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President Clinton Is Embarrassed
It's difficult to embarrass President Clinton. He isn't embarrassed by the Paula Jones lawsuit, or the illegal Indonesian and Korean campaign donations, or the misuse of FBI files, or the criminal convictions of his closest friends. 12-26-96

The Phony Cries of "Censorship"
If the education establishment wants to know why public schools don't get much respect from our citizenry, they need look no further than an Op-Ed editorial in last week's New York Times. This prestigious newspaper donated an expensive half page to complaints about the alleged problem of "censorship" in public schools. 12-18-96

What Caused the Gender Gap?
Republican politicians are wringing their hands over the gaping gender gap exposed in the November 5 election. A big double-digit spread separated the votes of men and women for Republican versus Democratic candidates. 12-12-96

Taxpayer-funded Art Doesn't Have to Be Decent
A new federal court decision is sufficient to prove the thesis of Robert Bork's new book that we are "Slouching Toward Gomorrah." 12-04-96

The Alger Hiss Fallout on Politics
The 1950 conviction of Alger Hiss for perjury in denying that he was a Communist spy was a seminal event in American politics. 11-27-96

Why Was Voter Turnout So Low? Less than half of eligible voters cast their ballots on November 5. Voter turnout hasn't been that low since 1924. 11-21-96

Let's Define Terms When We Debate Education
In the second presidential television debate, Bob Dole said he supports "school choice," by which he clearly meant tax-financed vouchers to allow students to go to private (and probably religious) schools. Bill Clinton responded that he, too, supports "school choice," but if you listened carefully, you would have realized that he meant only the option to transfer to another public school. 11-14-96

Does Character Count?
In the last weeks of the presidential campaign, Bob Dole keeps asking, why isn't there any "outrage" about Bill Clinton's ethical lapses and personal immorality? Good question. 11-07-96

The Presidential Debate We Didn't Have
The presidential campaign has generated a lot of talk about moving America into the 21st century. But neither candidate addressed the fundamental issue: Will average Americans then enjoy a higher or a lower standard of living? 10-31-96

Drawing The Line Between Legal and Illegal
Most people don't have any problem telling the difference between legal and illegal drugs. Why is it that public school administrators can't figure out where to draw the line? 10-24-96

Clinton's Empty Boast About Our Safety From Missiles
In the first Clinton-Dole debate, Bob Dole let Bill Clinton get by with his boast that "no nuclear missiles are pointed at U.S. children." 10-17-96

Americans Are Suckers For Ponzi Schemes
The government has filed an 82-count indictment, carrying penalties of 907 years in prison and a $28 million fine, against the man who allegedly cheated donors to the Foundation for New Era Philanthropy out of $115 million. 10-10-96

The Feminist Agenda Is Rolling Right Along
Did you think that those United Nations Conferences held in Cairo, Beijing and Istanbul were just consciousness-raising sessions where the feminists in the Clinton Administration could commiserate with females from 189 countries about how badly women are treated by the male patriarchal society? 10-03-96

Poll Shows Schools Are Our #1 Worry
The Washington Post just conducted a public opinion poll to find out what are the top "worries" of Americans. The results are informative and useful to policymakers, officeholders, candidates, and the media. 09-26-96

Deceptive and Mischievous Term Limits Campaign
"Deceptive and mischievous" is the way the Denver Post characterized a Term Limits initiative that will be on the Colorado ballot on November 5. The Post is right; the initiative is not only a bad idea, it's dishonest. 09-19-96

Clinton Proclaims The Era Of The Nanny State
It's unclear why Bill Clinton started his post-Convention campaign in Cape Girardeau, the home of Rush Limbaugh, but Rush said it best when he described Clinton's acceptance speech as an umbilical cord to the future (rather than a bridge, as Clinton called it). 09-12-96

Why Are More Kids Using Drugs?
The alarming rise in illegal drug use by teenagers is big news. 09-05-96

Dole Learned Something During The Primaries
Bob Dole's acceptance speech in San Diego proved that, contrary to the old adage, you can teach an old dog new tricks. 08-29-96

Feminist Assault On Reasonableness
Now that women are attending law schools in greater numbers, feminists are turning up as law school professors, law review writers, state legislators, congressional staffers, prosecutors, law clerks, and even judges. 08-15-96

Clinton Is Trying to be Big Brother
We hope the appropriate government agencies will soon solve the recent terrorist crimes and punish the criminals. 08-08-96

Senate Should Reject the Chemical Weapons Convention
The U.S. Senate should reject ratification of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), a treaty that purports to ban chemical weapons and forbid their production, stockpiling, and use. 08-01-96

The Nea Stages a Clinton Rally
It's hard to see how the Democratic National Convention in August could be any more exciting for Bill Clinton than the annual convention of the National Education Association held over the Fourth of July weekend. 07-25-96

Protect Our Constitutional Patent Rights!
One of our most important constitutional rights is the right of inventors to have, for limited times, "the exclusive right to their . . . discoveries." This uniquely American provision in Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution marked a profound turning point in world history. 07-18-96

Open Letter to VMI Alumni
Dear Alumni: Your VMI training not only taught you to be tough, courageous and honorable, but also to survive humiliation and harassment. You are now facing your greatest challenge. . . . 07-11-96

Self-Appointed Monitors Of Corporate Responsibility
The CEO of Cypress in Silicon Valley has just issued an eloquent put-down of the social-responsibility busybodies who are trying to intimidate corporations into selecting their boards of directors on the basis of racial and gender diversity. 07-04-96

Whatever Happened To Competition in School?
When it comes to the Olympic Games, everyone seems to understand that competition produces the winners and the record-breakers. It's unlikely that the athletes could reach such heights of achievement and endurance if they were not competing against other athletes who are closely matched in skills and putting forth their very best. 06-27-96

Phonics Boom
It's many years overdue, but the scandal of widespread illiteracy has finally become a topic of general discussion and debate, from local newspapers to network TV news. 06-20-96

MSAs Are The Alternative To HMOs
Why is the Republican leadership in Congress so strangely silent about the problems with Managed Care and HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations)? 06-13-96

Reject MFN For Communist China
Bill Clinton's policy of cozying up to Communist China by granting Most Favored Nation (MFN) status is in shambles. The question of the moment is, will Bob Dole let Clinton dangle on the limb of his own mistake or save him from embarrassment by agreeing with this shameful policy? 06-06-96

Pupil Privacy Law Is Needed
The school establishment has suddenly discovered a bill that passed the House last year and is pending in the Senate which may interfere with plans to build files of personal information on public school pupils and their families. 05-30-96

Beware Of Con Con Hidden In Term Limits Petition
One of the most popular and successful grassroots movements of the last decade has been the movement for Term Limits. All polls show that more than 70 percent of Americans support Term Limits for Members of Congress. 05-23-96

What's Going On With Bob Dole's Friends?
Why are the so-called Republican moderates undermining Bob Dole's presidential candidacy? 05-16-96

The Reincarnation Of Clinton Care
One of the most obnoxious features of the Clinton health care plan (which died the death of a thousand cuts in 1994) was its creation of a long list of new federal "Health Care Crimes." 05-09-96

Books About What's Going On At Colleges
Those who just learned about the dumbing down of our best colleges from the slashing report of the National Association of Scholars should do their homework by reading some of the excellent books written during the last several years. . . 05-02-96

The Tide Is Turning Against Federal Education Bills
We've heard a lot about Republican plans to return power to the states. Bob Dole, in his stump speech, ostentatiously pulls a copy of the Tenth Amendment from his pocket, reminding us about the powers that are "reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." 04-25-96

MSAs Are The Republicans' Best Issue
What are Republicans going to do about the top election-year issue, which is jobs, wages and income? 04-18-96

The Dumbing Down Of America's Colleges
The 1996 Governors Education Summit at Palisades, New York, spent two days discussing "standards" for what students should learn in public schools . . . 04-11-96

Reading, Writing, 'Rithmetic, and Ritalin
Can it be a disease if no X-ray, CT scan, blood test, laboratory analysis, MRI, or any other medical test can confirm its existence? Can it be a disease if diagnosis can be made by a non-physician checking any 8 of 14 items on a behavior checklist such as inattention, impulsivity, hyperactivity, or short attention span? 04-04-96

Why Do They Call It "Free Trade"?
Why do some people persist in mouthing the mantra "free trade" when foreign countries can and do engage in all sorts of dishonest tactics that interfere with trade, such as devaluation or other manipulation of the value of their money, confiscation (or nationalization) of U.S. property, refusing to live up to the contracts and agreements they sign, stealing our patents and copyrights, and counterfeiting our money? 03-28-96

Political Slush Funds
The media are persistently presenting us with reports that voters are "angry," usually with the implication that this condition is the voters' fault and is some kind of a national problem like a social disease. The Heritage Foundation, in a document called "Top Ten Political Slush Funds," has now given us chapter and verse to justify plenty of anger on the part of the voters. 03-21-96

The Great Awakening About Jobs
When Bob Dole said in New Hampshire, "I didn't realize that jobs and trade and what makes America work would become a big issue in the last few days of this campaign," he revealed the cloistered mindset of government officials who have relative job security backed up by a golden parachute. 03-14-96

Look Out For Union Politicking In Congressional Campaigns
The theater of the presidential primaries is tending to obscure the fact that the fight is already on in earnest for control of the next Congress. The victory of a liberal Democrat for U.S. Senator from Oregon to fill the seat vacated by Bob Packwood may prove anew the truth of the old adage that "Coming events cast their shadows before them." 03-07-96

Buchanan Knows Where the Votes Are
The Inside the Beltway pundits and others who think they are movers and shakers of the establishment are wracking their brains to try to figure out why Pat Buchanan has such an enthusiastic following. His social conservatism is part of the reason, but there is another part they don't understand. 02-29-96

Games and Tricks of the New World Order
It's becoming clear that "New World Order" is not just a fantasy of conspiracy-minded rightwingers. President George Bush popularized its use in 1990 in order to legitimize the Gulf War by resuscitating the then-moribund United Nations. 02-22-96

The Feminists Seek Unfair and Unattainable Goals
The aging feminist leaders gathered in Washington earlier this month amid self-doubts about whether they are relevant any more. "We want to end this discussion about the death of feminism," proclaimed the organizer of this Feminist Expo '96 and its most voluble spokesperson, Eleanor Smeal. 02-15-96

Clinton Will Never End Big Government
In his State of the Union speech, President Clinton announced the unconditional surrender of liberalism to conservatism. "The era of big government is over. We know big government does not have all the answers. There is not a program for every problem." 02-08-96

The Road Map To Real Reform In Education
Every now and then a book comes along, such as Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" or Ralph Nader's "Unsafe At Any Speed," that dramatically alters the focus of an entire industry. "Teaching Our Children to Read" by Bill Honig can be such a book. It could change our entire educational system, not because the book will be a best-seller, but because of the author's credibility among educators. 02-01-96

The Fraud and the Failure Called Welfare
The disaster called welfare was probably the biggest single issue that ousted the Democratic majority in Congress in the landmark election of 1994. Even President Clinton said he wanted to "end welfare as we know it." 01-25-96

Kudos For General Dan "SDI" Graham
Can one person really make a difference in this country of 250,000,000 people? The life of General Daniel O. Graham, who passed away on New Year's Eve, gives a stunningly affirmative answer. 01-18-96

Stop Federalizing Local Crimes
The hearings and report of the Senate Judiciary subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Government Information prove again the importance and value of Congressional investigations. This function of Congress operates as the best, and often the only, way to expose the misdeeds of government. 01-11-96

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