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No Exit from Bosnia; It Was Planned That Way
President George Bush reneged on the most famous campaign pledge of modern times ("No new taxes; read my lips") after his adviser Richard Darman told him, "Nobody believed that anyway." Bush discovered that, on the contrary, people did believe him and were angry enough about his betrayal to defeat him for reelection in 1992. 12-31-97

Why Are Republicans Now Backing Clintoncare?
Memories are short. Some Republicans don't seem to remember why they captured control of Congress away from the Democrats in 1994 for the first time in four decades. A major factor in that landmark victory was the American people's decisive rejection of Bill and Hillary Clinton's plan for nationalized control of health care. 12-24-97

Free Trade = Freedom to Lie on Labels
We're learning more every month about what "free trade" really means. Not only does it mean NAFTA, stunning defeats in disputes before the World Trade Organization (too bad for Eastman Kodak, which lost its effort to open up the Japanese market and just laid off 10,000 employees), and billion-dollar bailouts of corrupt Asian regimes, but now we find that free trade means freedom to lie to American consumers. 12-17-97

"How Did The Turtle Get on The Fence Post"
When even Senator Patrick Moynihan (D-NY) is indicating on TV's Capital Gang that Communist Chinese attempts to influence the policies of the Clinton Administration may have risen to the level of Communist Russia's infiltration of our government in the 1940s, it's time for Congress to act. 12-10-97

Clinton May Get Toasted by Global Warming
The confrontation with Iraq is tending to conceal an impending policy defeat for President Clinton that may dwarf his embarrassments over losing Fast Track and the appropriations for back UN dues. Clinton is planning on going to Kyoto, Japan in early December to sign a UN treaty called the Climate Change Protocol. 11-26-97

Academia's War Against Marriage
The war on marriage that the feminists in academia are waging hit me this year when I received the Winter issue of my alma mater's alumnae magazine, the Radcliffe Quarterly. In 52 pages under the heading "Scenes from the Family," the editors didn't include any discussion of a successful family based on a man and a woman honoring their solemn promises "to have and to hold . . . for better, for worse . . . till death do us part." 11-19-97

National Tests Allow Clinton to Brainwash Students
President Clinton used veto threats to try to browbeat Congress into accepting national testing of schoolchildren because he knows that whoever writes the tests controls the curriculum, and his Administration's goal is, indeed, national control of classroom curriculum. Part of the curriculum plan has already been published by Clinton's Council on Sustainable Development in its 1997 Task Force Report called Public Linkage, Dialogue, and Education. 11-12-97

Hillary Tries Touting a New Entitlement
Hillary Rodham Clinton should have just had a birthday cake and blown out 50 candles instead of staging what a White House spokesman called a "focused comeback" to proclaim what she described as a "frontier issue." The event sounded like a typical Dick Morris ploy: proclaim a "crisis," wrap it in "children," and try to intimidate Congress into funding a new middle-class entitlement. 11-05-97

The Primary Republican Mission Is to Cut Taxes
It was a political earthquake in 1994 when the Republicans won a majority in Congress for the first time in four decades. Three years later, there is no joy in Mudville because the mighty Republican Congress has struck out. 10-29-97

Puerto Rico: Our Modern Trojan Horse
Sometimes I think there are only two classes of people: those who can profit by the mistakes of others and those who insist on making their own. With the glaring example of Quebec just across our northern border, a festering wound of ethnic disunity verging on national dissolution, how could the Republican Congress even think of permitting Puerto Rico to play a similar role in the United States? 10-22-97

Nobel Laureates Denounce Hatch's Patent Bill
President Clinton's Council on Sustainable Development, whose chief current goal is to promote public acceptance of the Climate Change Treaty that Clinton will sign in December in Kyoto, is attempting to kill two birds with one stone by linking the treaty to Orrin Hatch's Omnibus Patent bill, S. 507. 10-15-97

Confrontation with Clinton over National Testing
President Clinton thinks he's on the popular side in drawing a line in the sand about his plan for national tests. He's wrong; he has misjudged the issue. 10-08-97

Governor James Exposes the Activist Judges
One of the gray eminences of the New York Times, Anthony Lewis, has come out foursquare for a favorite conservative concept: ""original intent.'' But while conservatives use it to affirm fidelity to the original intent of the U.S. Constitution and to decry judicial activism, Lewis uses original intent for a different purpose. 10-01-97

Global Goals of The Clinton Administration
President Clinton's chief foreign policy adviser, Strobe Talbott, used to write in Time Magazine about nationhood and sovereignty becoming "obsolete" and being replaced by "a single global authority." Those inflammatory words have been replaced by kinder, gentler enticements. 09-24-97

National Standards Mean Federal Control
Now that Clinton has made a giant leap toward federalized health insurance through KidCare, he is moving rapidly to federalize public school curriculum through national reading tests for 4th graders and national math tests for 8th graders. In both areas, he's using the incremental approach to achieve total federal control of a large segment of our society. 09-17-97

G.I. Jane Is a Role-Model for Evil
"G.I. Jane," directed by Ridley Scott, is a fitting sequel to his 1991 movie "Thelma and Louise." Both movies try to idealize the macho victim, the tough, gun-toting woman who triumphs over the perceived discriminations perpetrated by an unfair male-dominated society. 09-10-97

The current Republican Congress has a duty to save us from Bill Clinton's blunder in trying to lock America into an expansion of NATO. The 105th Congress has shown a notable lack of courage about confronting Clinton on anything, but NATO would be a popular place to start. 09-03-97

Can We Sustain the UN's Sustainable Goals?
It looks as though American taxpayers may be suckered into paying an additional $819 million to the United Nations on the UN's promise to "reform." It should be a good rule of thumb for legislators to vote No on anything labeled reform because it always costs money and usually turns out to be a cheat. 08-27-97

Whose Heritage and Whose Land?
Last week in Philadelphia I stopped by to revisit Independence Hall, the cradle of our republic where the Declaration of Independence was signed and the United States Constitution was written. Something new has been added since the last time I saw it: a large bronze plaque with a peculiar inscription under a unidentified insignia. 08-20-97

Don't Let Janet Reno Read Our E-mail
The personal privacy of individual American citizens is rapidly eroding on every front. Advancing technology has made it easier for government agencies, the police, credit bureaus, telemarketers, and all sorts of nosy people to monitor where we are, who we associate with, how we spend our money, who we talk to on the telephone, and what medical care we receive. 08-13-97

Global Warning about Global Warming
Finally, the U.S. Senate is starting to assert itself. By passing the Byrd-Hagel Resolution 95 to 0 on July 25, it served notice on President Clinton that the Senate is not going to be a party to reducing the standard of living of Americans in order to accommodate international agreements, third-world envy, or wacko environmentalists. 08-06-97

Americans Are Suspicious of Government
Ordinarily I don't pay much attention to public opinion polls, but a recent one deserves comment. A Scripps Howard News Service/Ohio University national survey discovered that the majority of Americans believe that our government is guilty of big crimes and coverups. 07-30-97

NEA Convention Delegates Gather to Gloat
While most Americans were enjoying nonpolitical fireworks and cookouts over the Fourth of July weekend, 8,923 delegates and 5,469 registered non-delegates to the annual National Education Association (NEA) convention were meeting in Atlanta to gloat about their political victories. 07-23-97

Beware of Gifted and Talented Invitations
Any parent will puff up with pride when the school says that his child is "gifted and talented" and should be promoted into a special class with other talented students. But parents would be well advised to disregard the ancient maxim, Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. 07-16-97

Hatch's Attack on Inventors' Constitutional Rights
Fast track for NAFTA expansion, Most Favored Nation status for China, and foreign aid are all issues that pit the internationalist ideologues and multinationals against grassroots Americans and small business. 07-09-97

Time to Cut the Cost of Big Government
July 3 has been designated as "Cost of Government Day 1997" by a number of Governors and organizations in the hope that this will alert Americans to the fact that we work more than half of the year, up until the first days of the seventh month, to support government. More than half of everything we earn is spent by the politicians for purposes of their choice, not ours. 07-02-97

The New Political Party Realignment
Is the Gingrich-Lott leadership going to take the Republican Party down the same road to defeat traveled by the world's other conservative parties? Will they follow in the footsteps of John Major in Britain, Jacques Chirac in France, and Canada's Progressive Conservatives, who lost their majority after siding with the globalists instead of their country's nationalists? 06-25-97

The Military's War Over Marriage
The media have been in a feeding frenzy again. It's so much more exciting to cover the military's sex scandals than tedious news such as the budget or Clinton's attempt to expand NATO. 06-18-97

Who Will Stand Up for America Against China?
Why does the Clinton Administration insist on financing the military buildup of China when that huge country could eventually pose a threat to the United States comparable to the Soviet threat that hung over us for so many years of the Cold War? 06-11-97

The Kelly Flinn Flim-Flam
Now we are told that adultery may pay off big for Kelly Flinn. The skillful media campaign managed by her attorney has made her such a celebrity "victim" that he's talking glibly of a book deal and a movie, as well as airline jobs. 06-04-97

Fifteen years ago, ladies in red halted the equal rights amendment. A conservative leader gleefully remembers. 06-97

How K-III Communications Buys a Captive Audience
When people watch television, they certainly are at liberty to channel-surf during the commercials or to use that time to get refreshments or go to the bathroom. How would you feel if the government mandated that you must watch every commercial? 05-28-97

Why the Push for Federal Control of the Classroom?
The same Hillary Rodham Clinton/Marc Tucker/Ira Magaziner/Robert Reich legislation to merge the functions of the Departments of Education and Labor, which Congress declined to pass last year, is back under a new label and rushing to a House vote within two weeks. 05-21-97

The Patent Fight Gets Ugly
The House rejected the major provisions of the Howard Coble (R-NC) Patent bill, H.R.400, on April 24 by adopting the Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) amendment 220 to 193. 05-14-97

The Fakery of "America Reads"
Colin Powell says that America has 15 million at-risk youths, and he has launched a massive national campaign of volunteerism to help them. We sincerely hope that some generous-spirited volunteers can make a difference in the lives of some of these at-risk youths, but the magnitude of the problem calls for finger-pointing. 05-07-97

Uncovering Voter Frauds in a Senate Election
The Senate is finally facing up to the biggest of all the many scandals about last November's elections: the stuffing of the ballot box with fraudulent and paid "votes." The Senate Rules Committee just ordered a full investigation of Mary Landrieu's narrow 5,788-vote victory over Woody Jenkins for U.S. Senator from Louisiana. 04-30-97

Congress Must Stop Kowtowing to China
All segments of the conservative movement are united in opposing Most Favored Nation (MFN) status and World Trade Organization (WTO) membership for Communist China. Newt Gingrich has a golden opportunity to step out in front of his troops and lead them to victory on this issue. 04-23-97

Who's Interfering with Our Constitutional Patent Rights?
You would think that federal officeholders wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole anything that might be connected in any way with the use of Asian money to influence government policies. So much suspect Asian money has had to be returned to its donors during the last six months. 04-15-97

Defeat the Chemical Weapons Treaty
Did we elect a Republican Senate last November or didn't we? We'll find out when the Senate votes on the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). 04-09-97

Encryption Is Essential to Freedom
The Clinton Administration sent three of its spokesmen to Capitol Hill last week to plead the case for "key escrow" before the House Subcommittee on Courts and Intellectual Property. They were testifying against H.R. 695, a bill that states: "It shall be lawful for any person . . . to use any encryption, regardless of the encryption algorithm selected, encryption key length chosen, or implementation technique or medium used." 04-02-97

Orrin Hatch Turns Out To Be A Latter Day Liberal
The prize for the most hateful remark of the year has just been won by Senator Orrin Hatch. The chance of anyone matching it in the remaining months of 1997 is remote. 03-25-97

Answering Secretary Riley's Testimony
Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley presented President Clinton's education initiatives to the House Education and Workforce Committee on March 5. Let's analyze his statement. 03-19-97

School-To-Work Will Track and Train, Not Educate
School-to-work (STW) is the most recent "reform" that is "restructuring" the nation's public schools. It's not just a fad like self-esteem; it's a systemic change in the schools' mission, the curriculum, and its lasting effect on students. 03-12-97

Republicans Have Duty To Hold Judges Accountable
Senator Orrin Hatch takes exception to the New York Times' criticism of his record as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and he wrote a letter to the editor to object. (2-19) 03-05-97

Republicans, Get A Life!
It's time for Republicans in Congress to Get a Life and move out of the political and ideological box they are stuck in. 02-26-97

The Clinton Master Plan To Take Over Education
The Clinton Administration learned a big lesson from the defeat of its plan to take over the entire U.S. health care industry. 02-19-97

The Goals 2000 Battle Won't Be Over Till It's Over
President Clinton made a speech on January 22 to a group identified by the White House as "the students, parents and teachers of the Northbrook Area Schools Consortium." His audience was so friendly that it interrupted him with applause 29 times. 02-12-97

Republican Agenda for the 105th Congress
Republicans are trying to define their agenda for the 105th Congress by selecting specific legislative goals that can't be vetoed by President Clinton. The best answer to their search is to make this the Congress that restores our constitutional balance of powers by stopping the abuses committed by the Federal courts. 02-05-97

Time to Abolish Legal Services Corporation
The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) had its chance to reform itself and it simply thumbed its nose at Congress. This scandal-ridden agency deserves to be completely abolished. 01-29-97

The Smoking Gun in the Medicaid Mystery
-- January 22, 1997 Medicaid, the federal program that provides health care to people on welfare, is one of the biggest problems that the 105th Congress will have to tackle if it is serious about balancing the budget in the foreseeable future. 01-22-97

Congress Must Put the Brakes on the Imperial Judiciary
The most important duty of the 105th Congress is to protect America from judicial usurpation. 01-15-97

Reform Starts with Cutting the Cash Flow
You can bet that the Clinton Administration will use the substitution of another African, Kofi Annan, for Boutros Boutros-Ghali as UN Secretary General as an excuse to try to bamboozle Congress to pony up a extra billion dollars in handouts to the United Nations. 01-08-97

Medicalization of the Public Schools
Indonesians aren't the only billionaires covertly spending big bucks to influence public policy. There is just as big a scandal brewing about private foundations. 01-01-97

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