June 2016 Education Reporter

Gates Won’t Let Common Core Die SETRA Should Remain Stalled Teachers Unions Win Education Briefs Woodstock Better Than the Kentucky Derby? Book of the Month: Failing Our Brightest Kids: The Global Challenge of Educating High-Ability Students, Chester E. Finn, Jr. … Continue reading

May 2016 Education Reporter

They Think They’re ‘Smarter’ Judicial Supremacy and the Bathroom Wars Focusing on the Quiet Ones Education Briefs FBI Tools Made Politically Correct Book of the Month: An Empty Curriculum: The Need to Revise Teacher Licensing Regulations and Tests, Sandra Stotsky, … Continue reading

April 2016 Education Reporter

States Should Share Best Practices Oops! They Did It Again Escalating Student Misbehavior Education Briefs Engaging Shakespeare Book of the Month: Life Under Compulsion: Ten Ways to Destroy the Humanity of Your Child, Anthony Esolen, ISI Books, $27.95 What’s Wrong … Continue reading

March 2016 Education Reporter

Watch Children Online and Be the “Best Voice” Doomed D.C. Scholarship Program Are Schools Ruining Childhood? Education Briefs Educational Cronyism Book of the Month: Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakeable Peace, Sarah Mackenzie, Classical Academic Press, 2015, $12.95 … Continue reading

Education Reporter Archive 2016

July 2016 Education Reporter Transgenderism Marches Onward Kentucky’s CC Adventure Senior Prom 2.0 Education Briefs Obama’s Odd Graduation Speech Book of the Month: Raising Kids Who Read: What Parents and Teachers Can Do, Daniel T. Willingham, Ph.D., Jossey-Bass Publishing, 2015, … Continue reading

January 2016 Education Reporter

Doing Reform Wrong in Newark Fraternity Brightens Patient’s Stay Google Still Spying On Students Education Briefs Don’t They Study the First Amendment? Learning “Toys” Hacked Book of the Month: Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans, … Continue reading

October 2015 Education Reporter

Grading Candidates’ Common Core Fight Teachers Saving Children Arne Duncan’s Regrets Education Briefs Ahmed’s Amazing “Invention” Book of the Month: The School Reform Landscape: Fraud, Myth, and Lies, by Christopher H. Tienken and Donald C. Orlich, Rowan and Littlefield Education, … Continue reading

September 2015 Education Reporter

A Calendar of Indoctrination Afraid to Call it a Union Crimes of the Educators: A Must-Read Book Education Briefs The NEA is a Social Justice Organization Book of the Month: The Catastrophic Decline of America’s Public High Schools: New York … Continue reading

August 2015 Education Reporter

NEA Seeks to Strip Christians’ Religious Freedoms NEA will fight ‘Institutional Racism’ Education Briefs NEA Embraces Transgenderism Book of the Month: Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage, Paul Kengor, Ph.D., WND Books, 2015, … Continue reading

July 2015 Education Reporter

NGSS Gets in Through Back Doors Court Rules Yoga Is Religious and OK in Schools Activist Professor’s Nude Final Exam Education Briefs Transgender-Focused Books for Schoolchildren Here Come the Feds, Again Book of the Month: The Long War and Common … Continue reading

May 2015 Education Reporter

Stop Common Core Candidate Pledge Atlanta Educators Sentenced to Prison Righting the Common Core Fiasco Education Briefs Don’t Be Like Korea DREAMers Get ‘Teach’ Jobs Book of the Month: The Smartest Kids in the World and How They Got That … Continue reading

April 2015 Education Reporter

Opting Out of Testing Chicago’s Mayor Celebrates Victory Over Teachers Union African-American Homeschoolers Thriving Education Briefs Don’t Close the Zoos Book of the Month: Hope for America: Restoring Ageless Principles to Education, by David A. Norris. Faithful Life Publishers, 2014, … Continue reading

March 2015 Education Reporter

The Rush to Reauthorize NCLB Profiting From Charter Schools Parents Against the Common Core Enters the Fight Education Briefs Single-Sex Classrooms in Jeopardy Retired Supterintendent Is Still on the Job Book of the Month: The Test: Why Our Schools Are … Continue reading

February 2015 Education Reporter

Entitlement Promise in SOTU Speech Common Core Math Invasion $100,000 Raise For Every Principal? Education Briefs NYC Middle Schoolers Get Dinner at School 702% Increase in Non-teaching Staff Book of the Month: Savvy Cyber Kids at Home: The Family Gets … Continue reading

Education Report Archive 2015

December 2015 Education Reporter Transgender Issues: Who Are the Bullies? Age 13: One-Night Stands & STDs Preschoolers Need More Time Outside Education Briefs Students Have Religious Liberty Book of the Month: World Class Learners: Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students, Yong … Continue reading

January 2015 Education Reporter

Illegal Immigrants Strain Many School Districts The Common Core Pipeline Common Core Test Found Unconstitutional in Missouri Education Briefs Back Door Sex Education Permission to Carry Knives at School Book of the Month: The Great American College Tuition Rip-Off, Paul … Continue reading

December 2014 Education Reporter

Teachers Unions Lost Big on Nov. 4 The Scandal of African-American Studies ‘If You Like Your Stay-at-Home Mom, You May Keep Her!’ Education Briefs Common Core: An Uneven Playing Field Book of the Month: Who Killed the American Family?, Phyllis … Continue reading

November 2014 Education Reporter

Students Guilty Until Proven Innocent Students Terrified by School Speaker Turkish Charter Schools: Still Secretive, Still Thriving Education Briefs Useless Student Privacy ‘Pledge’ Preschool and Kindergarten Data Mining Book of the Month: Do Fathers Matter?: What Science Is Telling Us … Continue reading

October 2014 Education Reporter

Radical APUSH Course Fails Students and U.S. Students Agitating for Union Politics NCLB Waivers Used As Weapons Against States Education Briefs L.A. Computer Rollout: Something is Fishy My Brother’s Keeper Book of the Month: Rush Revere and the First Patriots: … Continue reading

September 2014 Education Reporter

NEA: Testing Is “Stupid” Vassar Student Group Pro-Palestinian, Anti-Israeli $10K To See Children’s Records Education Briefs Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Book of the Month: Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing, Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman, Twelve Publishing, 2014, … Continue reading

August 2014 Education Reporter

NEA Continues March to Fulfill LGBTQQ Agenda Abortion? Yes! Illegal Immigration? Yes, Please! Education Briefs Unions: Let’s Dump Duncan Book of the Month: Conform: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education, Glenn Beck and Kyle Olson, Threshold Editions, … Continue reading

July 2014 Education Reporter

Obama’s Scary Plan for Preschoolers An Opportunity to Fight Common Core Common Core Rejected by States Education Briefs Life and Death of Vocational Education Sluggish Cognitive Tempo Disorder Book of the Month: Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the … Continue reading

June 2014 Education Reporter

Arne Duncan: Education King? Boys, Dads, and Schools Fathers Make College More Likely Education Briefs Time to Expose the Truth? States Branching Out In STEM Book of the Month: The Spark: A Mother’s Story of Nurturing, Genius, and Autism, Kristine … Continue reading

April 2014 Education Reporter

One Man’s Money: Bill Gates, Education, and Common Core Local or Federal Lunch Standards? Math As Indoctrination Education Briefs When Abstinence Doesn’t Mean Abstinence Book of the Month: Sex, Lies, and Hook Ups: A Parent’s Guide for Fighting Back, Sally … Continue reading

March 2014 Education Reporter

Common Core Developers Fail To Warranty Product NEA Says Common Core Was ‘Botched’ A Rose By Any Other Name Is Still ‘Common Core’ Education Briefs AP Classes Gain Popularity Just The Ticket for Students Book of the Month: Confessions of … Continue reading

Education Report Archive 2014

December 2014 Education Reporter Teachers Unions Lost Big on Nov. 4 The Scandal of African-American Studies ‘If You Like Your Stay-at-Home Mom, You May Keep Her!’ Education Briefs Common Core: An Uneven Playing Field Book of the Month: Who Killed … Continue reading

January 2014 Education Reporter

Controversy and Porn Pervade Common Core Curriculum, Is the Study of the Humanities in Decline? Let’s Change That Pesky Bill of Rights! Education Briefs Zero Tolerance Causing Turmoil Book of the Month: The Story-Killers A Common-Sense Case Against the Common … Continue reading

December 2013 Education Reporter

Catholics Join Common Core Protest, ADHD: Classroom Crutch? ADHD Drugs of Choice at Colleges Education Briefs Duncan Bus Tour and Promise Grants Administrators Force Teachers to Change Grades Book of the Month: Why Teach?: In Defense of Real Education Escaping … Continue reading

November 2013 Education Reporter

The Common Core Steamroller How Much Is That iPad in the Window? Cursive Handwriting’s Benefits Education Briefs New Standards for Social Studies Have Zero Content Book of the Month: The School Revolution: A New Answer for Our Broken Education System … Continue reading

July 2013 Education Reporter

Next Generation Science Standards: Common Core Incognito Chicago After the Teachers Union Strike CSCOPE Secret Curriculum Killed in Texas Education Briefs Virginia Enacts Equal Tolerance Law Science or Terrorism? Book of the Month: Exiled: Stories from Conservative and Moderate Professors … Continue reading

June 2013 Education Reporter

Why Parents Object to Common Core Standards Comic Books in Classrooms Zero Tolerance Run Amok Education Briefs Union Profs Protest MOOCs Yoga In Schools Book of the Month: Bill Ayers: Teaching Revolution FOCUS: A New Birth of Education Freedom The … Continue reading

March 2013 Education Reporter

Common Core Math ‘Experiment’ in U.S. Schools Race, Class, and Gender Dominate American History Changing the Focus to College Graduation Education Briefs Pregnancies at School Charter School Reclaims Los Angeles Locke High School Book of the Month: Common Core: A … Continue reading

Education Report Archive 2013

December 2013 Education Reporter Catholics Join Common Core Protest, ADHD: Classroom Crutch? ADHD Drugs of Choice at Colleges Education Briefs Duncan Bus Tour and Promise Grants Administrators Force Teachers to Change Grades Book of the Month: Why Teach?: In Defense … Continue reading

February 2013 Education Reporter

Has High School and College Cheating Become the New Normal? Minnesotans Protest State Social Studies Standards Living High in Palm Beach County Education Briefs Sikh Religion and Culture to be Taught in California Schools Stealing Free Lunch in Chicago Book … Continue reading

January 2013 Education Reporter

Turkish Charter Schools in America Michigan Passes Right-to-Work New Illinois School Report Cards Education Briefs TIMSS and PIRLS Results Teachers Unions Launch Video Propaganda Book of the Month: IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity FOCUS: The Freedom to … Continue reading

December 2012 Education Reporter

Indiana Voters Reject Common Core in Upset What Happened on November 6th? Affirmative Action ‘Mismatch’ Education Briefs Charter Schools and Common Core: Changing the Face of Private Education Zero Tolerance for Deaf Child’s Name Book of the Month: The One … Continue reading

November 2012 Education Reporter

Fisher Could End Affirmative Action Training Teachers for ‘Social Justice’ Public Virtual Schools: Education, Profit, and Influence Education Briefs WI Judge Strikes Down Act 10 Palm Beach County Schools Offers Free Breakfast for All Book of the Month: The Victims’ … Continue reading

‘Plan B’ in NYC Schools

Back to October 2012 Ed Reporter ‘Plan B’ in NYC Schools In addition to condoms already available at all New York City public high schools, “the morning after pill” Plan B, and Depo-Provera the every three months birth control injection, … Continue reading

October 2012 Education Reporter

‘Plan B’ in NYC Schools Chicago Teachers Union Strike The Politics of Cafeteria Food Education Briefs Obama Campaign Recruits in the College Classroom Fall Freshman Seminars Fall Short Book of the Month: Charter Schools in Action Focus: Radicalizing Early Childhood … Continue reading

September 2012 Education Reporter

Coming Soon: Probable Anti-Male Caps in Math and Science Schools to Dispense Discipline Based on Race, Not Merely Behavior Obama: Put Teachers on Federal Payroll Education Briefs Pennsylvania Parents Fight Taxes with Common Sense Common Core Standards Dumbing Down the … Continue reading

August 2012 Education Reporter

NEA vs. Paycheck Protection NEA Obama Rally Takes a Swipe at Romney Education Briefs NEA Membership Continues to Plummet Book of the Month: The Higher Education Bubble Some NEA Resolutions Passed at the 2012 Convention in Washington, D.C. … Continue reading

July 2012 Education Reporter

Conservatives React to Romney’s Education Ideas What’s Missing from the Romney Plan? Louisiana Voucher Program Privatizes Education Scott Walker’s Victory Means Better Education Funding Education Briefs Former Law Student Enlarges Student Loan Loophole Colorado School Courts Illegal Immigrants with Tuition … Continue reading

June 2012 Education Reporter

New Law Boosts Tennessee Science Standards Texas Takes on Student Debt Crisis Talking Pineapples? NY Drops Weird Q&A on Standardized Test Education Briefs School District Fears Popular Bible Class Might Offend Funders Report Helps Bring Historical Texts Back to Ohio … Continue reading

May 2012 Education Reporter

New Report Exposes Leftwing Professors Ban on Mandatory Mental Health Screening Middle-Schoolers Drafted Into Obama Campaign Education Briefs Democrats Devitalize No Child Left Behind Revisions Missouri Teachers Caught Helping Students Cheat The Essential American: A Patriot’s Resource Findings from the … Continue reading

Education Reporter

July 2016 Education Reporter Subscribe to the Education Reporter: $25 per year Education Reporter is a publication of Eagle Forum that supports parents’ rights in education, as well as reports what’s happening in education across the country. Education Reporter is … Continue reading