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by: Phyllis Schlafly

Don't Make the Vietnam Mistake in Kosovo

April 14, 1999

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Are the American people going to allow Bill Clinton to get by with taking America into a war? Will the American people let Clinton make the LBJ Vietnam mistake of sinking us deeper and deeper into a faraway quagmire, while his supporters are crawling all over television talkshows trying to drum up public support for committing 200,000 troops to "win" an unwinnable war?

Here are ten reasons for Americans to repudiate Clinton's war immediately.

  1. Bill Clinton unilaterally started a war by bombing a sovereign country that has never attacked or even threatened the U.S. or our allies or our neighbors. Clinton admitted it is a war when he designated the U.S. soldiers captured by the Serbs as Prisoners of War.

  2. Clinton's act of aggression was not authorized by the U.S. Constitution, by NATO or UN charters, or by any act of Congress. This is the mark of a dictator, and we must not let him get by with it.

  3. Clinton tries to justify his evil bombing raids by calling them a "moral imperative." Like New York Times columnist A.M. Rosenthal, we are "moved to nausea" when Clinton claims the war against Yugoslavia is "moral" and "the right thing to do."

  4. The humanitarian argument is phony because Clinton's bombing caused the tragic refugee problem. Clinton's bombing has killed innocent people, destroyed civilian property to no purpose, and united the Serbs behind Milosevic to defend their homeland.

  5. The Serbs' response and the consequent refugee problem were completely predictable; our military warned about this in advance. Clinton's bombing was designed to cause misery and arouse the American public to support stationing ground troops in Yugoslavia permanently.

  6. Every day that Clinton's bombing continues creates costly obligations for the U.S. taxpayers to bring refugees to America and to rebuild the infrastructure he is destroying, such as the Danube bridges and the plants that provide clean water, heat and electricity to civilians.

  7. Clinton's bombing of Yugoslavia is a "wag the dog" scheme that has successfully diverted media coverage away from China's espionage and the Clinton Administration's coverup, and away from the connection between China's campaign cash and its acquisition of U.S. missile technology. Since there is no way to win this war, Clinton can keep it alive on our TV screens until the end of his term.

  8. We should cut our losses and get out before it's too late, as Clinton did after 18 U.S. soldiers were killed in Somalia, and as Ronald Reagan did when our troops were killed in Lebanon. If we don't stop Clinton now, he will bog us down in a ground war against the Serbs, who are even tougher fighters than the North Vietnamese.

  9. It's Europe's job to deal with the Yugoslav conflict, which has been going on for 600 years. Europe is a rich continent, and it's time to end Europe's dependency on U.S. troops and taxpayer handouts. We have no more national security interest in Yugoslavia than Europe has in Haiti.

  10. Clinton hates the military, and his bombing serves his goal of degrading our own overextended armed forces. Clinton's bombing is rapidly reducing our supply of bombs and missiles, and drastically reducing the morale of the U.S. Armed Services.

False arguments abound, so let's answer some of them.

  1. "We have to support our troops." The best way to support our troops is to cut off the money and bring them home before more troops are killed or captured. Clinton never should have sent those troops to Macedonia in the first place. (Remember, those were the U.S. soldiers ordered to wear UN uniforms.)

  2. "Congress authorized Clinton's action in Yugoslavia." That's false; Congress has NOT passed any approval of Clinton's reckless actions. The Senate resolution authorized air operations only, but that was not passed by the House, so it has no legal effect. The House resolution authorized troops ONLY as part of a peacekeeping operation AFTER peace is agreed to by both sides (which never happened), but that was not passed by the Senate, so it has no legal effect.

  3. "Yugoslavia isn't worth one American life, but now that Clinton has put us in the war, we have to win it, and that will take 200,000 ground troops." What a terrible proposition! We cannot permit a no-credibility President to illegally plunge us into war, make horrendous mistakes of judgment about the objectives and the strategy, and then impose this obligation on American servicemen and taxpayers.

  4. "We have to intervene in Yugoslavia to maintain our position as world leader." On the contrary, Clinton's bombing shows the world that the U.S. is a trigger-happy bully whose President wants to dictate to other countries but doesn't have the know-how or the credibility. Serbia is the 4th country Clinton has bombed in seven months.

  5. "We must intervene in order to prevent a wider war." In fact, Clinton's bombing has escalated the war and spread it to other countries.

When the Kosovo issue was placed before Congress, 41 Senators and 191 Representatives voted No. It's time to give our vocal support to these courageous Members of Congress who refused to be cowed by Clinton.

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