by exercising extraordinary new powers that no President has ever exercised before. 4-19-99

Don't Make the Vietnam Mistake in Kosovo
Are the American people going to allow Bill Clinton to get by with taking America into a war? Will the American people let Clinton make the LBJ Vietnam mistake of sinking us deeper and deeper into a faraway quagmire, while his supporters are crawling all over television talkshows trying to drum up public support for committing 200,000 troops to "win" an unwinnable war? 4-14-99

Clintonites Close In On Our Medical Records
While the American people were trying to kill the FDIC Know Your Customer plan to monitor our financial records, the Clintonites have been moving steadily and craftily to grab access to our health records. 4-07-99

Does Sovereignty Matter?
Bill Clinton's threats to enter the Kosovo conflict are a direct attack on national sovereignty, our own as well as Yugoslavia's. The foreign policy gurus of the Clinton Administration don't believe in the concept of sovereignty and are trying to replace it, piece by piece, with their global utopian vision. 3-31-99

Who Controls Your Medical Records?
We had hoped that the 106th Congress would address the health care and HMO issue by giving more power to patients. Instead, the House Subcommittee on Courts and Intellectual Property has scheduled a hearing this week on a bill to lay the groundwork for corporations to control, manipulate, and market our most intimate medical records. 3-24-99

China's Espionage Proves We Need a Missile Defense We heard a lot of posturing this year about Senators fulfilling their obligation to obey the Constitution. The Senate has no more important obligation than to fulfill its constitutional duty to "provide for the common defense" by voting for the National Missile Defense Act (S.257), which is scheduled to come to the floor within the next few days. 3-17-99

Watch out for "Big Sister" as Well as "Big Brother" Are the American people willing to allow government agents to come into their homes to "advise" them how to care for their babies? What if the announced purpose of these home visits is to look for child abuse under the assumption that all parents are suspects? 3-10-99

I'm Fed Up I'm fed up with the sanctimonious liberals imposing their values on me. Is this a free country, or isn't it? 3-03-99

Troops to Kosovo; Terror for Americans? The very day after his acquittal, Bill Clinton moved quickly to change the subject and wag the dog by announcing plans to send U.S. ground troops into the civil war in Kosovo between Serbian authorities and ethnic Albanians fighting for independence. 2-24-99

"Know Your Customer" Stirs up a Hornet's Nest The Clinton Administration's stealth plan to monitor everyone's personal bank account has hit a bump in the road. 2-17-99

American Troops Don't Belong in Kosovo The Washington Post reported on January 30 that "senior Pentagon officials for the first time said they would be willing to place U.S. troops under foreign command" in Kosovo. 2-10-99

Deception in Clinton's State of the Union Speech "There's one more right you should have. As more of our medical records are stored electronically, the threats to our privacy increase. . . . We will protect the privacy of medical records this year." 2-03-99

Whatever Happened to Informed Medical Choice? The New York Times has just given us a front-page report on how the pharmaceutical corporations spent $5.3 billion last year sending their representatives into doctors' offices and hospitals, with gifts and meals, to sweet-talk physicians into using their brand-name products. 1-27-99

Clinton's Power Grab Through Executive Orders Faced with a Republican Congress unwilling to grant him all the powers he wants, Bill Clinton has unleashed a blizzard of Executive Orders to grab new authority for the executive branch, make broad public policy changes, and even restructure our governmental system. 1-20-99

What Money Can And Can't Buy It looks as if it's a lot easier for big political money to buy Congress than it is to win the hearts of grassroots voters. 1-13-99

It's The Bribery, Stupid, Not Just "Lying About Sex"
Ken Starr's "Referral," which formed the basis of the impeachment of Bill Clinton, was shocking, but the new book called "Year of the Rat" is even more shocking. 1-06-99

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