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The Health Care Dilemma of Patients Who Can't Read 
"Our health care system requires that patients be able to read." That ought to be a self-evident truth that is silly to enunciate, but it is actually the sensational revelation of a major problem just made public in the December JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association). 12-28-95

Censure the President's Bosnian Expedition 
"To sin by silence makes cowards of us all." Where is the Republicans' call for the censure, or even the impeachment, of President Clinton for his unconstitutional, unauthorized, unfunded and unwise ordering of American troops into a foreign war in the former Yugoslavia? 12-21-95

Bilingualism Is The Wrong Way To Go 
For the last five years, Political Correctness has forced the academic (and much of the political) world to pay homage to the new sacred cows called multiculturalism and diversity. 12-14-95

Perpetuating Pugwash Brainwash 
The granting of this year's Nobel Peace Prize to the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, a long-moribund organization, and to one of its last remaining members, 86-year old Polish-born Joseph Rotblat, reveals the bias of the grantors. Since Rotblat is certainly not a current newsmaker, the million- dollar prize should cause us to recall the history that endeared him to the Nobel committee. 11-30-95

Republicans Want Answers From Presidential Candidates  
The 1996 presidential election is still almost a year away, but the media have been forcing us to think about it since the beginning of 1995. By the time it is over, it will have been nearly a two-year stretch, and we are already tired of it. 11-23-95

Don't Turn the Clock Back to Rockefeller Republicanism  
Ever since the four-term phenomenon of Franklin D. Roosevelt, two very different factions have wrestled for control of the Republican Party . . . 11-16-95

Beware of Global Taxes for Global Entitlements 
"It's not sustainable for member states to enjoy representation without taxation," Prime Minister John Major told the United Nations at its birthday celebration . . . 11-09-95

What Master Do U.S. Servicemen Serve? 
"No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other." 11-02-95

The UN's 50th Anniversary 
The 50th Anniversary of the United Nations should be a cause for mourning not celebration. It is a monument to foolish hopes, embarrassing compromises, betrayal of our servicemen, and a steady stream of insults to our nation. 10-24-95

English Should Be Our Official Language 
How do we make Americans out of people who come here from so many other continents and cultures? 10-19-95

Are All Children "At Risk"?  
A new mantra has crept into the stream of discourse about government's role in social services. Identified as an African proverb, it is, "It takes a whole village to raise a child." 10-12-95

Is the Government Planning Your Child's Career? 
Republican Presidential candidates criss-crossing the country have discovered that one of their best hot-button applause lines is "I promise to abolish the Department of Education." 10-05-95

The New Crisis in California 
A state task force has just proclaimed that "there is a crisis in California that demands our immediate attention." No, it's not an earthquake or a hurricane or a fire . . . 09-28-95

The Federal Government Is Out Of Control 
Seldom have I been so depressed as I was watching the C-Span telecast of the Senate hearings on Ruby Ridge . . . 09-21-95

How Will Republicans Deal With the Portability Issue? 
The biggest single problem with health care is that 90 percent of all private medical insurance is owned by employers rather than by individuals . . . 09-14-95

Warning Signs For Republicans  
As the New York Times bluntly put it, Bradley's departure "foreshadows the end of the Democratic Party as Americans know it today." 09-07-95

Welfare Reform is the Acid Test 
If the election of a Republican Congress in 1994 meant anything signficant, it meant that the American people want Big Government reduced . . . 08-24-95

Let's Abolish the Department of Education 
Abolishing the Department of Education was one of Ronald Reagan's campaign promises when he ran for President in 1980. Fulfilling that promise is long overdue, and the time to do it is now . . . 08-17-95

Anniversary of the Lifesaver Bomb 
Ever since the Smithsonian Institution earlier this year tried to give us all a guilty conscience about the B-29 named Enola Gay, we've been inundated with a torrent of breastbeating about the dropping of the atom bomb on Hiroshima . . . 08-10-95

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