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by: Phyllis Schlafly
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The UN's 50th Anniversary

October 24, 1995

The 50th Anniversary of the United Nations should be a cause for mourning not celebration. It is a monument to foolish hopes, embarrassing compromises, betrayal of our servicemen, and a steady stream of insults to our nation. It is a Trojan Horse that carries the enemy into our midst and lures Americans to ride under alien insignia to fight and die in faraway lands.

How could anything good be expected of an organization whose organizing Secretary General in 1945 was the convicted spy-perjurer Alger Hiss? How could anything good be expected when the UN was born in a deal that gave three votes to the Soviet Union and only one to the United States?

The UN was "sold" to Americans as the vehicle to keep world peace. Funny thing, the admission ticket to UN membership was having declared war against Germany and Japan.

The Great United Nations War, a.k.a. the Korean police action of 1950, taught Americans the tragic meaning of the phrase "no-win war". It's no wonder we couldn't win it (despite the brilliance of General Douglas MacArthur and the courage of 54,246 U.S. soldiers who paid with their lives) when the number-two UN official, the Secretary of Military and Political Affairs, was one Soviet Communist after another, appointed under a secret deal agreed to by the U.S. State Department. As the years went on, the UN continued as a headquarters for Soviet espionage. UN credentials were the convenient "cover" for going back and forth between the United States and the Soviet Union.

The extravagant lifestyle of UN bureaucrats and employees and their tax-free salaries were, of course, funded by the U.S. taxpayer. The conniving politicians from tiny countries used the UN as a conduit to bleed the U.S. taxpayers for money sent, not to their poverty-stricken populations, but to the ruling clique of cutthroats who had killed off their opposition.

The UN spawned a score of auxiliary agencies run by devious demagogues who dreamed up ever more exotic ways of spending U.S. dollars. UNESCO, which had the effrontery to write curricula for U.S. schools, finally achieved a level of official corruption so egregious that the Reagan Administration pulled the United States out of it all together.

The United Nations is constantly demanding that the United States sign and ratify more international treaties. Every one is a dagger pointed at our American Bill of Rights, our concept of federalism, and our national sovereignty.

For example, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child would authorize a UN bureaucracy to supervise the relationship between parents and children under the excuse of protecting the rights of the child. Signed this year by the Clinton Administration and aggressively lobbied by the tax-exempt Children's Defense Fund (formerly chaired by Hillary Rodham Clinton), this treaty is a broadside attack on the rights of all Americans and should be rejected by the U.S. Senate.

By 1990, the UN had become the laughing-stock of the world, a sideshow where anti-American autocrats from around the world were paid plush salaries to insult the United States. Unfortunately, President George Bush rehabilitated the UN's reputation with his Gulf War and his rhetoric about the "New World Order."

Now the UN and the Clinton Administration have been trying hard to get us into several foreign wars as a means of turning the UN into an international establishment that will field its own military forces. Meanwhile, the UN and the Clinton Administration are using international women's conferences (e.g., Cairo, Copenhagen, Beijing, and next year's in Istanbul) to give the UN its separate power to tax and thereby assure its separate flow of revenues.

Clinton talks about UN "peacekeeping" operations, but there is no peace to keep. The UN uses "peacekeepers" to fight wars.

The United States has no business engaging our military forces in the fights in Bosnia, Somalia, Rwanda or Haiti. UN "peacekeeping" operations now cost over $3 billion a year. The only tangible result is subordinating U.S. armed forces to foreign commanders and foreign rules of engagement.

That's obviously a Bill Clinton goal, which he set forth in his still-secret Presidential Decision Directive 25. That's obviously a UN goal, whose bureaucrats seek to set up the United Nations as a world government with its own police force.

But that's not what Americans want. Fifty years is plenty of time to experiment with the UN charade. It's time to cut our losses and pull out before the UN does anymore damage to America.

Phyllis Schlafly column 10-24-95

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